DETRAN Motorcycle Auction






The DETRAN Motorcycle Auction is organized at least once a year by DETRAN – Department of Traffic

The reason why people are increasingly interested in the event is mainly because of the values ​​imposed on its products.

Since they are well below the market price. A busy bidding event was once something quite underestimated, however, nowadays, it is being increasingly valued.

Which makes it even more affordable, so to find out more details about it, continue reading.

DETRAN Motorcycle Auction

Participating in a DETRAN Motorcycle auction can be even simpler than it seems, just register with DETRAN, just see the following step by step!

Step 1. Foronline auctions, you need to access the organization’s official website, whereas in the case of in-person auctions, you will need to go to the entity’s headquarters.

Step 2: In both alternatives, you must present personal data and documents:

  • RG – General Registration
  • CPF – Registration of Individuals
  • Proof of residence, if participating in the event as an individual.
  • As a legal entity, show your social contract, a copy of the CNPJ
  • Proof of establishment (it is important that you take it with you on the day of the auction).

Step 3. Next, see which auctions are available, so that you can see not only the place where it will take place but also the time. On your state’s official DETRAN website, you can also find out the DETRAN auction date.

Why a motorcycle can be taken to the DETRAN Motorcycle Auction

The reasons that can lead to a Motorcycle Auction DETRAN can range from illegal driving, to speeding, fines, other irregular debts, among others.

In order for the maximum measure to be taken, which is precisely delivery to an auction, the owner must regularize his situation, within the maximum period, which is 90 days.

The cars made available under this measure are available in the courtyard of the regional sections of DETRAN, for a certain period. The assets, which in this case are the seized cars, are normally divided into lots.

During the visit, each person interested in the event will be able to analyze details of the product, having access to a descriptive sheet of the product, containing extremely important information for those who wish to make the purchase.

Bids, as you may already know, must have a value greater than the minimum that must be previously defined. The person responsible for intermediating the purchase and sale, and also for announcing the values ​​of each thing being offered, is the auctioneer.

It is worth noting that it charges a commission fee on what you purchase. You will only be able to have the motorcycle you purchased in your hands if you have made payment, which can take up to 30 days.

It is still important to say that buyers are subject to a fine equivalent to 2% of the value of the purchase, for each day of delay in collecting it.

Regarding the regularization of documents for the auctioned assets, we suggest that you go to the DETRAN portal and see everything it says about it.

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