Check the price list for the Hyundai HB20 and HB20S






The federal government’s recent incentive program for the purchase of brand new cars brought a series of benefits to consumers.

In addition to the discounts offered by car manufacturers, buyers also have the possibility of receiving a bonus from the manufacturer itself, as is the case with Hyundai.

An important point to highlight is that, with the decrease in the price of new cars, it is expected that the values ​​of used vehicles will also suffer a considerable drop in the coming months.

This is because, with more affordable options on the market, consumers can choose to invest in a new car instead of purchasing a used one.

The impact on society of reducing popular car prices in Brazil

This decrease in the price of used cars tends to be a great opportunity for those who want to change vehicles, as they will be able to find cheaper options in better conditions.

In addition, for those interested in selling their used car, it is important to be aware of this drop in prices and adjust their sales value expectations.

However, it is worth highlighting that, despite the federal government’s incentive program and the benefits provided by automakers.

It is necessary to research and find out about the conditions and terms of these promotions.

It is important to check whether the discount presented already includes the bonus value, to avoid unpleasant surprises at the time of purchase.

In addition, it is always recommended that consumers pay attention to the origin and history of the used vehicle they intend to purchase, as well as carrying out a complete inspection before purchasing.

This way, it is possible to guarantee a satisfactory deal and avoid possible future problems.

Check out the price list for the Hyundai HB20 and HB20S

Hyundai decided to reduce the price of the HB20, both in the hatch and sedan versions, after the federal government granted tax benefits to Brazilian automakers.

According to the company itself, models in the HB20 line will have discounts ranging from R$6,000 to R$12,300, depending on the version.

From June 2023, the price of the entry-level HB20 will be R$69,990, which represents a discount of R$12,300 compared to the previous month’s price.

The HB20S, the sedan version of the vehicle, will have a list price starting at R$83,890, with a discount of R$8,000.

This reduction in HB20 prices is excellent news for those interested in purchasing a Hyundai vehicle.

With significant discounts, consumers will have the opportunity to buy a quality car for a lower price.

In addition, market competitiveness also tends to increase, as other automakers may follow Hyundai’s example and offer similar discounts on their models.

So if you’re thinking about buying a new car, Hyundai’s HB20 is worth considering.

With reduced prices, this line of vehicles becomes even more attractive, offering quality, safety and technology at a more affordable cost.

See the price table for the Hyundai HB20 (hatch version), the discount value in parentheses:

  • HB20 Sense 1.0 Manual R$69,990 (R$12,300)
  • HB20 Confort 1.0 Manual R$77,590 (R$8,000)
  • HB20 Limited R$82,690 1.0 (R$8,000)
  • HB20 Confort TGDI Automatic R$ 98,590 (R$ 6,000)
  • HB20 Platinum TGDI R$ 104,590 (R$ 6,000)
  • HB20 Platinum Plus TGDI R$ 113,590 (R$ 6,000)

Check the price of the Hyundai HB20S (sedan) valid for June 2023:

  • HB20S Confort 1.0 Manual R$ 83,890 (R$ 8,000)
  • HB20S Limited R$89,090 (R$8,000)
  • HB20S Confort TGDI Automatic R$ 104,890 (R$ 6,000)
  • HB20S Platinum R$ 111,390 (R$ 6,000)
  • HB20S Platinum Plus R$120,590 (R$6,000)


In short, with the reduction in the price of brand new cars and the benefits offered by the federal government’s incentive program, a significant drop in the values ​​of used cars is expected in the coming months.

This situation provides opportunities for those who wish to purchase a used vehicle at more affordable prices.

As well as for those who want to sell their used car and take advantage of favorable market conditions.

However, it is important to always be well informed and carry out careful research before making any purchasing decision.

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