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The digitization of documents and bureaucratic procedures has become increasingly common, with CRLV Digital being a great example of this. Without an effort to modernize and facilitate access to these documents, Detran implemented the use of CRLV Digital throughout Brazilian territory.

We have put aside the need for paper receipts and entered an era of digitalization, where having all documents at hand is as simple as unlocking your smartphone. However, with the news, doubts also arise: what is CRLV Digital for? How can I access it?

If you are a vehicle owner and want to know more about how to access and use CRLV Digital, this article is for you. Continue reading and learn in a simple and clear way about all the steps and advantages of this process.

Services available at CRLV Digital

The CRLV Digital is a mandatory document that certifies that the vehicle is in compliance with traffic laws.

The Digital Vehicle Registration and Licensing Certificate (CRLV Digital) is a tool that allows vehicle owners to have access to an electronic version of the automobile’s mandatory document.

The digital version of the documentation has all the information from the printed document, providing more practicality and security.

It is available at any time on your smartphone, including the option to share, whether by email or WhatsApp, and even print.

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Advantages and benefits of providing digital services

The main advantage of the digital version of CRLV is convenience. The driver does not need to carry the physical document, avoiding possible loss or damage.

In addition, the information is automatically updated without the need to go to Detran.

Another advantage is in the case of selling the vehicle, where it is possible to transfer the digital document to the new owner with greater agility and security.

Step by step to download the best CRLV Digital app

The Digital CRLV, also known as the Vehicle Registration and Licensing Certificate, is a mandatory document that must be carried by the vehicle driver at all times when the vehicle is in circulation.

Since 2020, it has been possible to obtain this document digitally, through the Digital Traffic Card (CDT) application. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make the digital CRLV:

1 – Download the Digital Traffic Card (CDT) app, available for Android and iOS.

2 – Register on the application using your CPF.

3 – Validate your registration using the link sent to your registered email.

4 – Once you have logged in to the application, click “Enter with”.

5 – In the login area, on the application screen, enter your CPF and click “Next”. (For those who have already registered on the application, simply enter your password.)

6 – After authenticating with the registration, click “Enable” in the window that displays the term of commitment.

7 – Now, on the application’s home screen, you must select the “Vehicles” option, then “Insert new vehicle” . The application will guide the user step by step to complete the inclusion.

8 – You must enter the Renavam number and the CRV security code (the old DUT).

9 – After adding the vehicle, it will appear on the vehicles screen. To view it, click on the desired vehicle.

10 – Then, the digital CRLV will be displayed.

11 – The download of the digital document is automatic when the vehicle owner completes the annual licensing and pays all fees due.

It is important to remember that the digital CRLV replaces the physical document, and its presentation, printed or on the smartphone itself, is sufficient to comply with the legal requirement of carrying the mandatory document.

Both have the same legal validity. Furthermore, it is possible to share the digital CRLV with up to five people who use the vehicle, they must also download the application.

Is it possible to pay IPVA using digital services?

Nowadays, IPVA payment can also be made online, through banking applications or the state Treasury Department’s own website.

However, it is not yet possible to carry out this operation through CRLV Digital. For now, the app is only used to view the document and not make payments.

Frequently asked questions

Does Digital CRLV have the same cost as physical CRLV?

Can it be used offline?

If a vehicle is sold, how do I transfer it?


In the digital world we live in, the ease of having documents at your fingertips is a necessity.

CRLV Digital not only came to make drivers’ lives easier, but also to make processes more agile and safe.

So don’t be left behind. Download the app, get informed and be part of this technological innovation that only tends to evolve.

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