How to download CRLV Digital






It is very important to know how to download CRVL Digital. This is because the digital document will make your day much easier.

Therefore, you can now start learning and understanding all the resources available to print CRLV or digital CRV.

In this article we will show you how you can download CRLV Digital and also answer any questions you have within this application.

After all, since 2020 the CRLV is no longer issued in paper money and sent through Detran to the home of the driver who issued it. Therefore, it is necessary to make the request online.

What is CRLV Digital?

As the electronic vehicle registration and licensing certificate is a very important document for the car and will help you with a lot of information.

In addition, this document must be renewed annually. Because it contains all the information from the old document printed in a new layout.

Is CRLV Digital now available?

As we mentioned above, the digital vehicle registration and licensing certificate will only be available for print download from January.

In other words, when the licensing for some vehicles begins to expire. Therefore, the document will not be issued before this date.

This electronic version is already being carried out throughout Brazil. In 2020, all DMVs in the country have already started with the new permission to consult and download the document digitally from the vehicle via cell phone or internet.

However, the simplest way to install CRLV Digital is withZul+, a highly sought after application for those who drive in the country.

How to Download CRLV Digital on Zul+

It is therefore important to emphasize that the Digital document has been available for download since January.

So it’s important to pay attention to the expiration date of your vehicle’s current document, which could be as early as January as December.

First, you need to install the Azul+ application. You can find it available in the shopping bag of your Android or iOS cell phone for free.

In the second stage, you need to make a personal registration to register your vehicle. Then add your full name with the email to create the application account and also your CPF.

Soon after, add your vehicle documents such as the Renavam number that is displayed on the current CRLV. This will be essential to be able to issue the new document with the database.

When you complete your registration, you need to click on CRLV Digital which appears on the Zul+ home page. Or you can choose to access the document in the “IPVA, fines and licensing” tab.

Finally, you need to request the issuance of the Digital document. Then you will click on issue document and pay the CRLV Digital issuance fee.

It costs R$ 9.99! Therefore, upon receipt of this fee, the document will be available within two business days.

However, if the driver already has the digital document in the application, it is necessary to click on… In the top right corner and go to issue new document.

This is because it is also possible to attach the Digital document to the application for free if you have already issued the previous document.

For this to happen, you need to install the application on the Detran website, send the file to your cell phone and then attach it by clicking attach document. Your document is now ready to be used.

How to use CRLV Digital?

In this sense, you can use the Digital document in two ways. The first is via your cell phone or printed on A4 bond paper.

This is because these two document versions exist with the QR code. Which will offer greater safety to the driver and practicality in inspection!

However, the electronic version of the document eliminates the mandatory physical document.

In other words, you don’t need to carry a document issued on paper. A printed version is only necessary when the driver is traveling to another country.

Document sharing

You can then share the document through the application. Where each person can have their own account to install and use the same document.

Or you can even issue the document digitally and share it via a PDF file via email or even WhatsApp.

Within the digital traffic card application there is a tool that allows the user to share the document with up to five drivers who also have the application.


In conclusion, you learn how to download CRLV Digital in a much simpler way. Since the document is now available.

By doing this you will have much more convenience when it comes to accessing your documents if you are stopped in a traffic stop. So, don’t waste time and install your CRLV Digital right now.

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