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With the DIGITAL CNH,also known asdigital wallet, being fully formalized, it is the new way to prevent drivers from forgetting their document at home and receiving fines. p>

In addition, with the digitized document, what is expected is that 20 points on the license and even losing the vehicle due to a slip.

In this article we will talk a little about how to activate and validate Digital Driver’s License in addition to learning how to validate identity within the application and other information.

Is it necessary to obtain a Digital Driver’s License?

The answer is no, not the document itself, it is mandatory but the issuance in a digitized form is not.

However, it is important to know that anyone who is stopped for keeping and not having their digital or even physical driver’s license at hand runs the risk of being fined R$88.38.

With 3 points on the license and with the car impounded and only released due to the fee paid.

That’s why this digitized form is a help to prevent this from happening if you eat and not lose money.

In addition to protecting your wallet if you already have the points withdrawn at your limit.

Is Digital CNH a safe way?

All documents are authenticated with a secure, digital signature and easy recognition.

The user can be carefree as the QR Code can still be read. Which is printed on the Physics CNH.

However, only those who have the 2017 printed version can scan it.

If the document is older and does not have the QR Code, it is necessary to renew the document to obtain the application version.

In relation to theft, what do I do with the document?

Don’t worry, if you lose your phone and the document works, you will need to enter a security PIN.

Where you are requested every time you need to access the document.

Therefore, in case of theft, the document will not be accessed if you do not have the security PIN.

In addition, all data contained is saved in Denatran. The user can access the official website through another device to unlink the device with the document.

How do I install the driver’s license along with the configuration?

Since you now know the main information about the document.

It’s time to learn how to install the application step by step. In addition to learning how to configure it in a practical and easy way.

How to install the Application:

Firstly, using your Android or IOS cell phone, look for the “Digital Traffic Card” application.

Soon after opening the application, register through Denatran, which has already been mentioned.

Then add your CPF and click continue and fill out the form with your main information.

Finally, verify using your registered email address. Where a link will be sent with confirmation that must be accessed.

Ready, trust the data and you can now use your application.

How to validate CNH data through the Application.

It is necessary to carry out CNH validation using biometrics, without a digital certificate and also with a digital certificate.

Digital Certificate.

First go to the “+” button where an application will be marked in green and choose the CNH Digital option.

Right after clicking on have a digital certificate and go to the browser and enter the Denatran portal.

Then log in normally through the website with your details and click on “My details” and then on “change” and click on “CNH Digital” activation and then on “activate”

Ready. Your identity has already been confirmed and the user can access the application to use the digital wallet normally.

Facial Recognition.

First in the application, click on the plus icon and click on the cell phone validation link.

Soon after confirm with the “validate via cell phone” button.

Then add the ZIP code or the address that was registered on the day you issued your driver’s license or renewed it and click next.

Finally, follow the instructions through the application.

To validate with the QR code printed on your driver’s license and redirect to facial recognition.

Add driver’s license in the application:

First add the document in the application and click the plus button to add the Digital document.

Afterwards, click on CNH Digital and enter the document number.

Then click on insert security code and print it on the wallet and click ok.

Final Considerations

In conclusion, with the digitized document you will have much more security when traveling without worrying about whether you forgot your wallet at home or not.

Since you need to avoid taking fines to avoid losing your driver’s license.

So even if it’s not mandatory, add the app to your cell phone for free. Available for cell phones, Android or IOS.

Be sure to join this new modernity with CNH Digital.

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