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Currently, anyone who wants to buy a car has an enormous amount of ease in paying the installments. This is because the customer can finance a vehicle for up to 80 months, and this makes the purchase easier. Therefore, the estimate is that by the end of the year, more than 30 million vehicles will be on the streets.

In other words, the car market has grown a lot. In this way, the number of financed vehicles has increased by up to 2 thirds since the beginning of this decade.

Vehicle financing ends up being an achievable dream for citizens, says Sílvio Paixão, professor at Fipecafi (Fundação Instituto de Pesquisas Contábeis , Actuarial and Financial). Therefore, in this article we will present advice for you to finance a car.

Remember that it is worth preparing to then buy a car that will bring you total satisfaction in your business. Therefore, read the content we are going to bring carefully. Our intention is to collaborate with our friends.


The Brazilian people love changing cars, this is clear because we see the large number of deals made each year after year in our country. When you access the internet in search of information about this market. You are certainly impressed to see the new things that keep coming up.

So, if you are looking to buy or exchange your car, the first tip we give is to prioritize lower interest rates.

Because through these rates, the customer can even save a lot of money. Therefore, you need to research in detail and therefore find a credit plan that will bring you complete satisfaction.

It is worth remembering that vehicle financing is a generally long term assumed by the buyer. Therefore, it is essential to get a plan with lower interest rates, for sure. This will make a huge difference in value over the time you pay for the financed car. Keep reading our tips, they will help you!


Think with us, if a bank finances a car for its customer without charging interest, what will he gain profit?

Consumers have certainly seen advertisements saying that you can finance your car interest-free. Well, we want to leave this tip to you very explicitly and state that this type of financing does not exist. In other words, it’s a lie, don’t fall for it.

We say this because in fact, vehicle financing is a cash loan for the buyer.

Therefore, it is impossible not to have some interest rate embedded in the purchase installments. What you can get is credit with lower rates for this. Here we leave you access to content that can help you.

Not to mention that we need to be careful with mega offers for mega deals in relation to the vehicle market. We know that currently, the fastest growing and most confirmed business sector is vehicles.

However, many deals are being done poorly and consequently there is dissatisfaction on the part of those who take losses. Here are some tips for financing a car.


If you want to obtain financing that brings you complete satisfaction, a good down payment is essential.

Generally, financial institutions ask for a minimum of 20% down payment, that is, you will have a much more affordable installment if you give a Happy entry into your much-desired car.

It is worth remembering that interest is lower on installments when a down payment is made.

Don’t forget that if you are in a hurry to close a deal, your car will definitely fall apart much more expensive than you think.

So, be very calm and disciplined in knowing and choosing the plans that allow you to make a good deal.

A good monthly savings will definitely make your life a lot easier when it comes to financing your car.

However, if you are thinking about changing your car, give your current car and finance a new one vehicle as a down payment is a very good deal too.

For this, your car needs to be in legal condition and in good mechanical condition as well.

A very detailed assessment will be carried out and you will have an answer as to how much the down payment will be for your car.


Don’t forget that the market is always innovating, and the vehicle industry is no different.

Therefore, it is good to be aware of the information about promotions that always appear, it above all enables the buyer to close a good deal vehicle financing.

You can access the internet and in this way interact and even find a more affordable car. Automakers are always moving with promotions that make vehicle sales easier and more exciting.

It is worth remembering that Brazil is emerging from a very large financial crisis, so the tendency is for new financing to always appear.

The options are very varied and this makes business easier to do.

For example, many people are financing vehicles in up to 72 installments, of course the value of the installments is minors.

However, the payment period is equivalent to nothing less than 6 years and therefore the interest will be lower.

In other words, this has been a very well used tactic by automakers who above all need to sell vehicles.



Something that needs to be made clear when you finance a car is that it will not only involve expenses installments to be paid.

Therefore, it is necessary to calculate all the monthly expenses that this vehicle will have. Fuel, tires depending on how much you are going to drive.

Mechanical parts such as oil changes, for example, are all part of maintaining your car. Another important point is the issue vehicle documentation, IPVA, Licensing and mandatory insurance.

These are documents that legalize the customer’s use of the vehicle. Therefore, these documents cannot be delayed. This would cause a big problem and also harm for those who need to use the financed car.

Vehicle insurance is very necessary nowadays, especially if you use the car for work or else Leave it parked on public roads.

So you should look for good insurance for your car. Therefore, we leave you with tips to precisely calculate all the monthly costs of your car, and thus fit it into your monthly budget.

Team nodes Consult Cars we hope that all of you have complete satisfaction when financing a vehicle.

The information presented here will certainly help you close a great deal when buying your dream car. On our website we have content full of news about this market that is consolidating every day in Brazil.

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