Santander Vehicle Financing






Santander vehicle financing is an excellent option for you who want to purchase your vehicle and provide greater comfort for your family.

A car is extremely necessary these days, whether on rainy days or even when the sun is very hot. The vehicle is a comfortable and fast means of transport for all occasions.

However, it has a slightly high price because it is an asset with high added value, especially when it is a 0Km vehicle.

Therefore, this becomes the main reason people opt for Santander vehicle financing and commit to a monthly installment that fits within their budget.

It is normal for many doubts to arise during the Santander vehicle financing process. Questions about operation, disposal, guarantees, among others, begin to bother us and we search for answers. Therefore, this is exactly the subject we will address in this article to provide greater clarification

We invite you to continue with us in this brief reading, as our main objective is to promote facilitation in your daily life, resolving any possible doubts related to the subject of financing Santander vehicles so that the acquisition of your vehicle is carried out in a secure and reliable way.

What is vehicle financing?

Financing is nothing more than a commitment you make to a financial institution, be it a bank or a credit lender

This is a contract signed between the parties, where the financial institution buys the good that the customer wants in cash and delivers it to the customer so that he can pay in installments corrected with monthly interest.

The asset is sold to the financial institution until the last installment is paid or the asset is paid off in full.
With Santander vehicle financing, you make a down payment that is generally requested and finance the rest of the vehicle you want, in fixed installments and with a longer payment period.

It is also possible in some cases to finance the asset without a down payment, financing 100% of the negotiated value.

The vehicle is sold to Santander bank until the end of the contract and as soon as the payment is made
payment of the last installment or complete payment in full, within 10 business days the sale will be written off.

You have the option of choosing a used or new vehicle, remembering that a used vehicle can have a maximum of 10 years of use to be approved for credit.

Your installments will be defined in the simulation usually carried out by your account manager, internet banking or at the call center.

The installments are fixed, that is, from the first to the last the value does not change. The duration of your contract can vary from 3 to 60 months, this will depend on the down payment and the time limit approved for you.

Instalments can be advanced backwards, where there is an extremely advantageous reduction in the interest to be paid.

How to take out Santander vehicle financing?

The contracting process is very similar to that of other financial institutions that sell vehicle financing.

Interested customers must carry out a simulation, which can be carried out on the website
official of the financial institution, at a bank branch.

The next step will be to provide some documents that will be sent for credit and guarantee analysis. At this time, the interest rate for the transaction and the exact amount of vehicle financing will be defined.

To sign the Santander vehicle financing contract, the customer must present an identity document, CPF, CNH, proof of income and original residence so that the financing request can be forwarded to the credit analysis phase.

So, to release the money, you need a document that makes the purchase of the vehicle official. For used cars it is necessary to present the DUT (single transfer document), and for newer cars the vehicle purchase invoice must be presented.

Where to find Santander Financiamento

Santander vehicle financing services can be found throughout the national and international territory, either through thousands of agencies spread across the world or even through the bank’s official website.

Its acceptance in the automobile market has already been more than approved, so much so that it is present in almost all car events in the country with sponsorship.

If you want to purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle, look for a Santander branch closest to you in your city and see more details.

You can access through the Santander bank website what the interest rates will be for the desired vehicle, the pre-approved term and all the conditions of the contract.

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