How to Get Vehicle Financing






How to finance vehicles? It is a way for the customer to buy a car and consequently have the right to instantly leave with the purchased item.

In this way, a cash deposit is made and the remainder of the payment is made in installments. With a term that the customer chooses, which can reach 60 single installments.

However, there are some points that need to be clarified so that a good negotiation can be made.

In other words, before purchasing a vehicle, it is important that anyone interested in financing a car follows some guidelines that can help them a lot.

Therefore, in this article you will receive updated and relevant information that will help you to finance vehicles as a solution and not as a problem in the lives of customers.

For example, the simulation of Financing, Refinancing and the details involving this business.


The first step to a successful negotiation of a vehicle is to carry out a simulation. Through it, the customer learns about very important details, such as interest rates and fees that are part of a deal like this.

It is worth remembering that in Financing there are many business possibilities and values. When simulating vehicle financing, it is also possible to compare values ​​from one bank to another.

This way, the buyer is aware of the lowest interest rates and, in addition, the conditions that each bank offers. Therefore, we will show you what the rates are like for some banks that work with vehicle loans.


Itaú ​​vehicle financing: One of the most traditional banks in Brazil, which works with credit lines for vehicles. Their rates are at 0.79%.

Therefore, if the customer makes a down payment of R$12,000.00 on a vehicle, he can pay in 60 installments of R$450.00 in fixed installments.

To carry out a simulation of Itaú vehicle financing, access the institution’s official website.

There you will find out all the details that make up a financing plan with Banco Itaú. Including the values ​​of the installments that the customer will pay and in how many installments is the best term to finance.

There is also the option for the customer to purchase acar financed with zero down payment.

However, the interest rates on this plan are higher. In this case, it is only recommended to carry out this negotiation if the client is really interested and consequently it is a business need.


Caixa Econômica Federal offers its customers a very interesting vehicle financing plan.

For example, the interested party must provide at least 20% down payment on financing with Caixa. The rest of the installments can vary between 12 and 60 installments, depending on the plan the customer desires.

Currently Caixa vehicle financing rates have a percentage of 1.49% per month.

What catches our attention the most is that in the Caixa Plan for vehicles there are no additional fees charged. To find out more about this financing plan, visit the official Caixa Econômica Federal website by clicking here.


To carry out a simulation of Santander vehicle financing, simply access the website. This way, the customer will know in detail the amounts and details that will be charged in a financing plan with this institution.

Some details that are part of Santander vehicle financing are its rates, which are currently 1.85% per month, and consequently 22.20% per year.

The customer finds out in this way the amounts they will pay in their installments. It is worth remembering that the shorter the term, the lower the interest on the installments.


To buy a car financed with Santander, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Prove fixed and updated income.
  • Prove fixed and updated housing.
  • Contact phone number.
  • Have a value to input.

In addition, the interested party cannot have any type of restriction on their name with credit protection agencies.

Therefore, the customer who meets these requirements will have the right to purchase a vehicle, therefore, he must look for a vehicle agency and begin a negotiation.


This is one of the options that customers have to buy a car instantly and without spending a down payment.

With every negotiation there are pros and cons. For example, the good thing about this plan is that the customer leaves with their vehicle when the deal is closed, in terms of costs and expenses.

However, the problem with this negotiation is that the interest, fees and charges under these conditions are considerably higher.

In this case, it is good for the client to do a lot of research and a lot of money to come to the conclusion whether it is worth making this negotiation. Rates for financing with no down payment are higher.


If you financed a vehicle and while paying the installments there were some problems that affected payments and consequently your financial life, don’t despair, there is a plan called vehicle refinancing that can help you.

With vehicle refinancing, the customer can negotiate directly with the Bank the total outstanding balance, both of late installments and those that are still due.

To refinance a vehicle, you must present the following personal data and proof:

  • RG – General Registry.
  • CPF – Registration of Individuals.
  • Proof of Income.
  • Proof of Residence.
  • Vehicle Documents.

However, before closing this type of agreement, it is necessary to carry out detailed research into the conditions that the financial agency will present to you.

There are some companies that work with simulation tools, which actually help the client to know how much a business like this will cost.


Buying a car is the dream of millions of people, however, purchasing a vehicle outright takes a lot of time, as the costs are high and therefore it is necessary to add this amount month by month.


However, there is a consortium plan, where anyone interested in buying a car pays an installment every month and waits to be drawn to purchase their vehicle.

In the consortium, there is also the possibility for the customer to give a value, better known as a bid, and thus get the car.

Although the interest in a consortium is lower, the uncertainty of when you will be drawn causes great impatience.

In this case, if you don’t have a cash amount to bid, it may take until the last installment to be financed, which would take a long time.

In vehicle financing, you pay higher interest. However, if you organize yourself and make a cash deposit, and consequently pay an installment that fits into your financial budget.

It will certainly be very beneficial, as this way, you can leave with your vehicle at the time of closing the negotiation.

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