Honda City - 10 Top Features of the Honda City






In this article we will talk about the Honda City. One of the most popular cars today, it is also the best car of the year. This car has recently been fitted with a diesel engine and also several changes to this car.

Here are 10 important things about the new one that make it one of the best cars on the roads around much of the world.

1. Departure of the Honda City

The version we currently see is actually the fourth generation of the Honda City sedan. It was first introduced in the year 1996 with its second generation being launched in 2002.

And the third in 2008. The fourth generation was launched in 2014, when the new Honda City was rewarded with a diesel engine.

2. Fuel efficiency:

The new Honda City is one of the most economical cars in India. Its 1.5 liter I-DTEC diesel engine delivers 26 kmpl, making it the second most economical car in its category.

3. Interiors:

Talking about the cabin, the latest model of the Honda City is quite different from the previous models. The finish is of better quality and the instrument panel looks better than ever.

4. Great features:

The new model comes with features like Bluetooth connectivity, electric ORVMs, keyless start button, rear parking camera, bottle holder.

Storage cubicles, ABS, front passenger airbags, sunroof and information. rich instrument panel.

5. Honda City Space

The space provided by the new generation is the same. Its dimensions are almost the same, except for the wheelbase, which is now slightly larger than the previous version, thus increasing the level of comfort inside.

6. Under the hood:

The new generation Honda City is powered by 1.5 liter petrol and diesel units. Both engines are highly fuel efficient.

The gasoline engine has the same configuration and delivers the same power as the previous model, the diesel engine, on the other hand, produces 98 hp.

7. Transmission systems:

Honda offered two transmission options with this car. Models powered by oil burners come with a 6-speed manual transmission. Petrol variants are available with manual and automatic gearboxes.

8. Finishing models:

Each variant was offered in three finishes – the E, the S and the V. The base model is the E variant which does not come with all the features and equipment. The other two trims come equipped with various features and gadgets.

9. Price

The new Honda City is loaded with much more equipment and offers more space than previous versions. The price is attractive and promises great value for money.

The on-road price starts from INR 8.93 lakh in Delhi and goes up to 13.82 lakh.

10. Availability:

A Honda offers a very well-connected dealer network in India. Using the dealer locator tool, it’s easy to book a test drive for the new Honda City.

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