What You Should Keep in Mind Before Buying an SUV






A Sports Utility Vehicle (or SUV) is a sign of class and luxury. Most people who dream of owning a car always want to have SUVs in their arsenal.

However, there are certain things that people need to keep in mind before planning to purchase these beauties.

There are basically three groups of SUVs available on the market: compact, medium and large. However, there are also variations in SUV ranges within each group.

Price, passenger space, towing capacity and engine power also increase with increasing size.

Fuel Economy

Compacts are available in 4- and 6-cylinder engines. They achieve combined mileage numbers between 20 to 25 mpg. Normal mid-size SUVs come with 6-cylinder engines, but they can be easily replaced with 4-cylinder and 8-cylinder engines.

They achieve combined mileage numbers between 15 to 19 mpg. Full-size SUVs usually have 8-cylinder engines. They achieve combined mileage numbers between 13 to 20 mpg.

Passenger and cargo capacity

Compact SUVs have a single rear seat and offer seating for at least five adults. Mid-size SUVs usually have a single rear seat, but larger ones may have an extra rear seat.

As a result, the larger ones can seat at least eight adults. Full-size SUVs have two rear seats and offer seating for at least eight adults.

You can fold and remove the rear seats to make room for more cargo. Compacts have a maximum capacity of 70 cubic feet. The mid-sized ones have a maximum capacity of 100 cubic feet. Full-size ones hold over 100 cubic feet.

Luxury and Security

Regardless of the group, SUVs have similar characteristics when it comes to convenience and luxury.

Some of the most popular features are special storage boxes, rear seat entertainment systems, keyless starting systems and Bluetooth capability, navigation systems, iPod interfaces, heated seats and automatic climate control.

SUV manufacturers ensure that there is no compromise on passenger safety. In addition to the strong and robust structure, the SUVs also come with features like stability control, side curtain airbags, front seat side airbags and anti-lock brakes.


An SUV is bigger than normal cars, but not big enough to cause problems. However, there is a problem storing it if there is another car inside your garage.

In that case, you can install an SUV lift that uses the vertical space of a garage. This lift ensures that two cars (one of them is an SUV) can be easily parked using the space of just one vehicle.

When it comes to operating costs, compact SUVs are best. They have 4-cylinder engines, while fuel and maintenance costs are quite low.

However, owners of mid-size and full-size SUVs find it difficult to manage fuel and maintenance costs.

Since you now know everything about SUVs, buy the one that fits your needs perfectly.


Top reasons why an SUV is an ideal family vehicle

Not too long ago, there was a time when buying a family vehicle offered only two viable options: station wagon or minivan.

Parents of this previous car-buying generation did not have many vehicle type options for their family, nor was there a wide range of family-friendly features that make a choice a truly standout model.

However, modern moms and dads now have a third choice when determining the best vehicle to transport their families from point A to point B: the full-size sport utility vehicle.

An Easy Choice: How Today’s SUVs Stand Apart from the Standard Minivan

If you’re currently in the market for a new family vehicle, you owe it to yourself to see some of the many reasons why more and more parents are opting for an SUV over a standard minivan.

Choosing a full-size sport utility vehicle over a minivan can offer owners the following benefits:

Easier charging / access to car seat

Some SUVs are an easier option for securing and accessing child car seats, making them an ideal choice over vans.

Better driving visibility

On some minivans, driver visibility may be minimized, especially for smaller drivers.

Some high-end SUVs allow smaller drivers to further customize the driver’s seat configuration for better all-round visibility.

Car chassis design

In addition to visibility, some SUV options actually offer a car chassis design. The result? These vehicles are quieter and easier to handle than a potentially boxy, heavy van option.

More elegant body structure

It’s no secret that the essential body structure of a minivan hasn’t changed much over the years (or decades).

However, the look of a sport utility vehicle is constantly evolving. Who doesn’t want to take the family on a visually appealing outing?

Each new year brings with it more elegant lines and sophisticated styles that make these automobiles as attractive as they are functional.

Better template selection

Vans tend to come in just one common style; however, there are numerous SUV models to choose from.

No matter what your preferences are for seat configuration, size, and fuel economy, you’re sure to find a quality SUV that truly fits your specific needs.

Buy your next family SUV at an authorized dealership

Ready to see for yourself why an SUV makes the perfect family car? When you start the research process, make sure you are only working with an authorized manufacturing dealership based on the make and model you want.

An authorized dealership will offer a comprehensive stock selection to ensure you find the exact automobile you’re looking for.

Plus, working with a certified showroom means you’ll have access to a professional sales team knowledgeable in the SUV lineup you’re interested in.

No matter what questions you have, they can get you the answers you need. The result? You’ll have the confidence you need in knowing you’re making an informed buying decision.

With so many family benefits, it’s easy to see why parents everywhere are choosing an SUV over a standard minivan as their locomotive of choice.

How has SUV safety changed?

Not so long ago, the news was full of stories about the dangers of driving an SUV.

Accidents involving SUVs have become such a problem that there have been isolated movements in favor of banning the sale of any vehicle classified as an SUV.

Many concerns have focused on the frequency of rollovers and the safety of other drivers on the road alongside such large vehicles.

But in just a few short years, the incidence of SUV-related car accidents has plummeted, and annual safety reports are listing several SUV models as some of the safest vehicles on the road.

So what changed? How did these bulky trucks, true to their name as one of the most useful cars available, go from dangerous to desirable in such a relatively short period?

Rethinking SUV design

The short answer is that automakers had to change the way they thought about building SUVs.

What was conceptualized as a work truck, intended for use on the job site, has become a popular option for the everyday driver and their families.

Designers literally had to go back to the drawing board when it came to the basics of SUV construction.

From small truck to big car

One of the biggest changes made by manufacturers is hard to notice at first glance.

Originally built on traditional truck chassis, most SUVs now ride in a form of adapted car chassis, lowering the center of gravity, improving handling and stability, and even reducing weight.

This change, while quite substantial, has proven to nearly eliminate rollovers, the most dangerous problem ever faced by SUV drivers.

SUVs: smarter than ever

The other major contribution to the improved stability of the modern SUV is the advent of advanced computer-based electrical systems designed to detect and react to potential rollover situations.

Many manufacturers have implemented specific anti-rollover technology that can detect when the vehicle is leaning too far to one side and adjust brake pressure and engine speed to avoid an accident.

More interior space means more airbags

While multiple airbag systems have become a common feature on many vehicles, the large amount of open space inside an SUV makes extended airbag coverage even more vital.

Airbags are no longer just found in the steering wheel and dash, full-length side curtain, seat-mounted side impact and even driver-side knee airbags help reduce the likelihood of injury in a collision, technology that simply did not exist when SUVs first hit the road.

Structural changes made everyone safer

But what about the safety of other drivers? One of the biggest contributors to SUV-related fatalities has been collisions with other, often much smaller, vehicles.

Solving the inherent increase in weight and size of SUVs turned out to be changing the geometry of the vehicle itself.

Reduction in ride height and tweaks to chassis and body design, as well as advances in crumple zone technology and power distribution, have brought SUVs in line with other cars when it comes to crash performance, making them -the safest for those inside and outside.

Driving will always pose certain dangers, but thanks to the advances that automakers have made with SUV safety, the roads are a much safer place than ever.


Modern-day SUVs have certainly changed the face of the modern automobile, resulting in tremendous growth in production and sales of this all-purpose vehicle.

Its sturdy build, powerful engine, and bold looks attract all types of customers, from rugged adventurers to soccer moms!

All the major automotive giants like the Chrysler Group, Volkswagen and Ford Motor Company have launched a range of models on the market, covering all different styles, colors and price ranges. Out of the 100+ SUV models available in the model year, we’ve compiled a list of the top SUVs.

1 – Dodge Durango

Featuring a 3600cc V6 engine is the mighty Dodge Durango. You will find incredible features like cruise control system, 6-speaker audio system, etc. This is a 7 seater vehicle, heavily equipped with impressive safety features.

2 – Volkswagen Tiguan

Volkswagen has modeled this compact 5-seater vehicle with a 2,000cc engine, which provides enough power to propel the vehicle from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than 8 seconds!

3 – LandRover RangeRover Evoque

No list of ‘Top SUVs’ is complete without the Range Rover, which rings true here too!

The beast features a 2,000cc 6-cylinder engine and reaches a top speed of around 135 miles per hour! It retains its traditional real Range Rover look, making it one of the most sought after vehicles in its native England as well as around the world!

4 – Volvo XC60

Volvo’s XC60 has always been a favorite with buyers and critics alike, and the model is just as amazing too! This SUV packs a powerful 3200cc 6-cylinder engine, which is balanced by classic Volvo safety features.

5 – LincolnMKT

The Lincoln MKKT is the perfect SUV for anyone who needs a huge car with powerful features.

This is a 7 seater, bold looking SUV with a 3500cc V6 engine. This is such a heavy and powerful car that some drivers have reported the car feels like an airplane with a Sherman tank on the road.

6 – Audi Q5

Audi’s Q series has also left a strong mark on the SUV market. Its Q5 has apparently earned international recognition and accolades on many of the Internet’s top 10 lists.

Although this vehicle was primarily designed for city driving, the powerful 2000cc engine is capable enough to handle the most challenging driving environments.

7 – Jeep Grand Cherokee

If you’re looking for a compact vehicle with unrivaled power, your search is over. The insane 3600cc V6 engine in a 5-seater body is strong enough to intimidate the craziest of all speed freaks!

Jeep has been making SUVs since World War II and knows its trade very well. No list of the best SUVs would be complete without mentioning the forefather of SUVs.

8 – Lexus RH 450H

The Lexus RH 450H is a 5-seater compact SUV with a very beautiful appearance. The engine features a 3500cc V6 engine, putting the SUV in the high power class.

Driving this will make you feel like you’ve been blessed by a higher power – Luxurious interiors, ample space and phenomenal class put this SUV in a class of its own.

Lexus is the favorite of many luxury car owners who challenge a spectrum that has traditionally been dominated by giant German manufacturers, including Audi, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

9 – Chevrolet Traverse

For nearly 50 years, Chevrolet has been known for its sleek, modern designs. Building a strong and cool vehicle like an SUV is a challenge that many car manufacturers seem to have abandoned. Well…

Chevrolet has stayed true to its heritage in this challenging market with the Chevrolet Traverse – a very classy 7 seater SUV that comes with a strong 3600cc V6 engine – a formidable engine that can compete with any SUV on the road today.


10 – Ford Explorer

Any SUV review wouldn’t be complete without a mention of a Ford car, and the Ford Explorer is a truly amazing car that deserves a mention here.

The huge 7-seater body is powered by a strong 3500cc V6 engine, and the car is perfect for all types of terrains!

It combines a rugged appearance with luxurious interiors and contains all the technological features that are standard in every car today.

The price range is a little more reasonable than the other candidates on this list, which makes this car a great buy!

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