How to Financing Poupex Vehicles






The vehicle market is one of the hottest and busiest in Brazil today. Precisely why in recent years millions of people have signed up for a car in this business model.

Financing a vehicle is the instant solution for those who want to buy a car, but are unable to pay the full amount up front.

In other words, it works differently from a consortium in which the buyer pays the installments until he is awarded.

Or bid enough to win your car. In this article, you will get up-to-date information on how Vehicle Financing works with Poupex.

One of the largest financial institutions that works with a line of credit, very interesting, check it out.

Who is Poupex?

Poupex is a financial institution that works with a savings and loan line. Furthermore, a mutualist and civil association that operates as a non-profit in its entirety.

One of the main characteristics of Poupex is that those responsible for its creation were the Brazilian army (FHE). Poupex is managed by SFH – Housing Financial System.

Therefore, it complies with the terms of law numbered 6,855, and has been since November 18, 1980. Therefore, Poupex’s statute is valid throughout the national territory and has a resource operation with savings accounts.

Currently, customers can also finance Poupex vehicles. It has several advantages that will be shown below, continue reading the text.

How to become a member of Poupex?

Any legal entity or individual can become a Poupex member. However, it is necessary to meet some requirements that are part of the institution, such as:

  1. Being an account holder at BB – Banco do Brasil.
  2. Open a savings account at Poupex.
  3. Download the Banco do Brasil app and request entry into the Poupex program. Check out the image below:

With Poupex, members now have the right to participate in its various credit facilities. One of the most sought after today is Poupex vehicle financing.

Poupex’s main mission is to provide a line of credit for those who wish to obtain financing.

How does Poupex vehicle financing work?

Poupex works with the release of credit for those who wish to finance vehicles.

However, interested parties must have authorization from the FHE – Army Housing Foundation. Check the rates and conditions that are part of this financing:

  1. Maximum payment term – 90 months.
  2. Credit advance rate – 0.3%.
  3. Administration fee – 9.5%.
  4. Reserve fund – 2.0%.

Check now the rates that are part of a vehicle financed with Poupex;

1 – For a vehicle worth R$ 38,548.44 reais, an advance fee worth R$ 115.65 reais is required and the installments will be only R$ 477.57 reais.

2 – For a vehicle with a value of R$46,258.13 reais, the advance fee is R$138.78 reais. Therefore, the installments will be R$ 573.08 reais.

3 – For a vehicle with a value of R$61,677.50 reais, the advance fee will be R$185.04 reais. The installments will be R$ 764.11 reais.

4 – For a vehicle with a value of R$77,100, the advance fee will be R$231.30. The installments will be R$955, 17 reais.

Poupex vehicle financing is considered one of the best today. Its rates and conditions are recognized as the easiest on the automobile market in general.

Advantages of Poupex Vehicle Financing

These are the main advantages of doing a business with FHE endorsement – Army Housing Foundation:

1 – Installments in up to 3 installments of the advance fee without any type of addition or interest.

2 – Considerable discounts on the advance fee:

  • 50% for the customer who has FAM or FAM Família;
  • 50% for the customer who has POUPEX Salário Savings; and
  • 100% for the client who has the FAM or FAM Família and Poupança POUPEX Salário.

In addition, the customer who chooses to sign up for the vehicle at the time of closing the deal will have a 1% discount on the total value of the vehicle negotiated.

Therefore, the website Consultar Carros wishes everyone interested in financing Poupex vehicles to be completely successful in their plans for subscribing to a vehicle.


It is worth remembering that a vehicle has several expenses that go far beyond the installments. Therefore, it is very important to be able to keep your car in good condition for everyday use.

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