Driver's License Renewal: A Complete Guide






This article will explain all the necessary details so that you are always in legal compliance regarding license renewal.

Driving is an activity that requires responsibility and skill. This includes knowing the traffic rules, keeping the vehicle in good condition and, of course, having a valid National Driving License (CNH).

It is vital that you are aware of the rules for obtaining and renewing your driver’s license, as they have undergone some changes recently.

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Rules for obtaining a driving license

Getting your driving license is a process that requires patience and dedication. Firstly, you must be 18 years old or over, know how to read and write, have an ID and CPF and be up to date with your electoral and military obligations, in the case of men.

After meeting these requirements, the candidate must look for a Driver Training Center (CFC) and undergo physical and mental aptitude exams, a theoretical course, theoretical test, practical course and, finally, the dreaded practical test. .

New rules for the driver’s license

However, as of April 2021, the rules for obtaining a driver’s license have undergone some changes. The number of mandatory hours/lessons has been reduced and the need to use a driving simulator has been removed.

In addition, the validity period of the driver’s license for drivers up to 50 years old has been increased to 10 years.

Changes in Driver’s License Renewal

The changes also affect the renewal of the driver’s license. Previously, updating was required every five years for drivers up to 65 years old and every three years for those over that age.

With the new law, the rules change to 10 years for those under 50, 5 years for those between 50 and 70, and 3 years for those 70 or over.

How to renew your driving license (step by step)

Renewing your driving license is quite simple. First, you should check the expiration date on your wallet. Then, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to a Detran office and request a driver’s license renewal;
  2. Pay the renewal fee;
  3. Carry out the Medical Examination at the clinic indicated by Detran;
  4. After approval, your information will be sent to Detran to issue a new driver’s license;
  5. Pick up your renewed driver’s license at the location indicated by Detran.

How to download the Digital CNH

For greater ease and convenience, you can download the Digital CNH. Just download the Digital Traffic Card (CDT) app, available for iOS and Android.

After installing the app, you must create an account, activate registration through a link sent by email, access the application, click “add document” and follow the on-screen instructions to add your driver’s license.

CNH renewal using the application

Renewing your National Driving License (CNH) through the app depends on the state where you reside, as the process may vary.

Currently, some states in Brazil already make CNH renewal available through the respective DETRAN applications.

I will present an example of how the process works in general:

1. Download the “Detran.SP” on the Google Play Store (for Android devices) or the App Store (for iOS devices).

2. Open the application and log in with your details, if you have already registered. If you don’t have one, create a new registration.

3. On the main screen of the application, go to the “CNH” option.

4. Choose the “CNH Renewal” option.

5. Review your personal details and confirm.

6. The app will guide you to schedule a medical exam at an accredited clinic.

7. After the medical examination, the result will be sent by the doctor to the Detran.SP system electronically.

8. When the driver’s license is ready, you will receive a code in the application to collect it. Some states also offer delivery by mail.

Remember that it is necessary to carry out a medical examination and, in specific cases, also psychotechnical examinations, traffic legislation or driving tests.

It is also worth highlighting some limitations: the service is not available if there are unpaid fines, infraction scores above the limit, if the traffic license is suspended or revoked.

It is advisable to check the process for your state, through the DETRAN website or application in your region.

Conclusion on Driver’s License Renewal

Driving is a right that comes with several responsibilities, one of which is keeping your driver’s license valid.

With the recent changes to the rules, it is essential to be aware of the latest developments to avoid problems.

But, with a little attention and the use of technology, the driver’s license renewal process can be easier and more convenient than ever.

Always follow the rules and drive well!

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