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The DETRAN digital application allows vehicle drivers to carry out queries that show the true conditions of any vehicle and any category.

Therefore, if you have a car, or are in the process of negotiating a car, you will therefore need to know how this vehicle is.

In this article, we will show you in detail how the DETRAN digital licensing application can make your life easier before making a decision as serious as purchasing a new vehicle.

After all, there is nothing better than buying a car in a safe and reliable way. And when it comes to the vehicle market in Brazil, the internet helps a lot with the best Apps at our disposal. See in detail how digital DETRAN plays an important role.

Services Available at DETRAN Digital

As it is an application that serves vehicle drivers in Brazil, DETRAN digital provides several services that make life easier for those who have a car or are in the negotiation phase.

See below the main services linked to the application:

DETRAN Digital Licensing

Did you know that you can register your car without leaving home? All through the DETRAN digital app, which is available on Google Play, App Store and also on the website See step by step:

  1. Open the application and click on the “Services”, “Vehicles” and then in “Digital Licenses”.
  2. Please make sure the license fee has been paid.
  3. Continue by clicking “Download Printable Document (PDF)”
  4. And then “+” to register your vehicle.
  5. Select the registered vehicle and click “Send confirmation code”.
  6. Confirm on your cell phone and click Next. Prepare!

You will have the CRLV digital application in hand, and will then be able to complete your Vehicle Licensing Registration Certificate online.

2 – Search for Debts and Vehicle Restrictions With DETRAN Digital

Do you want to know about determining debts and restrictions on your vehicle, such as fines and debts? Just follow our tips below:

In this tutorial, you will see how to do everything through the Detran portal or through the Poupatempo app, which is available on Google Play, the App Store and also on the website

  1. Open the application and click on the “Services” tab.
  2. Then click on “Traffic Violations and Fines”
  3. Then click on “Search for Debts and Restrictions on Owned Vehicles”
  4. Finally, enter your registration data, the RENAVAM number
  5. Click Next. Prepare!

Now, with this step completed, you will have the means to check vehicles with the digital DETRAN app for free.

3 – Transfer of Vehicle Ownership Over the Internet

Vehicle ownership transfer can now be done 100% digitally. Download the digital DETRAN app available on Google Play, the App Store and also on the website

1 – Open and access the “Services” tab.

2 – Select the “Vehicles” option.

3 – Then click on “Registrations and Transfers”

4 – Select “Transfer Vehicle”.

Check Service Information

1 – Read the information carefully and click OK.

2 – On the next screen, you will see your CPF and registered license plates. Click on the card in question and continue.

3 – Now, you will see a screen with the CPF, vehicle registration number and RENAVAM data.

4 – Select the vehicle category (private or rental) and the type of document (CRV or ATPV-e).

5 – Then fill in the document number, your email address and verify your details.

6 – Now it’s time to add the documents requested by the application.

7 – Have all documents already scanned on hand.

8 – Click on each one to upload the image.

9 – Once added, press “Submit”. Prepare!

10 – Sending the transfer request will be confirmed and you will see the request number and next step information.

This way, you can transfer vehicles online.

Search for Debts and Restrictions on Third-Party Vehicles – Thefts – Theft and Damage

Checking the status of a third-party vehicle for theft is super simple and easy to resolve. And, here in the tutorial, you will see how to carry out the entire process digitally through the Detran portal or through the DETRAN Digital application.

Brother Open the application and click on the “Services” tab. Then, click on “Traffic Violations and Fines”, then on “Search Debts and Restrictions on Third-Party Vehicles” and then on “Theft or Theft Record”.

Finally, enter the plate data and click Next. After that, you will have the consultation service with the application in your hands.

Final Considerations

There are several services available to vehicle drivers on the official DETRAN website – Department of Traffic.

However. It is necessary to remember that there is a DETRAN body for each Brazilian state.

That is. To access the services, the user must register the digital DETRAN in the state in which they reside and consequently where the vehicle is registered.

For more information, access our applications category and see a wide list of articles that show in detail how to carry out all these procedures online. A hug!

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