How to check vehicle debts | See how to pay vehicle debts






In this article you will find out how to check vehicle debts. A vehicle’s condition often starts with maintenance records and any optional fine history an owner may have.

If you take the necessary measures and keep your car with all documents up to date, this headache will go away and life will become easier.

However, it can often be difficult to keep track and it is common to check a vehicle’s records before purchasing.

This check is important to ensure you are not sharing any maintenance issues with the vehicle.

How to know if a vehicle has fines and debts

To check whether a vehicle has fines or debts, it is necessary to have some valid documents, such as the vehicle title, registration certificate and Compulsory Insurance.

It is these documents, which are in order, that will guarantee that the car has no debts. The acronym DETRAN is also used as a reference when it comes to inquiries about vehicles.

It is through this service that you have access to verifying vehicle information.

From this, you can find out if there is any specific debt linked to the vehicle. It is important to know the processes available to ensure the acquisition of a vehicle free of debts and fines.

Is it possible to check fines and debts only using the license plate?

Yes, it is possible to check fines and debts by card. The consultation must be made on the official websites of the environmental agencies in the states or in Brasília responsible for licensing and issuing the appropriate licenses.

The consultation will allow you to obtain more detailed information, including the date on which the fine was applied, the amount owed, among other information related to traffic violations.

Tutorial for checking debts and fines on a vehicle

1st Step: Access the Detran Online Service portal for the State corresponding to the vehicle.

2nd Step: Select the “Debts and Fines” tab, located at the top of the page.

3rd Step: Enter the requested data. In general, information such as License Plate, Identity Document and Date of Birth will be requested.

4th Step: Wait for the system to load the page with vehicle information.

Step 5: Check that the owner’s name is correct and that the vehicle has no outstanding debts.

Step 6: If necessary, print the screen with the information to file as proof.

How to pay vehicle debt online

To pay off your vehicle debts online, you need to:

  1. Access the Detran website for the state where you live.
  2. Then you must select the debit payment service
  3. Inform your vehicle’s license plate
  4. Renavam or CPF, or CNPJ of the owner
  5. Fill in your bank details and confirm the transaction.

Most states allow payment via credit card, bank slip or bank transfer. I confirmed the account and confirmed the payment details, then you will receive confirmation of payment and cancellation of debts.

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