Top 3 Apps for Arranging Cars: Efficiency and Ease






Apps for fixing cars are revolutionizing the automotive market. With easy, intuitive interfaces, they make drivers’ lives easier by providing quick solutions to common vehicle problems.

The digital era brought great innovation with apps for fixing cars. These apps offer everything from fault diagnosis to maintenance scheduling, making car care more accessible and efficient.

A notable feature of car repair apps is the ability to connect users to a vast network of services. This includes finding replacement parts, comparing prices and even scheduling repairs at accredited workshops.

The impact of car repair apps on society is significant. They not only simplify vehicle maintenance, but also change the way people interact with car services.

Discover now the features of car repair apps.

Apps for fixing cars – ENGIE APP

The Engie App is a tool designed to optimize your car maintenance. Developed by the same creator of Waze, Uri Levine, the application aims to provide greater transparency in the relationship between drivers and mechanics.

It works through a device that is installed in an OBDII port (located below the steering wheel) and communicates with the smartphone via Bluetooth. This app is available for Android and iPhone.

The main features of the Engie App include:

  • Diagnosis of more than 10,000 car faults, providing simple explanations and solutions.
  • Recommended mechanics near your location.
  • Fuel consumption monitoring.
  • Location of car when parked.
  • Monitoring engine temperature and battery status.
  • Various other useful information about the vehicle.

To use the Engie App, you must purchase the Engie device, which has varying costs depending on the smartphone’s operating system (R$69 for Android and R$99 for iPhone).

The application is compatible with most gasoline cars manufactured from 2002 onwards and diesel cars from 2005 onwards. You can check the compatibility of your car on the application website before making the purchase.

The Engie App is an interesting option for those who want greater control and transparency over their car maintenance, making it easier to identify problems and choose reliable repair services.


Carrorama is a vehicle management and control application available for Android and iOS. It stands out for offering a wide range of features, making it a useful tool for both car enthusiasts and those looking for basic control over their vehicle.

Features and Advantages:

Complete Management: Carrorama allows centralized control over costs, consumption, inspections, fines and abnormal vehicle behavior.

Real-Time Analysis: Using a connector on the vehicle’s OBD input, the application can automatically receive data from the on-board computer, providing real-time analysis on various aspects of the car.

Supplies: Registration and analysis of all supplies, including location, quantity and correlation with consumption and performance data.

Expenses: Allows the recording and control of all vehicle expenses, including financing, insurance, parking, fines, among others.

Maintenance: Facilitates control of vehicle maintenance, with expense records and reminders for future maintenance.

Reports: The application generates detailed reports on the data entered, which can be exported to Excel.

Reminders: Programmable for various obligations, such as taxes and driver’s license expiration.

Utilities: Contains useful information, such as emergency numbers and fuel prices at nearby gas stations.

How to Download:

Carrorama can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store for Android devices and the Apple App Store for iOS devices.

Carrorama is recommended for those who want to have detailed control over the expenses and operation of their vehicle, with the option of connecting an OBD device for more in-depth analysis.

Its intuitive and easy-to-use interface makes the application accessible to all users, regardless of their level of interest or vehicle knowledge.

Apps to Fix Cars – AutoCare

AutoCare is a Brazilian application available for iOS devices, which offers a practical solution for managing car and motorcycle maintenance.

The application was developed by the same creators of iBlacklist, a well-known jailbreak software.

Features and Advantages:

Fuel Consumption Control: Allows you to calculate the average fuel consumption, providing an overview of the vehicle’s efficiency.

Maintenance Management: AutoCare helps you control and schedule inspections and maintenance of vehicle items, such as oil and brake changes.

Backup via iCloud: The application allows you to back up data to the cloud, allowing synchronization between different Apple devices.

Miscellaneous Reports: Offers detailed reports on consumption, expenses, kilometers driven, services performed and various statistics.

Multiple Vehicle Control: It is possible to manage information about cars, motorcycles and scooters in a single application.

How to Download:

AutoCare is available for download from the App Store for Apple device users.

AutoCare stands out for its Windows 8-inspired interface, providing a pleasant user experience.

It is ideal for those looking for a complete and easy-to-use application to manage the maintenance and consumption of their vehicles.

Frequently asked questions

How to choose the best app to fix cars?

  • Search for reviews and recommendations from other users.
  • Check if the application offers the services you need.
  • Consider the app’s ease of use and interface.

Are car repair apps safe?

  • Most applications comply with strict security standards.
  • Check the permissions requested by the application.
  • Read the privacy policy to understand how your information is used.

Is it possible to find spare parts through these apps?

  • Many apps offer functionality for comparing prices and finding replacement parts.
  • Some apps can also connect you with trusted suppliers.

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Car repair apps are transforming the way we handle vehicle maintenance and repair.

They offer a range of services ranging from fault diagnosis to scheduling maintenance and repairs. These apps make car maintenance more convenient and affordable.

With them, users can obtain detailed information about the condition of their vehicle, find nearby workshops and compare prices for services and parts.

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