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Today we’re going to talk about today’s most economical cars. It is nothing new that we are constantly seeing fuel price adjustments. Therefore, having a more economical car can save you a lot in this situation. As soon as highways are already part of your daily life, this article is for you.

In this article we will show you the five most economical cars on the road currently so that you can save money in a much better way. So if you are thinking about changing or even buying your first car, check out this list that will help you save money on the road.

5 most economical cars to drive on the road:

First, INMETRO spoke out with a list in 2022 talking about the energy efficiency of all the best-selling cars in Brazil. With this you can check out the most economical cars in the country for you to purchase.

However, it is necessary to observe the driver’s routine to check all of their priorities, ensuring that the most economical car on the road is ideal for your daily life. Below check out the most economical cars on the road today for you to drive on the highway.

1 – Chevrolet Onix Plus 1.0 MT – 17.6 km/l

Firstly speaking about economy, this model will generate great performance when it comes to the road along with its fuel economy. This sedan car model, when equipped with its 1.0 aspirated engine, can produce up to 80 hp of power and 9.8 kgf, m of torque.

Making it combine with the six-speed manual transmission. Its powertrain has a consumption of 12.5 km/l and ethanol 17.6 km/l with gasoline on the highway.

2 – Hyundai HB20S 1.0 turbo MT – 16.9 km/l

Another sedan that is also very economical is the Hyundai HB20S. This vehicle is equipped with a 1.0 turbo engine with up to 120 hp and 17.8 kgf of torque. Furthermore, its transmission is also manual with six gears and its average consumption according to INMETRO is 11.9 km/l and with ethanol it is 16.9 km/l on the highway.

3 – Chevrolet Sonic 1.0 MT – 16.6 km/l

Appearing again, the Onyx has a 1.0-liter naturally aspirated engine that produces up to 80 hp of power and 9.8 kgf of torque. Making your fuel consumption on the highway 12 km/l with ethanol and 16.6 km/l with gasoline.

4 – Peugeot 208 1.0 – 16.3 km/l

The Peugeot is one of the most economical cars in 2022. The Peugeot 208 has just been updated, ranking fourth among the most economical cars on the road. This model has been reformulated with a 1.0 Fire fly propellant. Producing up to 75 hp and 10.7 kgf of torque.

In this sense, the transmission is a five-speed manual, allowing this model to travel 11.3 km on the road with ethanol and 16.3 km with gasoline

5 – Fiat Cronos 1.3 MT – 15.9 km/l

Last but not least, let’s close our list of the five most economical cars to run on the road with the compact sedan from Fiat and derived from the arch o, cronos. This vehicle has a 1.3 Firefly engine that will produce up to 107 hp of power and 13.7 kgf, m of torque.

Having a set with a five-speed manual transmission on the road and the model from the Italian manufacturer covers 11.2 km on ethanol and 15.9 km on gasoline.

What to consider when buying a car:

We know that buying a car is a very important decision due to its high prices along with its maintenance fees, IPVA review. Therefore, it is ideal to do a lot of research. So start investing some time researching this list of the most economical cars on the roads before purchasing any vehicle.

Making you able to evaluate all offers and analyze all possibilities. Taking into consideration not only your economy but also safety, comfort and satisfaction factors. So analyze all the vehicles that are most interesting to you when making your purchase.

With this list above you can base yourself on your comfort and safety. In addition to the practicality of saving more due to inflation. Causing the price of gasoline to fluctuate constantly.

Final Considerations

In conclusion, now that you know five most economical cars on the road today you can carry out an analysis when making your first purchase or even exchanging your vehicle. This is because inflation causes these prices to fluctuate.

So having a list to recognize all the vehicles that will bring more comfort and savings to your pocket may be the best option. So don’t let this opportunity pass you by and take a closer look at the options we have available. Making it easier for you to analyze all options.

In addition, these car models will bring you comfort and safety so you can hit the road with your family or even on work trips. These factors are completely necessary to buy an economical car.

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