How to Check Stolen MG Cars






Did you know that it is possible tocheck stolen MG cars? If you have a vehicle, or are negotiating the purchase of a new car or motorcycle, this article is essential, as it will show you in detail how to carry out this consultation.

This procedure must be taken seriously, it shows the total condition of a vehicle. The current system that makes it possible to know how to check stolen cars has developed very quickly and objectively.

Using it, it is possible to disseminate consultations on the license plates of vehicles with incidents of Robbery or Theft anywhere in Brazil.

Therefore, you need to know how to check stolen cars by license plate correctly and using the services that are available.

Therefore, the information provided in this text on the website Consult cars comes from services provided by SSP – Secretary of Public Security.

The most used telephone number for this type of service is 190, and consequently the records of Robberies and vehicle thefts in the Civil Police.

Its main objective is to facilitate the work of how to check stolen MG cars. Therefore, if you need to make a consultation, check out our tips here.

How to Check Stolen MG Cars

There are some very easy ways to check stolen cars by license plate. Therefore, we will show you how to do this procedure correctly:

1 – The easiest way to check for stolen cars is to write down their license plate number. This is the first and most important step in carrying out this procedure.

2 – With the car’s license plate written down, access the Civil Police website: When accessing the website, request the service you want to perform. If the vehicle is stolen, it is necessary to open a police report – Police Report.

3 – It is also possible to check stolen cars by license plate using the Chassis coder. This tool returns updated information about the condition of the vehicle being queried.

4 – National Base – Vehicle Registration Data based on Renavam: Here they are shown detail all vehicle information.

  • Date of last data update.
  • Chassis Number and Marking.
  • Engine and engine number.
  • Renavam number.
  • Year and model of vehicle.
  • Vehicle type.
  • More information.

5 – Information about vehicle restrictions: Problems with documentation are shown here, such as Loan Lien if the vehicle was financed, IPVA – Licensing and Mandatory Insurance, and fines.

How to Check Stolen MG Cars

Another way to check stolen cars by license plate is through the official DETRAN website in your state. For this type of query, simply follow this procedure:

Step 1 – Access the official DETRAN website in your state. Let’s use DETRAN of Minas Gerais as an example:

Step 2 – On the DETRAN website, access the option of services available for debts and restrictions, inspections and outsourced vehicles:

Step 3 – This is the main step. Click on Vehicle Robbery and Theft Record: The system on the DETRAN website – State Department of Traffic will provide updated information on the condition of the vehicle.

Step 4 – After carrying out these procedures correctly, enter the vehicle’s license plate number and request a MG stolen car query.

How to Check MG Stolen Cars with the SINESP App

As we well know, apps occupy a special place in the lives of people who are always connected to the internet. This way, it is also possible to check stolen MG cars using the SINESP application, check it out:

  • Access the SINESP application. It is available for Android on Google Play and Smartphones on the APP store.
  • Click on vehicles.
  • Insert the vehicle’s license plate number.
  • Click on the “Check status” option.

By correctly informing the vehicle’s license plate or Renavam number, it is possible to check stolen cars quickly and conveniently at the police station.

In addition, with all the security that the system offers, the population can search for stolen or stolen vehicles according to their condition.

It is a very simple and quick service, in addition to total security, within 5 seconds, the Sinesp system will provide general information about the vehicle checked.

If everything is ok, they will send a message saying that everything is ok. However, if the vehicle presents a problem, they will also notify you in an updated and detailed manner.

The History of Stolen Cars in Brazil

Brazil has an alarming number of stolen or stolen vehicles, statistics show that every 1 minute 1 car is stolen or stolen.

The State of Rio de Janeiro is the great leader in this type of crime, it is estimated that around 1 million vehicles are stolen per year.

Next comes the state of Goiás, with approximately 500 thousand crimes annually and after that, comes the State of Pernambuco with its almost 300 thousand cases.

Therefore, each day that passes the SSP – The Secretary of Public Security has invested heavily against these cases, and the ease of checking stolen cars is currently very great.

In some Brazilian States, when the owner of a vehicle is stolen or stolen, he has the right to reimburse the IPVA amount – Motor Vehicle Property Tax, even if your vehicle is found.

However, this amount is nothing compared to the embarrassment of having a car stolen or stolen. The stolen vehicle consultation service can be carried out in all DETRANs in Brazil.

Why You Should Check Stolen Cars MG

Consulting stolen cars in MG is essential to know the origin of a vehicle, this service can be done quickly and safely, as it is the Federal Government itself that provides the conditions to check the status of a vehicle.

This work was created in 2014, by the Ministry of Justice and Citizenship in conjunction with the National Secretary of Public Security.

These two important Brazilian bodies created the Sinesp Cidadão app – National Public Security System, where it is possible to consult stolen, stolen or even cloned cars throughout Brazil.

In addition to checking stolen cars by license plate, the application allows users to search for missing people with verification and arrest warrants.

In this way, this system helps the Police investigate cars that undergo traffic stops. If citizens want to interact, they can participate in surveys about public security in Brazil.

It is worth remembering that since Sinesp was created, it has become much easier to check stolen cars, and has become one of the most effective means of finding stolen or stolen vehicles.

The numbers are encouraging, around 150 thousand cars found in 1 and a half years, all using the Sinesp application.

How Contact Us Works to Consult Cars

The available information on stolen or stolen cars is in the DENATRAN database – National Transit Department. DENATRAN is responsible for everything that happens in traffic within the national territory.

It monitors compliance with the rules and laws established by Contran – National Traffic Council.

Therefore, it is extremely important that drivers and vehicle owners know how the bodies responsible for Brazilian traffic work.

Therefore, SNT entities obtain approval from the National Traffic Council. Lately, the major investment of these bodies has been in speeding up the search for stolen cars.

To find out in detail about the functioning of the bodies that make up DENATRAN, visit the official website of the National Traffic Department: All the details that will help users to check stolen cars are well explained there.

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