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Let’s talk aboutVolkswagen cars. People have often said that the exterior of the vehicle will catch your eye first.

While that may be true, it’s actually the interior that will get and keep a driver or potential buyer.

While comfort and design are very important, there are actually other things that make a vehicle attractive. Things like fuel economy, safety and quality are important.

As is performance, which is what’s under the hood that will provide a more exhilarating driving experience.

We mean things like transmissions, engines and suspensions, plus other performance accessories that VW is known for.

Volkswagen’s expectations

What VW is committed to achieving for the driver are vehicles that mimic Autobahn conditions, which demand a lot of high-class performance. In fact, along with the values ​​of design, quality, environment and safety.

Another of VW’s core values ​​is performance, emphasized in all the vehicles it produces. By now, you’re probably wondering what kinds of performance options VW is offering.

Take a look below and read about some of the things you can get to reach Autobahn conditions.

1. Volkswagen

‘s turbocharged

Have you ever wondered how to get more power from a small engine? Just boost. It is a fact that all VW models come with a turbocharged engine option to give you more performance, now you can think of it as “practical performance”.

2. Braking when cornering

The brilliant engineers working for Volkswagen have developed something called the XDS Cross Differential System, which can use the brakes not just to stop, but also to turn.

Most people rightly say that brakes are for stopping, however, on VW models, brakes can also help you corner the car better.

3. Whether it’s the Golf R, GTI, Jetta GLI or Beetle, there are a multitude of things VW offers in its specialized performance models that are exactly what drivers are looking for to enhance their driving experience.

You’ll be able to accelerate quickly in the field, make turns easily, and get the most out of the driving experience with your VW performance model.

4. DSG Performance Transmission

For people looking for super-fast gear changes, take a look at the eight VW models that come equipped with the DSG Performance Transmission, which you can get in a manual or automatic transmission.

This transmission will not only make your driving experience more exciting, it will also be more fuel efficient because the faster you change gears, the better the fuel consumption.

Final Thoughts About Volkswagen

This article only covers VW’s performance value, but this DSG performance transmission can also be listed under another of VW’s core values ​​– environment.

Yes, Volkswagen considers performance a core value and puts the right gear and accessories under the hood to help achieve the best possible driving experience.

As mentioned previously, performance is just one of this automaker’s main core values, it also includes environment, design, safety and quality.

If you are interested in additional information, stop by your local VW dealership today. And remember to check back here soon as we have additional articles to highlight Volkswagen’s other four core values.

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