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What many car owners don’t know is that there is a free app to discover the Renavam by license plate.

One of the biggest problems for anyone who owns a car is the need to have and keep documents up to date and always have access to information relevant to the vehicle.

This application for finding the car by license plate has been a great ally for those who need information, but don’t want to spend large amounts of money or deal with unnecessary bureaucracy.

As this is a subject of great importance, we recommend reading the following text where we will provide details on how to consult RENAVAM for vehicles.

Free app to discover Renavam by sign

The app to discover renavam by free sign is already widely used, as it also works in a practical way.

It also offers the possibility of opening an account to monitor the history of services and repairs carried out on the vehicle and how to discover a renavam by its license plate.

Verification of ongoing financing, insurance quotes, etc. This tool has been increasingly used by Brazilians.

Especially those vehicle owners who need to be aware of the requirements and due dates set out by the Traffic Department.

Through the application it is also possible to obtain information such as owner data, registration date, model, type of fuel used, etc.

As there is little bureaucracy in providing information, the tool has been increasingly widely adopted.

Services available on the App

One of the best free options for finding the RENAVAM number through the vehicle plate is the ECC Plate application CCR AutoBAn Vehicle Consultation .

This application for discovering the license plate using renavam allows the user to make free consultations on Brazilian vehicle license plates and obtain the following data about the vehicle:

  • Brand
  • Model,
  • Color
  • Year/Manufacture,
  • Situation,
  • Chassis,
  • Engine
  • Fuel,
  • Renavam, and much more.

In addition, ECC Plate offers other detailed information about the vehicle, such as IPVA, toll rates, documents, inspections, fines, technical details and much more.

Finally, the application is completely free, easy to use and is compatible with the main mobile operating systems.

Step by step guide to download and use the app

1. First, you must download the free Renavam consultation application through the board. It is available for Android and iOS.

2. Then open the app and follow the step-by-step instructions to register your user.

3. After registering, tap the Renavam consultation option via the sign.

4. Now just enter your vehicle’s license plate number and wait for the results.

5. At the end of the consultation, you will have access to data relating to the vehicle’s traffic record. The results will also include the Renavam number associated with that vehicle.

6. And ready! You were able to obtain Renavam’s number from the vehicle’s license plate.

Good luck and success in your negotiations involving the vehicle market!

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