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The digital CRLV is an electronic version of the Vehicle Licensing Registration Certificate in Brazil, and can be downloaded to your cell phone through the Zul + application in a simple, intelligent and safe way.

Its installation and way of using it on your cell phone is done by download, where you only need to register with a username and personal password and then request the issuance of the document.

In addition, the digital CRLV is also available for printing in cash on the official DETRAN website where the vehicle is registered.

This procedure is done by the CDT applicationDigital transit card, or via the official DENATRAN website – National Traffic Department.

So. In this article, we will show you how it is possible to install the Zul+ application and consequently create online documentation for a vehicle of any category.

This is a Vehicle Licensing Registration Certificate but in virtual form. Therefore, you need to download the official Zul+ app to access the vehicle document information.

That being the case. After installing the application, you can request the CRLV to be printed on A4 bond paper. The validity of the digital document is the same as the printed version.

So. Every year it is mandatory for vehicle owners to make full payment for their vehicle license. There is a fee to be paid for this procedure.

CRLV Digital is available in which states of Brazil

The application is available nationwide. That is, in the 26 states + the Federal District. And its creation took place in July 2020.

How to download CRLV Digital on Zul+?

Currently, Zul + is in first place in searches for vehicle drivers who wish to complete licensing and IPVA procedures.

In addition, Zul+ provides specific functions, such as paying fines, and the driver can pay in up to 12 installments to pay documentation and fines as well.

Revolving parking, car insurance, toll tag with no monthly fee can also be done through Zul+.

1) Download the Zul+ app

2) Tap “CRLV Digital”;

3) Register your vehicle in the app;

4) Then, tap “Request Document”;

5) Done! The CRLV will be available within 2 business days.

For licensing with the digital CRLV to be carried out using the Zul+ application, the driver must pay a fee of R$ 9.90 reais.

However. If you issued the document in advance, it is entirely possible to attach it free of charge. For this procedure, simply access the DETRAN or CDT website, and send the file to your cell phone using the Zul+ application.

That way. By issuing the document in the Zul+ app, the driver can make an appointment at any time, simply by having access to a cell phone, even without an internet connection.

How to download CRLV Digital at Detran?

For this type of issue, the driver must use online services, where the CRVL-e is made on the official website of DETRAN & #8211; State Department of Transit. See a detailed step-by-step guide on how to do it:

1. Access the DETRAN website in your state using CDT – Digital Traffic Card.

At this stage, the driver must download the CDT application. It is available on Google Play for Android devices, and on the App store for iOS Smartphones.

2. Register

To access the digital CRVL, the driver must register on the CDT application, and consequently access gov.br.

However. On the DETRAN portal, it is necessary to create a personal profile. Therefore. You must use the CPF – Registration of Individuals.

3. Click on “Vehicles”;

With the CDT application installed, the driver must click on vehicles in the documents section on the DETRAN portal. And then in “Digital Licensing”(CRLV-e)”.

4. Enter Renavam and the CRV security code

To carry out this procedure, the document from the previous year must already be regularized. It is worth remembering that a late document generates pending issues and debts, which consequently prevent the driver from downloading their digital CRLV.

With RENAVAM and the CRV code in hand, the next step is to register with the digital CRLV, through the CDT application, or through the DETRAN portal.

These two numbers are in different documents. Renavam is in the CRLV, the security code is in the car’s CRV.

On the DETRAN portal, you will not be asked for a CRV security code to download and digitally document the vehicle.

So. The driver can download and print the document using only the RENAVAM and the plate with the phone number and code sent by registered SMS.

5. Download and Print CRLV Digital

After entering the RENAVAM code and CRV security, the digital CRLV is available for consultation and download via the CDT application.

That being the case. The driver must access the App to view the document online. With the digital CRLV, it is also possible to consult vehicle documents, done directly via cell phone.

Where to find the CRV security number?

At the top of the upper right corner of the CRV, which was formerly known as DUT – Single Transfer Document.

What is the difference between CRV and CRLV?

The CRLV – Vehicle Licensing Registration Certificate is a mandatory document to carry. In other words, the driver must have their documentation on hand whenever they drive the vehicle, whether printed or digital. The CRV has no obligation for the driver to carry it, and there is no validity too.

What happens if the driver cannot find the CRV security code? Can he download CRLV Digital?

Yes, it can download and print digital CRLV. And even without obtaining the CRV security code. This procedure is done on the DETRAN portal.

The driver’s account is authenticated using a code sent by the traffic department via SMS.

That way. The owner will only need a valid and updated RENAVAM, license plate, telephone number and email or Gmail address.

CRLV Digital Registration

See below, a short tutorial to register the digital CRVL correctly on your cell phone:

1 – Access your CDT application, or the DETRAN portal and your account

2 – Register the digital CRLV after clicking on the ” Vehicles”

3 – Enter Renavam and CRV security code.

4 – And with the CRV or e-CRV in hand, enter the numbers that make up the RENAVAM and the security code to complete the registration.

Payment for vehicle licensing is only made if fees and taxes are strictly up to date, including fines and IPVA.

How to use CRLV Digital?

You can print the document using your cell phone on a sheet of A4 bond paper. Or, leave the application active on your phone’s main screen.

The digital version of the CRLV does not cancel the mandatory possession of the printed document.

How Many People Can Use the Document?

With the Zul+ application, there is the possibility of more than one person downloading and using the same digital document.

There is also the option of issuing the CRLV and sharing it with everyone who drives the vehicle.

In the “CDT – Digital Traffic Card” application, the driver can share the same App with up to 5 people.

Is it possible to register more than one CRLV in the Digital Transit Card app?

Yes, but you need to register correctly on the app

If the vehicle has debts, is it possible to download the digital CRLV?

No. The digital CRLV can only be downloaded and used in vehicles with all documentation up to date and in legal condition for daily use.

Is it possible to access ZUL+ without an internet connection?

Yes. The Zul+ App can be accessed anywhere, just install it and it works even without an internet connection.

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