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How to check cars by CPF? The vehicle and automobile market has been one of the hottest for some years now.

However, many doubts arise among motor vehicle drivers, and consequently many queries are made daily and in all forms, e.g. Search vehicle debts.

One of the most used methods currently is to check cars by CPF, a very simple, fast and safe way. This way, that question is always asked, for example.

When is it necessary to carry out a vehicle consultation? With this in mind, the Consultar Carros website, has prepared complete content that will help you know how to check vehicle history with your CPF.

We invite anyone interested in knowing how to check cars by CPF to read this brief article in full and in detail.

In it we will present a step-by-step guide on how to perform this important service. Our intention here is to really bring relevant informationvehicle document consultation.


It is not possible to consult cars by CPF using only the individual registration document. Therefore, anyone interested in making this type of inquiry must present the vehicle’s RENAVAM + CPF.

Another important factor is that checking cars by CPF is available for used vehicles. This way if the car is new or has 0 km.

The owner must request updated information directly from the dealership where he traded the vehicle and thus carry out his research, or take out debts on the vehicle.

This way, you will be able to check vehicle debts and other related services.


When searching for cars by CPF, the driver carries out a detailed search and instantly knows the condition of the vehicle.

In other words, with just one consultation, the driver truly knows his car, and also has a very important document such as the CPF at his disposal.

And this query applies to any vehicle model, such as buses, cars, motorcycles, trucks, trailers, etc.. When consulting the vehicle document, you also find out:

  • If the vehicle has tickets for auction.
  • The vehicle has already been involved in crashes.
  • The vehicle has already been involved in accidents.
  • The vehicle’s RENAVAM conditions.
  • The conditions of the vehicle documents.
  • The vehicle’s fine history.
  • The vehicle’s seizure history.
  • If the vehicle is stolen.
  • IPVA – Motor vehicle ownership tax.
  • Vehicle licensing.
  • Mandatory insurance.
  • If the vehicle has a rebranded Chassis.
  • Does the vehicle have a Lien?

All of these services are available to anyone who wants to check vehicle debt.

It is worth remembering that all the information can show a reality that, as a result, devalues ​​the vehicle and even prevents the owner from taking out a good vehicle insurance policy.

Therefore, checking cars by CPF is a completely free service, with accurate and basic information. If you need to know the condition of your vehicle.

For this consultation, you must access the DENATRAN portal – National Traffic Department.


There are two ways to check cars by CPF. The first is a simple and basic consultation that is completely free, where the vehicle owner is informed about the detailed condition of their vehicle.

Therefore, when accessing, simply enter your personal data including your CPF – Individual Taxpayer Registry. It is also possible to query vehicles through RENAVAM.

The next step is to access the vehicle consultation and inform the service you want. In just a few moments, the user will receive detailed information about the vehicle consulted in the CPF.

However, there is also another way to check cars with the CPF, it is a monthly plan where many freight companies and vehicle agencies provide this type of service.

Currently, drivers have the option of searching for cars by CPF + Renavam number.

The driver must choose a plan and enter the credits that enable any consultation and service to be made. In addition, you can also access your account daily to check cars by CPF.


Brazilian traffic will undergo a considerable change in the way it is registered from January 31, 2020.

The Mercosul license plate will be mandatory for all DETRANS – State traffic departments in Brazil, that is, it will be a national law, valid throughout Brazilian territory.

This deadline was defined by Contran – National Traffic Council on July 28, 2019, this system should have already come into operation in 2016, but was postponed 6 times.

The new vehicle registration model is released and comes into force throughout Brazil. There are more than 450 million new license plate combinations.

Vehicle market experts consider that it could take up to 100 years for this number to be reached, precisely due to the growth of the current market.

It is worth remembering that the Mercosul registration model law will only be valid in the following cases:

  • It will be mandatory for the registration of vehicles with zero kilometers.
  • To change the vehicle category.
  • In case of theft, theft or damage to vehicle license plates.
  • To have the vehicle registration transferred from the municipality or state.

Currently the value of a pair of front and rear license plates is R$138.24 on the first vehicle registration. However, with the new form of Mercosul plates this value increases to R$ 212.31 reais.

The new vehicle registration model is in resolution number 780/2019. If any state traffic department (DETRAN) does not join, it will not be able to register new vehicles.


We wish all users who require these services complete success with the information provided on the DETRAN websites in their state.

Therefore, we say goodbye to this brief article certain that the information provided here can really help vehicle drivers of all categories.

It is worth remembering that a vehicle that is fully updated and in usable condition can bring many benefits to its drivers.

If you liked this article, share it with your friends and everyone who can use the services presented here, a big hug from the Consultar Carros team.

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