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Do you want to buy a new car, but don’t want to spend a fortune? Discover the cheapest models for sale in Brazil and find your next vehicle.

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See below the FOUR cheapest cars sold in Brazil, prices currently provided by manufacturers:

4) Chevrolet Onix 1.0 R$ 84,850

The Chevrolet Onix 1.0 is known for being an affordable and economical option in the Brazilian market. With a price of R$84,390 in its entry-level version, it stands out as the tenth cheapest model available in the country.

The Onix’s 1.0 engine has 82 horsepower, offering adequate performance for everyday life in cities.

In addition, the vehicle has a series of standard equipment that guarantee comfort and safety for the occupants.


Among the main highlights are the six airbags, which include curtain and side airbags, providing additional protection in the event of accidents.

Air conditioning is an essential item to ensure comfort on board, especially in countries with a tropical climate like Brazil.

The hill start assistant is an interesting feature, especially for those who often face hills on their daily route.

It prevents the vehicle from rolling down unintentionally, making it easier to exit steep climbs.

Stability and traction controls are additional features that improve driving safety. They help keep the car stable in curves and in low-grip situations, such as wet or gravel roads.

Electric steering offers a more comfortable and lighter drive, making it easier to maneuver in tight spaces or when parking.

The radio with USB and Bluetooth allows occupants to enjoy their favorite music through external devices and also make hands-free calls.

14-inch steel wheels with hubcaps and electric windows and locks complete the model’s amenities package.

The on-board computer provides relevant information about the vehicle’s performance, such as fuel consumption, range and average speed.


Overall, the Chevrolet Onix 1.0 stands out as an affordable option, offering a good set of equipment and adequate performance for daily use.

With all the features mentioned, it is no surprise that it is one of the most popular models in Brazil.

3) Fiat Cronos 1.0 R$ 84,790

The Fiat Cronos 1.0 is currently the third cheapest car in Brazil and stands out for being the only sedan model on this list.

With an affordable price of R$84,790, this vehicle offers excellent value for money for those looking for an economical and comfortable option.

One of the main features of the Cronos 1.0 is its 1.0 engine with 75 horsepower. Although it is not the most powerful on the market.

This engine is sufficient to provide satisfactory performance in various urban and highway driving situations.

In addition, the vehicle comes standard equipped with items that add comfort and practicality to your daily life. Air conditioning guarantees a pleasant temperature, regardless of the weather conditions.

Electric steering provides a smooth ride and makes maneuvering in tight spaces easier.

The height-adjustable driver’s seat allows the driver to find the ideal driving position, increasing comfort during journeys.

The Fiat Cronos 1.0 also offers preparation for radio, alarm and electric locks, providing security and easy access to the vehicle.

The 14-inch steel wheels with hubcaps give the sedan a modern look, while the electric front windows ensure practical opening and closing.

In summary, the entry-level Fiat Cronos 1.0 stands out as an affordable option for those who wish to purchase a sedan in the Brazilian market.

With an interesting set of equipment, efficient engine and a competitive price, this vehicle certainly becomes an attractive alternative for both families and professionals who need a comfortable and economical vehicle.

2) Volkswagen Polo Track R$ 84,690

The Volkswagen Polo Track is considered the second cheapest car in Brazil, offering consumers a set of features and resources unprecedented in its price range.

Equipped with a 1.0 84 horsepower engine, this vehicle has stood out as an affordable option, yet full of safety and comfort features.

One of the main advantages of the Volkswagen Polo Track is its concern for occupant safety.

With four airbags, the vehicle offers additional protection in the event of a collision, minimizing possible damage to passengers.

In addition, stability control ensures safer and more stable driving, especially in curves and emergency situations.

Another highlight of the car is the hill start assistant, which makes life easier for drivers when starting off on steep slopes, preventing the vehicle from rolling backwards.

This feature is especially useful in large cities with many sloped streets.

The electronic differential lock is another feature present in the Volkswagen Polo Track, providing more efficient traction, especially in slippery or uneven terrain.

This allows the driver greater stability and control of the vehicle in adverse situations, making the driving experience safer.

In terms of comfort, the Polo Track impresses with its electric front windows, electric locks and air conditioning.

These features offer additional convenience to occupants, allowing for a pleasant and air-conditioned interior environment, even in high temperatures or in traffic jams.

The electric steering of the Volkswagen Polo Track is another important highlight. This system provides lighter and more precise steering, facilitating maneuvers and making driving more comfortable, especially on urban routes.

In summary, the Volkswagen Polo Track stands out as an affordable and complete option in the Brazilian market. With a powerful engine, advanced safety features and comfort features.

This vehicle offers a pleasant and safe driving experience. Therefore, it is an interesting choice for those looking for an economical car, without compromising safety.

Volkswagen Polo Track

Volkswagen Polo Track

Volkswagen Polo Track

1) Hyundai HB20 Sense 1.0 R$ 82,290

The Hyundai HB20 Sense 1.0 it is one of the most affordable cars on the Brazilian automobile market when it comes to new vehicles.

With a competitive price, it offers several interesting features that make it an interesting option for many consumers.

Equipped with a 1.0 engine, the HB20 Sense is capable of generating power of up to 80 horsepower.

This power is enough to guarantee adequate performance on roads and also in urban areas, making it a versatile vehicle for different situations.

The hatch also stands out for its safety. With six airbags, including front, side and curtain airbags, occupants are protected in the event of a collision.

In addition, the car has stability and traction controls, which provides greater grip and stability while driving.

Hop start assist is a useful feature that prevents the car from rolling down hills when the driver takes his foot off the brake.

In terms of comfort, the HB20 Sense doesn’t disappoint either. It has air conditioning, ensuring a pleasant temperature inside the vehicle, even on the hottest days.

Electric steering provides lighter, more precise steering, making maneuvering and vehicle control easier. The front power windows and power locks are practical features that make everyday life easier.

The on-board computer with a 3.5-inch TFT screen offers a series of useful information for the driver, such as fuel consumption and distance traveled.

The radio with USB and Bluetooth allows you to play music directly from your cell phone, in addition to making phone calls possible in a safe and practical way.

Finally, the HB20 Sense has LED daytime running lighting, giving the vehicle a modern and elegant look.

Therefore, the Hyundai HB20 Sense 1.0 is an interesting option for those looking for a new car with good value for money.

It combines an affordable price with safety and comfort features and items that are normally found in higher category cars.

Hyundai HB20 1.0

Hyundai HB20 1.0

Hyundai HB20 1.0

The reality of the vehicle market in Brazil

Currently, it is clear that the price of new km cars is exorbitant in Brazil, which leads many consumers to consider purchasing pre-owned vehicles as an alternative.

This reality can be easily seen by consulting the tabela Fipe de cars, an official reference that provides information on the prices of used cars in the country.

When analyzing the Fipe table, it is possible to see that the values ​​of brand new cars are considerably higher in relation to pre-owned cars.

This is due to several factors, such as the high tax burden, the cost of raw materials and the rapid devaluation that occurs as soon as a vehicle is removed from the dealership.

The high taxes on brand new cars, such as the Tax on Industrialized Products (IPI) and the Tax on the Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS).

They have a significant impact on prices, making them unaffordable for a considerable portion of the population.

In addition, the raw material used in the manufacture of vehicles has also seen significant increases in recent years. The price of steel, for example, a fundamental substance in the construction of automobiles, has risen considerably, which directly impacts the final value of the product.

Another factor that influences the rise in prices of new cars in Brazil is the rapid devaluation they suffer. As soon as a vehicle leaves the dealership, its resale value already suffers a significant reduction.

This occurs due to several reasons, such as the launch of more updated models, the offer of promotions to dispose of old stock and the natural devaluation that occurs over time.

Final considerations about the cheapest cars for sale in Brazil

Given this scenario, it is understandable that many consumers choose to purchase pre-owned cars.

In addition to offering a more attractive value for money, these vehicles have already gone through most of the depreciation, remaining in a better position for future resale.

Finally, it is important to highlight that the choice between a new car and a pre-owned car goes beyond price and involves different needs and preferences.

Each consumer must evaluate their financial possibilities, the use they will make of the vehicle and their real needs before making the purchase decision.

In short, the Fipe table of used cars is an important tool to help consumers in the search for a pre-owned car at an appropriate price.

The rise in prices for brand new cars in Brazil has driven the search for more affordable options, promoting an increase in demand for used vehicles.

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