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In this article, you will get up-to-date information on how to download the CNH Digital, the digital license for drivers. We have all heard of the License at some point. National Qualification.

However, there is currently the option of installing a digital driver’s license application on your cell phone. It has all the functions of the document in kind and can be easily used as the official document for drivers of all traffic categories in Brazil.

As we know, there are many applications that are part of the daily lives of millions of people who are always connected to the internet. However, some of them are of great importance and should be part of our lives, such as the Digital CNH.

Therefore, we recommend reading this content in full, as here you will know all the details that make up the CNH – Digital National Driving License, check it out.

1. After all, what is a digital license?

One of the most important documents a person can have, however, in an application that works 100% digitally and meets the needs of all those who have the right to drive vehicles in all categories.

The digital CNH was created under the resolution of CONTRAN – National Traffic Council with number 598/2016. Through it, the license to drive vehicles throughout the national territory was proven.

As it is a document with electronic functionality, it can replace the printed driver’s license. This is because it can prove the Brazilian driver’s authorization.

The digital driver’s license application was developed by SERPRO – Federal Data Processing Service. Furthermore, CNH Digital is also linked to DENATRAN – National Traffic Department.

This application is available for login and download on Google Play for Android and APP Store for Smartphone. Therefore, when installing this APP, the user will have all the information from their printed driver’s license on their cell phone, with a photo of the QR Code.

2. Are there advantages to replacing a printed driver’s license with a digital driver’s license?

There are many advantages to this replacement. For example, having more practicality and security, in addition, money savings also exist because it is an application.


No, the validity of both are the same, and are applied to both models of National Driving License in Brazil.

In addition, the only thing that changes is the way you present your document, which in the case of a digital driver’s license is electronic. It will also have the same legal validity.

4. With the arrival of the digital driver’s license, a printed driver’s license will no longer be issued?

Drivers who don’t want to know how their digital driver’s license works can use their printed document without worry.

However, it can also have both functions and when requested, present both.

5. Is a digital driving license mandatory?

No, for those of you who want to know how to download the DIigital CNH, it is important to remember that its installation is not mandatory. This way, you can continue using your printed driver’s license with peace of mind.

6. Can drivers who have a driver’s license install a digital driver’s license?

Yes, to know how to download the Digital CNH, it is also important to remember that even during the permission period, the installation of the digital document is allowed.

The driving permit period is valid for 1 year. During this period, drivers cannot commit any type of infraction or receive fines.

7. Since when did the digital driver’s license exist?

The digital CNH has been in operation since February 1, 2018. Therefore, all DETRANs in Brazil besides the DF – Federal District are prepared to install the CNH-e application.

Therefore, if the state where you live does not issue the digital document, you will need to comply with all the requirements and issue the printed document.

8. Is a printed driver’s license necessary to issue a digital driver’s license?

Yes, it will only be possible to download the digital driver’s license application if the printed driver’s license is in your possession and the QR code works perfectly.

To find out how to download a digital driver’s license, it is important to remember that the QR Code is a fundamental component of the digital document.

So, if you are a driver and don’t know if he has the QR Code, just access the internal part of the application and check. The QR Code has been part of the issuance of the digital driver’s license since May 2, 2017.

9. Is it possible to request just a digital driver’s license?

It will not be possible to issue only a digital driver’s license, eliminating the need to issue a printed driver’s license. In other words, it is mandatory to issue a printed driver’s license first.

However, as soon as the driver has their printed document in hand, it will be possible to install the digital driver’s license.

10. How much does it cost to issue a digital driving license?

As the driver has already paid for the printed driver’s license, the issuance of the digital driver’s license will not cost him anything.

CONTRAN – National Traffic Council recognizes payment for the printed document and does not charge for the application.

11. Is the installation of the digital driver’s license only done with the QR code?

Even though the QR Code is essential for installing the digital driver’s license, it is not the factor that allows the application to be installed.

Therefore, it is necessary to inform DENATRAN – National Traffic Department and, in addition, provide your personal data, such as:

  • Valid and updated email or Gmail address.
  • Contact telephone number.

With this information, the DENATRAN website will release the conduit to install the digital driver’s license.

However, it is necessary to remember that the data provided when installing the digital driver’s license can be changed on the DENATRAN Portal, but only if the driver has installed the digital driver’s license.

12. If the driver has a printed driver’s license before a digital driver’s license, should he request a digital one?

For this case specifically, the driver must personally go to a CFC – Driver Training Center and request a 2nd copy of your National Driving License.

However, he can also go through the entire qualification process with the CFC again. Many drivers with category A and B licenses have done this procedure.

13. How to update the driver’s license data printed with denatran?

In this case, if the driver’s license has the QR Code, the driver can request the installation of the digital driver’s license. However, he must first update his personal data on the DENATRAN website – National Traffic Department.

In other words, it will once again provide your contact telephone number and your valid and updated E-mail or Gmail address. He can also do this update in the CFC – Driver training center. In this case, the CFC will send your data to DENATRAN.

14. How do I start requesting a digital driving license?

Check in detail how to download the digital driver’s license when it is issued;

1 – For those who already have a driver’s license printed with the QR Code, you must first access the official DENATRAN website: . After that, you will need to log in to register on the website.

2 – For those who do not have a driver’s license printed with the QR Code, it is necessary to go to the CFC in person and request an update to their driver’s license. Therefore, it will only be possible to issue a digital driver’s license after this procedure with Denatran.

3 – After updating your digital driver’s license, don’t forget to provide your contact phone number and your valid and updated email or Gmail address again.


To find out how to download your digital driving license, we have prepared a very detailed step-by-step guide that will guide you perfectly through this procedure, check it out:

Step 1 – Access the Denatran portal – National Traffic Department:

Step 2 – When logging in, the driver will receive an E-mail informing them that they must click on the shipping link to confirm activation through registration. So, check your email or Gmail address.

Step 3 – On the same DENATRAN website, access the user tab and click login. After that, correctly inform your CPF – Individual Registration, along with the password you created.

Step 4 – In the User menu, enter your details. They will ask for your contact telephone number and your driver’s license number – National Driving License.

Step 5 – In the Digital CNH Menu, click on the link that activates digital CNH membership. Check if the procedure is being done correctly so far.

Step 6 – Activate the digital driver’s license code in the National Driving License Menu. Additionally, create your PIN that will serve as your personal 4-digit password.

Step 7 – Check out the procedure for those who are going to download their digital driver’s license via cell phone

  • Go to Play Store or App Store strong> and download the digital CNH app to your smartphone. Next, install the app.
  • Then, Login by entering the password entered and entering your CPF number.
  • After that, enter the activation code.
  • To finish, enter a PIN number. This can be any number.

This way, your driver’s license should be displayed perfectly and ready to be used.

16. What happens to the digital driver’s license if the cell phone is stolen or lost?

In this case, it is necessary to access the Denatran portal – National Traffic Department and report what happened.

This way, the driver’s license will be blocked instantly, and the driver will not run any type of risk with his electronic document.

However, if the driver acquires another cell phone, he must go to a CFC and request the insertion of the driver’s license in his new telephone number.

If the driver manages to recover his cell phone, he must access the Denatran portal again and request the unlocking of his digital driver’s license. It will be done automatically, and he can use it with ease.

17. Is there any security in downloading a digital driving license?

Yes, in fact, this is the big reason for creating this application. In other words, in times of digital services, anything that happens to your document or even your vehicle, the driver can access the transit agencies and request the desired service instantly.

In addition, the digital driver’s license cannot be forged or even encrypted in any type of fraud. Therefore, it is a very secure document.

18. Care must be taken when downloading a digital driving license

If the driver does not have his printed driver’s license on hand, and his cell phone goes dead, and consequently he is stopped during a police checkpoint, he will be fined.

Precisely for this reason, it is extremely important to have both types of documents, especially if you are going on a trip. Don’t forget to also bring your printed National Driving License.

It is worth remembering that regardless of whether your driver’s license is digital or printed, it is a mandatory document and must be carried by the driver of the vehicle.

Not having a printed driver’s license or a dead cell phone is the same as not having a digital driver’s license. Therefore, it is necessary to always leave your cell phone charged with enough battery for day-to-day use.


If the driver is stopped during a traffic stop and his cell phone has no internet connection. In this case he will not be fined. Precisely because the digital driver’s license is offline.

However, as a precaution, it is a good idea to have a printed driver’s license with your belongings, just to ensure good driving and behavior during traffic.

20. What are the advantages of downloading a digital driving license?

In this paragraph we will show you the advantages of downloading your digital driving license:

1 – Lots of practicality in your daily life as a vehicle driver. Precisely because it is a mandatory document and above all it is on your cell phone.

2 – Total security in being able to use the National Driving License. Furthermore, it is a unique document and cannot under any circumstances be falsified or encrypted.

3 – A recognized saving in money. In other words, by downloading the digital CNH on your cell phone, the driver will not have unnecessary expenses with bodies and institutions linked to Brazilian traffic.

So, even if there is a theft problem, for example, it will save money on issuing a 2nd copy of the driver’s license.

4 – Downloading the digital driver’s license is, above all, very useful for drivers. In other words, they can issue a PDF version and also export the data to Federal Government systems.

In addition, you can also make shipments to private institutions that are authorized to work with the National Driving License.

21. What functions are available for the digital driver’s license?

When downloading the digital driver’s license, the driver will be able to see the front and back versions of his document in his application. In addition, it also has access to the QR Code.

The driver can also make a PDF and send it by email or Gmail. Furthermore, you can also use WhatsApp for your required services with the document.

22. If my driver’s license is revoked or suspended, what will my digital driver’s license look like?

Your digital driver’s license will be instantly blocked. Therefore, you will be prohibited from driving vehicles in your daily life, until the problems involving your digital driver’s license are resolved.

If the driver is stopped during a traffic stop and his driver’s license is revoked, suspended or blocked, he will be duly fined and the vehicle will be seized.

23. What happens if your digital license cell phone has problems at the time of the blitz?

If the driver’s cell phone has a problem at the time of the stoppage, he will not suffer any type of sanction.

However, the driver will be duly fined 3 points on their National Driving License. Therefore, it is interesting for the driver to have a printed driver’s license with him, precisely because he will be able to present himself correctly at the Blitz.

24. Is it Possible to Use an Expired Digital Driver’s License as an Identification Document?

CONTRAN – National Traffic Council recognizes the validity of the CNH as an identification document, even if it has expired.

This way, your registration data will remain active, allowing you to be identified perfectly. The driver cannot drive vehicles with an expired driver’s license.

25. What are the documents linked to the Digital Cnh?

The following documents are currently recognized as documents linked to a digital driver’s license:

1 – Resolution number 598 – in force since May 24, 2016.

2 – Resolution number 684. Effective since July 25, 2017.

3 – Resolution number 687 – in force since August 15, 2017.

You can access all of them and other updates by clicking on the following email address

26. Which Drivers Can Request a Digital Driver’s License?

All Brazilian or foreign drivers of all categories that involve the National Driving License will be able to request a digital CNH.

However, they must have their CPF – Individual Taxpayer Registry active and in working order. Accessing the Denatran Portal:

27. What Devices Are Needed to Download the Digital Driver’s License?

The driver can download the digital driver’s license using a cell phone, tablet, or computer. However, they must have the following devices:

  • Android, will only work on versions 4.2 or higher;
  • IOS, with versions starting from 10 inclusive, and also, iPhone, model 5

28. Do I Need to Go to Detran to Block or Unblock a Digital Driving License?

It is not necessary to physically go to a DETRAN to block or unlock your digital driver’s license. This procedure can be done online, as we have already explained here in this article.

For these procedures, simply access the address in the “Devices” menu, perform any changes you deem appropriate.

It’s not possible. Each cell phone is unique in the digital driver’s license procedure. In other words, it cannot contain more than one National Driving License.

29. What is Lynx and How Does it Work?

Lince is an application available for tablets and smartphones that allows users to read the QR Code that already exists on their printed driver’s license, in addition, it can also be used on the CNHe.

However, to read the CNH-e, it is necessary to have another device that has the lynx application fully installed. It is super important to know more details about the Lince app. Therefore, check out the following link:


At the moment, the following Brazilian states are allowed to download the digital driver’s license:

  1. Acre,
  2. Alagoas,
  3. Amazonas,
  4. Amapá,
  5. Bahia,
  6. Ceará,
  7. Holy Spirit,
  8. Goiás,
  9. Maranhão,
  10. Minas Gerais,
  11. Mato Grosso do Sul,
  12. Mato Grosso,
  13. Para,
  14. Paraíba,
  15. Pernambuco,
  16. Piauí,
  17. Paraná,
  18. Rio Grande do Norte,
  19. Rondônia,
  20. Rio Grande do Sul,
  21. Santa Catarina,
  22. Sergipe,
  23. São Paulo,
  24. Tocantins,
  25. Beyond the Federal District.
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