Is It Worth Buying Remold Tires






To know whether it is worth buying remold tires, you must first know in detail what and how the product works.

The remold tire became very popular throughout Brazil, in fact, it means remodeled or remolded.

In other words, it is a used tire that has undergone extensive recycling and is fully capable of being reused.

So, we have prepared this text that will show drivers or vehicle owners whether it is worth buying remold tires.

If you need to change your vehicle’s tires, read our carefully and see if it’s worth using this type of tire, check it out.

Currently many drivers and vehicle owners have opted for this type of tire, precisely because Brazil is going through a financial crisis and so putting refurbished tires on the vehicle could be the solution.

Remold Tire Characteristics

One of the main characteristics of remolded tires is that they cost approximately 50% less than a new tire. In other words, it generates very interesting savings in the budget of those who have a car and need to change the tires.

However, it is proven that remolded tires last less than new tires. Experts say their lifespan is 30% shorter than new tires.

Even though it is a product already recognized on the market, the remolded tire still raises many doubts among consumers. It is worth remembering that a remold is a tire that has received a new tread.

For this reason, many people are suspicious of the quality and durability of remolded tires. Before you draw your conclusions, keep reading this text and you will know if it is worth buying remolded tires.

How does the manufacturing of remold tires work?

The companies responsible for making used tires travel around cities looking for products that have been discarded and when they find them, they begin a process of revitalizing the tires, for example:

1 – Tires in the carcass state undergo a very detailed evaluation.

2 – Experts select those tires that can be revitalized.

3 – Tires selected for refurbishment are inspected by experts.

4 – After that, the professionals will work hard on necessary tire repairs.

5 – When making repairs, the tires then go through the revitalization process that

6 – After that, the tire is scraped and the burrs are removed.

7 – The next step is to give the tire a new layer of rubber that will completely revitalize it.

8 – Finally, the tires undergo anti-breakage rubber gluing and a volcanic press.

This is the process of remodeling a tire that will be sold for a much lower price than a new tire. If you had any doubts about how this reform is carried out, this topic clarified a lot.

Advantages and disadvantages of Buying Remold Tires?

This is an issue that must be carefully evaluated, precisely because it is not enough to have a lower value than the new tire. In other words, vehicle owners need to think in detail before deciding to buy refurbished tires for their car, see the pros and cons of this type of purchase.


For those who need to buy new tires, remolding is an excellent opportunity to save the customer’s finances. It will cost about 50% less than a new tire.


No matter how many good remold tires you find, they will not have the same quality and durability as a new tire. Therefore, before purchasing them you need to have detailed knowledge of the type of business you are about to do.

Tips for buying good remold tires

To know whether it is worth buying remolded tires, you need to know some important points that show the quality of the product you are looking for. Good remolded tires must meet the following requirements:

1 – Have validation of the INMETRO certificate. National Institute of Metrology – Quality and Technology.

2 – Do not buy refurbished tires without knowing their origin and previous origin. Ask sellers about the product recycling process.

3 – Make negotiations with renowned companies in the market that already operate successfully in this type of sales.

4 – Observe the rules on the side of the tires in detail. Since 2015,INMETRO has specified the compositions that make up its tires.

  • Identification marked on the tires on both sides.
  • Clearly visible information indicating a retreaded tire – remodeled or resurfaced.
  • Check the expression “M+S” or (M&S). It is suitable for use on muddy soil up to 4.0 mm.
  • Check the CNPJ of the company that is supplying the remolded tire.
  • Check in detail the date of the tire renovation.

5 – With this information it is unlikely that the customer will be deceived when purchasing remolded tires. In fact, INMETRO made these changes in the used tire trade precisely to inhibit fraud in negotiations.

6 – The best attitude before buying a used tire is to carefully read what INMETRO says. Precisely because it will show in detail the rules and regulations involving remolded tires.

So, it became very clear to all of us that it is only worth buying remold tires when the driver or owner of a vehicle is unable to buy new tires. A hug from the team Consultar Cars.

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