FIPE list price of the Fiat Argo {Value for Used and New}






In this article, the consumer will know the price of all versions of the Fiat Argo, the values ​​are updated monthly and provided by the Fipe table, the year always refers to the model year of the car.

The Fiat Argo is an economical car designed for agriculture, mining and other industrial applications. It is a variant of the Fiat 147 car produced between 1982 and 1990.

The car is known for its 1.3-liter, three-cylinder alcohol engine, which delivers 57 hp. The Fiat Argo is an extremely versatile vehicle, as it was designed to handle a variety of tasks.

Some peculiar features of the Fiat Argo

It has four traction options: 2WD (two-wheel drive), 4WD (four-wheel drive) and bumper gear with reduced gear.

The vehicle offers high off-road performance with high resistance to aging rate and terrain.

Another important feature is the vehicle’s suspension, which was designed to keep the vehicle stable even when facing uneven terrain.

The suspension is designed to absorb road impact while maintaining load control for safer handling.

The vehicle also features state-of-the-art electrical systems that provide extra safety during off-road use.

The cooling system is also improved to ensure the engine does not overheat during heavy use.

The Fiat Argo automatic is extremely versatile and has a modern and resistant design.

It is the ideal car for those who need robust performance and reliability during agricultural work, mining and other industrial applications.

Let’s start with the prices of all Fiat Argo models

The Fiat Argo 1.0 6V Flex, entry-level version, costs R$ 79,157.00 currently in June 2023. The top of the line, Argo Trekking 1.3 8V Flex Automatic, costs R$ 98,673.00.

This means that you can purchase the Argo Zero KM for a very affordable price!

Price of the Fiat Argo 2023 – Fipe table

The price of the Fiat Argo 2023 is R$ 72,672.00 in the entry-level version Argo 1.0 6V Flex and can reach R$ 93,610.00 in the top-of-the-line version Argo Trekking 1.3 8V Flex Automatic.

See the updated price of all versions of the Fiat Argo 2022

The price of the Fiat Argo for June 2023 ranged from R$64,147.00 for the entry-level version Argo 1.0 6V Flex and reached R$78,425.00 for the top of the line Argo Trekking 1.3 8V Flex.


How much does a 2021 Fiat Argo cost?

In junho de 2023, preço do Fiat Argo 2021 vai de R span>$ 60.724,00 na verson from enter ada Argo 1.0 6V Flex atis R$ 86.423,00 na versão top from linha Ar go HGT 1 .8 16V Flex Automát span>ico.

Fipe Table of the 2020 Fiat Argo model in the pre-owned car market

The Fiat Argo 2020 is available with prices starting at R$56,877.00. The top of the line version, Argo HGT 1.8 16V Flex Automatic, has a price of R$ 79,130.00, valid for the month of June 2023.

Fiat Argo 2019 | See used values

Did you like the Fiat Argo 2019? The price of the entry-level version is R$54,650.00, while the top version costs R$72,163.00.

How about sharing with your friend who is looking to buy or sell one?

Updated Fipe Table for Fiat Argo 2018

O preço do Fiat Air go 2018 varia de R$49.723, span>00 até R$69.367,00. A versionon de enterada Argo 1.0 6V Flex custa R$49.723,00 e a top de linha Ar go HGT 1.8 16V span> Flex Automático custa R$69.367 ,00.

Estes são os preç os méd ios de mercado to o mê span>s from junho from 2021. Fiat Argo 2018 is one hatch compacto oferecgone noBrasil dede 2017.

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