How the Vehicle Leasing Plan Works






In recent years, the vehicle financing market has been revolutionizing the country. For this reason, many financial institutions have been launching various credit plans and models.

The mission of which is to facilitate the release of sales of financed vehicles. In this article we will provide information on how the vehicle leasing plan works?.

It is worth remembering that this plan has some particularities in relation to the others. Therefore, it is necessary to have practical knowledge before carrying it out.

Before entering into a vehicle financing plan such as Leasing, a very detailed analysis is necessary on the part of whoever is buying the car. This way, the customer obtains the information they need to ultimately make a good deal.


Leasing can be compared to a vehicle rental, because the car document is in the name of the Bank that sold it and not the buyer.

This way, the customer will have complete freedom to use the car while paying the financing installments.

Therefore, the customer who financed a car using the Leasing plan will not be able to sell the car with the financing in force, as they cannot transfer the asset to the name of the person who is purchasing it.

Therefore, the car can only be transferred to the buyer’s name after paying off the Leasing financing contract.

Another point to note about how the vehicle leasing plan works? is that the installments will have the same value from the beginning to the end of the payment plan.

In other words, the customer will not receive a discount when paying due installments in advance. Within the Leasing plan there is a minimum payment period of 24 months for vehicle installments.


The leasing plan brings with it some points that stand out, such as:

  • Vehicle credit can be obtained without a down payment. In this case, the customer can acquire the right to use the vehicle during the installment plan without having to provide a down payment, thus financing 100% of the vehicle’s value. This is a differentiator of the vehicle leasing plan.
  • A peculiarity of how the vehicle leasing plan works is that it does not charge the IOF rate (tax on financial operations). Therefore, the Leasing interest rate is lower compared to other vehicle credit plans.
  • Above all, in the leasing plan, the buyer leaves with the car immediately after signing the contract. He will have the right to use the vehicle for the entire period of the installment payment made with the Bank.


Those interested in finding out more about how the vehicle leasing plan works should look for a financial institution that they are a client of and demonstrate their desire to take out a vehicle loan through Leasing.

After that, a credit assessment will be carried out to find out if the client is able to contract this plan.

Through the assessment, the Bank will be aware of the value of the client’s fixed income, the client’s address and the documents that will prove their data.

And finally, if the client has a clean name with the SPC and SERASA bodies. After this evaluation process and credit release, the customer will be able to sign the vehicle consignment contract under the Leasing plan.

It is worth remembering that the leasing plan is one of the best on the market today.

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