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Offline GPS applications have thousands of advantages, such as waze gps offline. However, the main one among them is the simple fact that they can be used in different places, as they do not depend on an unstable internet connection to function.

In this way, these same applications allow users and drivers to follow their path without losing navigation routes while on the road, where there is often no 4G or 3G network signal. But after all, what are the best Offline GPS apps?

If you are one of the thousands of people looking to learn about the best GPS applications, know that this is the right article for you, as throughout it you will find the best information about them.

1 – Offline GPS – Google Maps

Without a shadow of a doubt, Google Maps is the most used GPS application in the world, but what many don’t know is that the platform has an offline maps feature that can be accessed both on Android devices and on IOS devices.

To use this feature, you must first access the application’s main menu and select “Offline Maps”. Once done, just click on “Select your map” and frame the area you want to download.

The most interesting thing about this application is that it shows the user how much storage the download will use on their device, which follows the average of 70 MB.

If you want to save space, you can just download the route, which can be used without problems for 30 days, during this period the user can use GPS navigation to drive without internet.

When the 30 days pass, the route and map must be updated.

2. Maps. I

Like Google Maps, Maps.Me offline navigation also requires maps to be downloaded, however the applications work differently.

The application in question (developed by offers all its users a kind of folder with 23 pre-loaded maps of Brazilian territories. Where, as soon as the application detects a Wi-Fi connection, it automatically downloads the corresponding area. All this happens, thanks to Geolocation.

The most interesting thing about the application is that all its users can download maps manually (Brazilian and foreign maps can be downloaded).

In addition to not having an expiration date, the application in question can be accessed completely free of charge and is available to be used on IOS and Android devices.

The areas saved by the application are usually between 10 MB and 40 MB, depending on the region, and the best part: they can be deleted whenever you want and at any time.

3.GPS Brazil

GPS Brasil is a very simple and easy to use application, as it already offers all its users a map of our country installed, thus allowing all users to use the application offline in the territory national.

This also allows you to plot routes and search for certain places around you by category, such as restaurants or gas stations, even without an internet connection. Very interesting, isn’t it?!

As it is an application that already offers the Brazilian map installed, it does not offer information about how much space it occupies on the smartphone.

If you are interested in downloading maps of other countries, you must pay for this and the amount charged depends on the location and extent of the map. Some of the maps that can be found in the application and their prices are respectively:

  • Africa: R$239.99
  • Argentina: R$79.99
  • Australia and New Zealand: R$159.99
  • Chile: R$79.99
  • Colombia: R$79.99
  • Europe in general: 119.99
  • And many others.

Despite this, the application is free, can be installed on IOS and Android devices and can be used offline throughout Brazil.


As we can understand from the name of the application, it is a platform developed to be used especially in Brazil. In addition to having pre-defined maps for download and offline use, it includes regions instead of cities.

For this same reason, the storage used is much greater compared to competing applications (the Southeast map, for example, occupies 580 MB on the cell phone).

This version of GPs Offline Nacional is available to be installed only on Android devices. However, its worldwide version (TomTom Go World) is available for iPhone (iOS) and is paid after 75 km driven.

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