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Consortium Honda is one of the references in the consortium market in Brazil. He has been present in this segment since 1981 with great strength and commitment to serve thousands of customers.

Its tradition spans countless generations, always valuing ethics and the well-being of everyone. Respecting quality standards and seeking to be a reference in this very competitive market.

The Honda brand has strong acceptance in the market nationally. Both in the car segment and in the motorcycle segment.

Also content related to assemblies so that you can be informed on how to monitor your contract and be able to get your vehicle 0km safely and transparently.

What is a Honda consortium group?

It is a meeting of people whose objective is to acquire a good. In other words, the consortium group is made up of people with the same interest, acquiring an asset in the medium or long term.

There is a minimum number of participants and an administrative body to organize and make it work correctly, providing security to its users.

Unlike financing in which the parties borrow resources from financial institutions and pay interest on this loan.

In the consortium, the resources come from the participants themselves, who contribute pro-rata and proportionally to the assets subject to interest.

The consortium group has a minimum number of participants with payments made monthly so that there is solidity and financial health for all shareholders.

How is the Honda consortium group formed?

Each quota acquired reaches the Honda National Consortium to be added to a group. Participants enter by obtaining a quota and becoming a shareholder.

The maximum number of shares in a group is the result of multiplying the term of the purchased plan by the number of monthly benefits covered.

For example, if you purchased a consortium share in 50 months and the number of contemplations covered per month is four assets, your group will have 200 participants.

As long as interests are considered collectively, the group will be formed to purchase more than one model of car or motorcycle, all from the Honda brand.

With different values, respecting the percentage limit of 50% (fifty percent) between the vehicle price. Highest value in relation to the lowest value.

What are the assemblies of a Honda consortium like?

These are meetings held monthly by Consórcio Honda so that consortium members are aware of the group’s financial situation and can make their offers.

In addition to knowing the quotas covered by lot and bidding. Meetings are scheduled based on the due date for group members’ installments.

Each one occurs, on average, four days after the installment is due. Consórcio Honda communicates the date of the next meeting monthly, via invoice (invoice).

Only the first meeting does not follow this rule, as it is not linked to the due date of the installment, which is paid upon signing the membership proposal.

Forms of contemplation of the Honda consortium

The Honda consortium has 3 forms of contemplation for you to obtain the availability of the total value and then be able to purchase your asset.

See each of them below and how they work in practice:

1 – Contemplation by lot

The first way of contemplating the Honda consortium and perhaps the most desired is through a draw.

This is the option where you do not need to make any financial outlay, just count on being lucky enough to be drawn and be able to purchase your 0Km vehicle.

The draws take place from the first month of participation to the last, where everyone competes on an equal footing.

2 – Contemplation by bid

Contemplation in the Honda consortium by bid is extremely attractive for those who want to obtain their vehicle quickly and safely.

On a certain date of the month, the option to place a bid on your Honda consortium is open. At this point, the shareholder informs the bid amount he will offer and waits to find out if his bid was successful.

It is worth remembering that in the Honda consortium system, there is the advantage of monitoring the values ​​of previous bids.

This way, it will be possible to get an idea of ​​what values ​​will be needed to be able to win by bidding on your Honda consortium.

3 – Group closure

This option for obtaining your vehicle ends up being the last resort to have your vehicle in your hands.

When the last installment is paid, the entire amount paid month by month will be available to you. The great advantage of this modality.

As there will no longer be an obligation to pay future installments, there will be no disposal of the purchased asset.

In other words, the vehicle will be yours alone without the institution from which you purchased the consortium being committed.

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