Saveiro 2024 | Detailed Vehicle Features






The Saveiro 2024 is a new generation of the classic utility vehicle from Volkswagen that brings several improvements over previous models.

With a more modern design and a series of technological updates, the Saveiro 2024 promises to offer more comfort, safety and efficiency.

One of the main visual changes of the Saveiro 2024 is the adoption of the new Volkswagen design style, with straighter and more angular lines.

This new visual identity brings a more robust and sporty look to the vehicle, with the front end featuring a redesigned front grille and sharper headlights, giving it a more aggressive look.

Savoiro 2024 cabin

The Saveiro 2024 has a completely updated cabin, with high quality finishes and new technological resources.

The instrument panel is digital, providing a better view of speed information, fuel consumption and other vehicle functions.

The multimedia center is more modern and offers connectivity to smartphones through the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto system.

Safety and Comfort

Safety has also been improved on the Saveiro 2024, with the inclusion of new driver assistance systems.

Among the available resources, the stability control, the ramp start assistant and the automatic emergency braking system stand out.

These technologies aim to offer greater safety in maneuvers and reduce the risk of accidents.

Main Characteristics of the Saveiro 2024

One of the most striking features of the new Saveiro 2024 is its versatility.

With different body configurations and load capacity, Saveiro can meet both work and leisure needs.

The pickup is available in single cab, extended cab and double cab versions, with flex and diesel engine options, depending on the market.


In terms of performance, the Saveiro 2024 has efficient and powerful engines. The flex version is equipped with a 1.6 MSI engine of up to 120 hp, while the diesel version receives a 1.6 TDI engine of up to 110 hp.

Both options are equipped with a five-speed manual transmission, ensuring a smooth and economical drive.

In terms of load capacity, the Saveiro 2024 offers options ranging from 714 kg to 993 kg, depending on the version chosen.

That is, it is a vehicle capable of transporting large loads and meeting the demands of different types of work.


In summary, the Saveiro 2024 is an evolution of the Volkswagen utility vehicle that brings several improvements over previous models.

With a modern design, advanced technology, improved safety and versatility, the new Saveiro promises to be an excellent option for anyone looking for a compact, economical and functional vehicle.

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