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The DETRAN PE online services is part of one of the most important public bodies in Brazil, whose main function is to provide high-quality service to vehicle drivers.

One of the main functions of DETRAN PE online services is the execution of the skills test for new drivers and the preparation of the driver’s license.

The national driver’s license, which has constantly undergone many changes and new features, and therefore requires up-to-date information.

DETRAN PE online services are also responsible for vehicle registration and their respective regulations.


DETRAN PE online services offer numerous activities to the population.

The most popular of these, without a doubt, is the service of issuing new licenses to drivers who have recently passed the necessary tests and exams.

And also the documents that confirm the regular ownership of a vehicle by its owner, whether the vehicle is new or used.

Therefore, in the case of a used vehicle, it is very important that the new owner registers the change of ownership with the agency.

To avoid possible headaches and fines if you are caught during inspection, it is therefore very important to know how DETRAN PE online services work.

At its service stations, DETRAN PE online services also make it possible to request a second copy of your license.

In addition, it is also possible to renew your driver’s license and take exams to increase the category of your license.

In this way, it is also possible to carry out DETRAN PE online services and other important services that concern the regulation of your vehicle.

It is possible, for example, to schedule inspections and request a second copy of documents and make a vehicle consultation at the DETRAN in your state.

Therefore, other DETRAN PE online services include the regularization of foreign driver’s licenses. And the implementation of refresher and refresher courses for drivers.

One of the most important refresher courses offered by DETRAN is defensive driving.

Above all, this course aims to reduce the number of traffic accidents and deaths on streets and highways throughout Brazil.


By using DETRAN PE online services, residents of the municipality get to know the true condition of the car they are trading in.

This way, you are fully aware of the details that a business as serious as buying a car requires, for example:

  • Does the car have restrictions that prevent you from taking out good insurance policy?
  • Does the car have debts? (fines, licensing documentation, mandatory insurance.) These problems need to be seen and resolved before closing a deal.
  • Does the car have a history of accidents, accidents, collisions, damage to the vehicle? All of this can cause the value of the vehicle to drop when negotiating.
  • And above all, is the seller providing true information about the vehicle you want to buy?

Therefore, when making use of the DETRAN PE online services that you are negotiating, all this very important information comes to your attention.

And with that you, in addition to being fully educated about the business you are doing. It also avoids various types of future embarrassment and frustration. All drivers can access vehicle information,


To access the official website of DETRAN Pernambuco, you must search for the following address:


If you are a driver of any model and category of vehicle, you have the right to know the condition of your vehicle.

So, knowing how to use DETRAN PE online services is one of the easiest ways for you to get the information you need on all matters involving your vehicle.

Therefore, we at the Consultar Carros team are very happy to be able to help drivers in general of all classes.

And that’s the reason we prepared this very important content that gives you the conditions to know how to use DETRAN PE online services.

Therefore, we hope that you really feel satisfied with the information provided here that can help you know how to use DETRAN PE online services.

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Or even solve a problem, like in the vehicle market for example, a big hug!

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