Tips for Your Bridgestone Tire






In this article, we will provide tips for your Bridgestone tire. As we well know, the vehicle market is very strong, there are currently around 54 million cars in Brazil alone.

Therefore, vehicle maintenance is a necessity that is always present in the lives of owners and drivers. Tires, for example, are essential for the car to have adequate performance.

Among so many tire brands today, Bridgestone is one of the most recognized on the market. Precisely because it is a company with many years of experience, it has gained credibility with its customers.

However, car drivers also need to do their part to ensure their Bridgestone tires are always in good working order.

And to help you know how to maintain your tires with greater durability and quality, we prepared this text with relevant tips for your Bridgestone tire, check it out.

1) Calibrate your tires weekly

In the vehicle manual there is the official recommendation from the vehicle manufacturer for drivers or owners to calibrate Bridgestone tires in a disciplined manner.

This way, they will guarantee greater tire durability. Furthermore, they will also have more security in their daily lives.

2) Bridgestone tire rotation

This is one of the most important tips for making your tires last longer. Vehicles with bias tires require a rotation every 5,000 km driven.

Radial vehicles are rotated every 8,000 km. However, for drivers to enjoy the benefits, above all, discipline is necessary to always comply with the rotation procedures.

3) Don’t overload your vehicle

Many vehicle owners or drivers forget this important care they should take with their cars.

When a vehicle is overloaded, the tires are the first to present the resulting problems, precisely because the overweight compromises the structure of the vehicle, and in addition, increases the risk of damage to its structure, such as the tire misalignment.

A vehicle can never be weighed more than recommended, this drastically affects its structure and the consequences can be serious, such as blowouts and loss of control while driving.

4) Maintain the parts that make up the tire set

For Bridgestone tires to provide drivers with better performance, safety and quality, it is necessary to keep the parts connected to the tire set in perfect condition:

  • Axes.
  • Bearings.
  • Springs.
  • Brakes.
  • Shock absorbers.
  • Wheels.

All of these parts mentioned above are directly linked to the tires and require care and preventive maintenance. The benefits will be noticeable in the driver’s daily life.

5) Place bridgestone tires with measurements according to the vehicle’s manufacture

For you to know how tires are fundamental parts of a car, just know that each part of a car was created with exact and specific measurements.

This way, the vehicle will react in a balanced way in its daily use, the tires are no different, when someone puts wheels of another size the vehicle reacts with changes.

Therefore, the 5th tip for your Bridgestone tire is to use wheels and consequently tires according to your measurements.

6) Alignment / balancing / suspension up to date

Tyre experts say that every 10,000 kilometers it is necessary to have the car aligned and balanced.

The tires thank you, and consequently provide better performance in the daily use of the vehicle. However, when alignments and balancing are not carried out, tires begin to show irregularities, wear and risks for drivers and passengers.

One of the symptoms of lack of maintenance in the alignment and balancing of the car is that it will pull the vehicle to the side while the driver is driving it.

7) Use the bridgestone TIRE according to the soil

When buying new tires for your vehicle, don’t forget the type of soil your car will drive on. For example, if the vehicle travels most of the time on unpaved roads, tires for asphalt surfaces are not recommended, and vice versa.

The consequences of a Bridgestone tire driving on unsuitable soil is increased fuel consumption. Furthermore, the durability of the tire will also be compromised.

Therefore, it is important to place tires on your vehicle that are appropriate for your driving conditions.

8) Check the wear of your tires periodically

The Bridgestone tire has an indicator that shows its wear in detail. Therefore, it shows the right time to change tires and, in addition, the alignment and balancing of your car.

So, when the indicator shows the need for your tires, follow exactly what it shows. This way, the risk of driving with bald tires and consequent damage is reduced almost to zero.


When driving a vehicle, the driver must be aware of erosions, imperfections in the ground, speed bumps. In addition, there are also surprises such as people crossing in front of cars and also vehicles that overtake dangerously.

However, the best drivers are those who can remain balanced even on soils with serious defects. In other words, they will save the vehicle they are responsible for.


Consultar Carros website wants all readers of this article to be successful when purchasing a new set of tires.

Above all, we advise vehicle drivers to strictly follow the tips presented here and consequently have high quality tires on their cars.

Therefore, if you need to change the set of wheels and tires on your vehicle, Bridgestone can provide you with all the quality that the tire market currently requires. In other words, it is an excellent tire option for your vehicle.

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