Seized Motorcycle Auction






In this article, you will obtain information that will help you know how the Seized Motorcycle Auction works. Have you ever thought about participating in an auction?

The event that many are interested in, still carries a not very positive reputation, due to people who do not believe in its quality.

But surprisingly, several people who have already participated in an auction have found that it is not only of great quality. But also safe, cheap and efficient.

There are several types of auctions, but among many, there is one for cars seized by banks, which is quite interesting to know what it is about, so continue reading the following text.

An auction, as we all know, is an event in which goods are negotiated, the values ​​of which; and the negotiation itself is the responsibility of the auctioneer (it is worth noting that he still charges a commission fee).

Seized Motorcycle Auction

As we said in the previous topic, before you can participate in an auction of seized motorcycles, you need to do small things, which in addition to being easy, are quick. Check it out!

Step 1: Go to the place where the auction will take place, where to the website, if it is an online event:

Step 2: When requesting your registration, you will need to present some personal data, such as:

  • CPF,
  • RG-General Registry and
  • Proof of residence (updated) in the case of an individual,
  • If you are a legal professional, you must present your CNPJ, ID, CPF and commercial registration.

Step 3: Once registered, decide which event you will participate in, analyzing details such as the time it will take place, mainly.

Step 4: More targeted at those who will participate in online auctions, we recommend that you know the platform where everything will take place in advance, so that you know how to bid, for example.

How the Seized Motorcycle Auction Works

Negotiation occurs through bids, where the first value to be offered must be higher than what was previously established and so on.

And whoever offers the highest price, and then no one wants to surpass him, will have won the good.

But how will the motorcycles end up in a 2021 seized motorcycle auction?

When you buy a car through financing, from a financial institution (such as a bank), you will have complete autonomy over the asset, until you pay all the installments.

However, due to the high percentage of interest that the credit presents, many end up being unable to pay each installment.

When payment of 3 of these installments is no longer made consecutively, the bank will have the full right to remove the car from you.

And so it will be sent to the auction, where people will be able to buy it for a much lower price. In order for you to participate in an auction like this, you do not necessarily need to buy an asset.

But for this to happen, you still need to register in advance, which will request some personal data, such as CPF-Cadastro de Pessoa Jurídica, or CNPJ-Cadastro Nacional de Pessoa Jurídica.

Once you are already participating, you will have access to several vehicles.

Each one with a descriptive sheet, covering all the details and information we should know about the vehicle. If you win one, you will immediately need to sign a document that will specify a certain situation.

As for payment, it will not be necessary to make it in full, but at least a percentage of the amount, which can vary between 20 and 30, in addition to the 5% fee.

Today, in addition to the conventional auction, there is a completely online event, where you can access it wherever you are, without the need to go to a specific location.

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