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If you work as an app driver, have you ever thought about taking out app car insurance? Uber was an application that revolutionized the urban private transport market. The low cost combined with qualified service has always attracted the attention of people and, of course, drivers interested in entering the profession.

However, some requirements are necessary to register on the application. With regard to car insurance Uber, it is necessary to take out APP insurance (passenger personal injury). It is an important protection for passengers who use the application, in addition to being mandatory when registering.

What are the Rewards of App Car Insurance

It will compensate passengers in cases of physical damage and give you more security when working with this insurance for Uber.

In addition, it is recommended that the Uber driver take out insurance with comprehensive coverage, which covers theft, theft and collision with total or partial loss.

In addition to optional Vehicle Civil Liability (RCF), traditionally known as third-party coverage, if any — collision with other vehicles.

To be more specific, insurance for Uber must be comprehensive – full coverage – with the additional elements mentioned above. Although it is not mandatory, driving all day in your vehicle, which is your work tool, is a very big risk.

APP coverage must have a minimum value of R$50,000 per person at the time of closing the policy. It will cover or compensate for medical expenses, total or partial disability and death.

Uber Insurance – See How to Do It in Detail

Even assuming the coverage above, you cannot quote Uber insurance as if the vehicle were for a ride, for example.

In case of damage, the insurance company will refuse to pay compensation, as the vehicle will be used for another purpose.

When quoting, make it clear that the car will be used for commercial purposes, more specifically as an Uber, therefore, it will last much longer and will require different analysis.

How App Car Insurance works

To take out an app-based car insurance policy, you need to do the following:

  1. Enter your details and receive insurance amounts via email or telephone.
  2. See all options and prices.
  3. We will make the right choice together.
  4. Choose the best way to pay for your insurance.
  5. Pay and take all necessary measures.

That’s it, your car will be protected!

Final Considerations About App Car Insurance

Many vehicle drivers who work as app car drivers look for thebest insurance for app drivers. Therefore, before contracting a plan, it is recommended that interested parties find out in detail what the policy offers in terms of benefits, advantages and duties.

Therefore, it is important to know the company that offers the insurance, and also the professionals who will work on contracting the plan. The insurance broker must be an excellent professional, who really knows what the app driver needs.

To conclude this article, we hope you are successful in taking out an app car insurance policy.

And consequently, have at your disposal a great plan that will enable you to carry out your work at the highest professional level. A big hug!

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