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Today we are going to talk about theauction motorcycle with invoice. Have you ever considered the alternative of taking part in an auction? As you probably already know, they are considered by many to be one of the best alternatives for purchasing a good.

In addition to relics and old things, auctions also include the purchase and sale of various other goods, such as real estate and vehicles, ranging from motorcycles to cars, vans and much more.

Certainly one of the main advantages of participating in an auction is its values, which when compared to market values, are much lower.

Are you interested in obtaining more information about how a motorcycle auction works and also how to issue an invoice for it? If the answer to this question is yes, we suggest you continue reading this brief and explanatory article.

Motorcycle auction – What is it and how does it work?

Although many people already know what this is about, it is interesting to highlight some more information.

The auction is basically an event in which both the purchase and sale of a certain good can be made, the minimum value of which has already been established, but as already mentioned, such values ​​are much lower than the market value.


In simple terms, an auction works based on the announcement of a certain good, when someone is interested in it, they must then submit their proposal.

If another person is also interested in purchasing such a motorcycle, for example, your proposal must be higher than the previous one and so on.

The origin of the motorcycles can vary greatly, as they can come either from a seizure or directly from the factory.

The most common auctions are those that result from a seizure, whether due to non-payment of financing installments, irregular documents, or even traffic violations.

When the vehicle is seized, it is sent to a Detran yard, where it remains for a maximum of 90 days, a period in which the owner can try to regularize its situation.

If nothing is done, it will become an auction product, which in turn will be sold for a much lower price than it is actually worth.

One of the reasons the value decreases is due to the conditions it is subjected to when it spends 90 days in the yard, without any care.

It is essential to emphasize that when you purchase an asset that came from irregular financing, it is necessary to settle all your installments, in addition to, of course, paying the amount you offered at the event.

Auction motorcycle with invoice – See how to issue

When making a purchase at an auction, it is necessary to issue an invoice.

To do this, there are two different alternatives, check out the step by step below:

Import invoice

In this case, it is necessary to import the XML file of the note, so that it can later be recorded in your inventory control in addition to your tax control.

Step 1:At first, you must access the following website:

Step 2. Click on consult NF-e.

Step 3. In thetop right corner of the invoice, enter your access key, which in turn is made up of 44 digits.

Step 4. Afterwards, download.

Step 5. Finally, just select the Digital Certificate.

Before we present the step-by-step guide, it is interesting to make it clear that conditions may vary depending on where you live.

Step 6. Firstly, you must register your CNPJ at the city hall or State Secretariat.

Step 7. Then, purchase a Digital Certificate.

Step 8. Afterwards, define an invoice issuing software.

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