How to pay IPVA through PIX in São Paulo






Now you can pay IPVA via Pix! This is excellent news for taxpayers in São Paulo, as the payment process becomes easier, faster and safer.

In this article, we will explain how to pay IPVA using the Pix system.

The IPVA (Motor Vehicle Ownership Tax) is an annual tax that is levied on the ownership of motor vehicles.

In São Paulo, IPVA payment can be made in installments, with the possibility of payment in cash with a discount.

How the service will work

From now on, taxpayers have another IPVA payment option: Pix.

Pix is ​​an instant payment system that allows you to transfer money quickly and securely, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With this new feature, paying IPVA becomes even more practical.

To pay IPVA via Pix, you need to follow a few simple steps.

Check out the step by step below:

1. Access the application of your bank or financial institution that offers the Pix service.

2. In the payments or transfers area, select the “Pix” option.

3. Next, you will need to enter the IPVA beneficiary’s data. They are: CPF or CNPJ of the State of São Paulo (Treasury Secretariat of the State of São Paulo).

And the PIX key, which is usually the CNPJ of the Finance Department. In the case of the state of São Paulo, the PIX key is CNPJ 46.377.678/0001-90.

4. Also inform the amount of IPVA to be paid. It is important to check the correct value to avoid future problems.

5. Confirm the data and complete the operation. Generally, transactions with Pix are carried out immediately and payment is made instantly.

It is important to remember that using Pix to pay IPVA in São Paulo is an option, that is, taxpayers can still choose other forms of payment, such as bank slip or debit.

Payment of IPVA is mandatory and non-payment can lead to several problems, such as preventing the vehicle from being licensed, in addition to generating fines and interest.

Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to the deadlines established by the State Department of Traffic (Detran) and make the payment within the stipulated period.

With the possibility of paying IPVA via Pix in São Paulo, taxpayers gain more convenience and agility to pay this important tax.

The payment option via Pix is ​​a trend that has been gaining ground and making the daily lives of Brazilians easier. Take advantage of this new alternative and guarantee the payment of your IPVA quickly and safely!

Advantages of paying IPVA through PIX

Paying IPVA (Motor Vehicle Property Tax) through Pix in São Paulo offers several advantages and benefits for both taxpayers and the government itself.

1. Practicality:Payment via Pix offers a simple and quick way to pay IPVA, without the need to go to a bank or lottery outlet. All you need is internet access and a bank account.

2. Speed: Transactions via Pix are processed in real time, that is, payment is made immediately, without delays or bureaucracy.

3. Low cost: By opting for Pix, taxpayers can avoid billing fees or other fees charged for payment services. This contributes to reducing taxpayer costs.

4. Security: Pix has advanced security measures, such as two-step authentication and transaction recording. This guarantees the protection of the taxpayer’s bank details and prevents fraud.

5. Flexible schedule: Unlike banks or lottery outlets, Pix allows IPVA to be paid at any time of the day, including weekends and holidays.

6. Ease of control: When using Pix to pay IPVA, taxpayers will find it easier to control the transactions carried out, as the data is recorded on their bank statement.

7. Agility in transfer:The government also benefits from payment via Pix, as the funds are transferred practically instantly, which speeds up collection and contributes to the maintenance of public services.


In summary, paying IPVA via Pix in São Paulo brings practicality, speed, security, low cost and flexible scheduling. Furthermore, it is a way of contributing to a more agile and efficient administration of public resources.

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