Car Auction - See 8 Wonderful Tips for Participating






Anyone has dreamed of having their own car. This gives people freedom and comfort without having to depend on public transport. However, it is a distant dream for many people due to market prices. So a good alternative is to participate incar auctions.

In this article you will see eight wonderful tips for participating in a car auction that will help you achieve a much better and cheaper way of purchasing your own car. This is because auctions offer unmissable offers to buy which vehicles are available.

Making the person obtain prices that will be up to 60% lower than if they were to buy conventionally. So check out all the advantages and tips we have below.


Firstly, to participate in the auctions, anyone interested in the vehicle must be able to fill in all their details within the chosen online platform.

This way you will provide a scanned copy of proof of address, CPF and your ID. In some cases at the VIP auction it is necessary for the prover to send a signed document aware of all the requirements of the auction process.

Find out information about the notice:

In addition, it is most important that any participant or interested party seeks to stay connected to the auction notice. This is because this document is available with all the information about how the auction will work along with the date, deadlines and even the vehicle specifications.

Since the notice shows all the general rules of the auction, allowing the user to see descriptions of the car, such as the year of manufacture, colors, condition and much more. So the bid cannot be canceled so it is important to be sure when making your offer.

Check available cars:

At VIP Auctions, interested parties can visit the company’s offices to see which cars are available.

This way it is much easier to check the vehicle according to the notice to make the best decision. This means that people who are indecisive can better analyze whether they are making the right decision or not by having a visual stimulus.

Try to find out what needs to be paid after purchasing the car:

Many people don’t know but after buying a car at auction there are some fees that are not disclosed.

Where there are two forms of auction with two different forms of payment. At VIP auctions, the buyer can pay the auction price with an increase of 5%. In addition to paying the writing fees within the notice.

In the case of direct VIP, the buyer must pay the auction price plus a 5% commission to the auctioneer. Then the payment is identified and the parties’ details are disclosed to arrange delivery of the vehicle.

Understand the registration document:

The vehicle registration process is carried out as if it were a conventional purchase. Where the vehicle needs to be unlocked through Detran with a request for authorization from the dispatcher.

Not only that, but I need to carry out an inspection and present all the reports for unlocking, which takes between 20 and 25 days.

Difference between online and in-person auction:

The difference between auctions is only in the way the bid offers are used. So online, the buyer needs to complete the registration on the website, send the requested documents and accept the terms to start bidding. This way, information is checked to avoid scams on behalf of third parties.

Test the vehicle:

If you choose an in-person auction, find out if you can test the vehicles. For the vast majority, it is not possible to carry out motorcycle and gearbox tests, but it is worth a try.

Take a trusted mechanic:

Last but not least, only a specialist in the subject can better assess the condition of the vehicle. Especially if you are unable to perform some tests. So if you have a trusted mechanic, it’s best to have him by your side when making the purchase.

Car Auction with unmissable tips – Conclusion:

In conclusion, it is not difficult to participate in a car auction. With eight wonderful tips for participating, you will be much more at ease when participating to purchase your car at the best price and with the best benefits.

So for those people who are going to participate in their first car auction, it is important to remain calm and analyze all the parts better to avoid being scammed or even not making a purchase that is beneficial for your pocket.

With these tips mentioned above you will be able to organize yourself and prepare better for a car auction.

In addition, it is important to plan better financially so as not to be caught by surprise due to commission rates and other factors that can make prices higher

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