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The Chevrolet Onix Plus 2021 is one of the cars that makes up the GM Motors vehicle line. One of its great highlights is the sales success that the model had in 2020.

The outlook for 2021 is that it will surpass records with more than 200,000 sales in Brazil alone. If you are interested in learning more about Onix Plus, carefully read the tips we have prepared here in this article.

What the 2021 Chevrolet Onix Plus is like

Incredible as it may seem, the Onix Plus 2021 does not have a superior model to its Hatch version. The vehicle that stands out is the Prisma, which continues to be sold with its old Joy generation. See below some details that Onix Plus 2021 has:

  • Category: Compact sedan;
  • Average new price: R$70 thousand;
  • Average used price: R$49 thousand;
  • Recommended version: Chevrolet Onix Plus 1.0 Turbo LT AT ;
  • Average city consumption: 12 km/L;
  • Average road consumption: 16 km/L.

One of the vehicle’s new features has a new name and shares almost nothing with its previous generation. Furthermore, it has an aggressive look with equipment that fits the new generation of vehicle engines.

Continue reading the text and you will find out everything that the Chevrolte Onix Plus 2021 offers to customers.

What’s new about the 2021 Chevrolet Onix

The first Chevrolet Onix Plus 2021 cars arrived in stores in October 2020. Just like its Hatch version, it was a huge sales success as soon as it was launched.

However, the main modification was the Midnight version, which was quickly adopted by other Chevrolet vehicle models.

The Chverolet Onix Plus 2021 brings the same successful features as the Do Tracker, the new S 10 and the Equinox, with a modern finish and chrome parts.

Another new feature is that Onix Plus 2021 brings a new Mylink multimedia center. It has an 8-inch screen, like the other models in the line.

In addition to the arrival of this new version, the Chevrolet Onix PLus 2021 will not have some items from the old series and therefore, its value increased, becoming more expensive in practically all versions. Unfortunately, the Brazilian automotive sector has undergone these changes.

The details of the Chevrolet Onix Plus 2021

The Onix Plus 2021 brings features that are inspired by the Chevrolet Cruze. Just like Volkswagen, the Virtus is inspired by the Jetta.

The New Onix Plus 2021 features a Sedan model that makes it more interesting. Its appearance is more aggressive than the old model and even more obvious than the old versions.

Vehicle Exterior Characteristics

At the front of the Chevrolet Onix Plus 2021 we see the use of wider headlights, with more modern cutouts, and a more refined layout. The headlights are connected to a new front grille that provides greater air intake performance.

In the extreme parts of the vehicle, we see the fog lights accompanied by LED lights that provide better performance for driving the car during the day, the interesting thing is that this part looks like a Boomerang.

Whoever looks at the Onix Plus 2021 from the side sees a model that resembles a fastback, its fit is smooth and the roof has a third – rear volume and well-refined.

In addition, it has striking creases on the bodywork with a high beltline and a good area on the windows.

At the rear of the Onix Plus 2021 we find horizontal lights that take over the trunk. And the bumper features a lower version made of black plastic, but with excellent quality and which fits perfectly into the vehicle’s design.

Vehicle Interior Characteristics

The interior of the Chevrolet Onix Plus 2021 is much more modern in this new version. Even though the finish has a lot of plastic, we see a more refined performance in the new model.

And its panel comes with different and new cutouts, which is why they stand out for the floating, touch-sensitive screen of the car’s multimedia center.

In short: the finish of the Chevrolet Onix Plus 2021 has varieties that fit each version. Therefore, the panel of its central strip receives a gray or caramel color.

In its top-of-the-line version, the Onix Plus has seats with synthetic leather coverings. It is the same material that is used on the armrests in your front doors.

In addition, the New Onix offers a series of technological solutions with more agility and practicality, generating even more comfort for drivers and passengers.

One of the main features of the Onix Plus 2021 is that it is the only model that leaves the factory with 6 Air-Bags. There are two front, two side and two curtains.

What are the dimensions of the Chevrolet Onix Plus 2021

Regarding the dimensions of the Onix Plus 2021, it also brings many new features that can be clearly seen.

  • 19.4 centimeters more in length.
  • 4.1 centimeters wide.
  • 7.2 centimeters of wheelbase.
  • 7 centimeters less in height.

The interesting thing is that these changes guarantee more interior space for all occupants, especially those in the back seat.

Another change that makes a difference in the Chevrolet Onix Plus 2021 is that its trunk has a capacity of 469 liters, 31 liters less than the old model. Other than that, Onix Plus 2021 now features around 17% more high-strength steel.

The total weight of the Onix Plus 2021 is that it is more robust than previous models and brings 25 kilos more in its total weight, which is 1079 kg. And just making a comparison, the Volkswagen Virtus weighs 114 extra pounds.

Chevrolet informs that the new version of the Onix Plus 2021 has a new suspension with a reduction of 5 kilos. However, the new engine has already helped to eliminate more than 15 kg in total.

In addition, all the changes mentioned here are part of the new platform called GEM, which was developed by GM in partnership with the Chinese company SAIC.

The Onix Plus, the Onix Hatch and the new Tracker model are used in the Minivan that succeeds the Spin. In addition, he has a new compact pickup truck that will arrive in dealerships in the near future and will compete with Fiat Toro.

The colors of the Chevrolet Onix Plus 2021

For the 2021 version of Onix Plus, customers have several different colors at their disposal, such as:

  • Blue Seeker;
  • Carmine Red;
  • Satin Steel Grey;
  • Silver Switchblade;
  • Summit White;
  • Black Gold Black.

You can also find out about the 2021 Chevrolet Equinox. And find out about the Pros and Cons of the vehicle.

Unprecedented technology and connectivity

The Onix Plus 2021 is considered the most connected car in Brazil today. This is because the new model brings new solutions to provide more freedom in the way you use the car, and with increasingly smaller cables.

Check out in detail what’s new in the Chevrolet Onix Plus technology:

1 – Exclusive Wi-Fi:

The New Onix is ​​a car fully integrated with today’s internet connection.

Through an advanced Wi-Fi system, passengers can travel connected to the internet. The devices that can be used are: smartphones, tablets or notebooks.

For the current version, it is possible to have an internet connection up to 15 meters away and with up to 7 devices connected simultaneously.

The connection signal is offered by Claro. The first three are free and from there you can choose between 4 different plans that meet the most varied needs.

2 – Multifunctional steering wheel

One of the main features of the Onix Plus 2021 is that it comes with a Multifunctional steering wheel.

This way, the driver can have more control when driving, and do things such as: Answer calls, change music and change the sound volume.

3 – Easy Entry System

This system recognizes the approach of the key by an automatic sensor and locks and unlocks the doors.

This way, both the driver and passengers have more comfort and convenience in the vehicle.

4 – Digital air conditioning

As the Onix Plus 2021 is a super modern car, it offers the public the option of an excellent air conditioning system.

In other words, neither too hot nor too cold: The air conditioning in this vehicle is digital, with adjustments in relation to the analogue, making it possible to choose the temperature according to the air flow, providing even more comfort.

5 – Wireless Charger

An excellent charging system for cell phone batteries. Wireless mainly helps people who travel and are connected to the internet at the same time.

In addition, you will not need to connect the devices to any type of cable, the system is compatible with Qi WPC and PMA (except iPhone 8 and iPhone X).

6 – Dual USB input for rear seat

In the new Onix Plus 2021, all drivers and passengers have a battery at their disposal. Just plug in the rear dual USB cable and the rear occupants also have access to connect and recharge.

7 – Chevrolet MyLink

The new generation MyLink arrived with an even more modern and intuitive home menu. This way, it is possible to connect 2 cell phones simultaneously via Bluetooth.

In addition, it is also possible to chat via messages and access Playlists with voice command. And through the screen with 8″ inches, more detailed navigation is provided from inside the car.

8 – Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

And due to its great technology, the Chevrolet Mylink has the ability to make a paired connection between operational smartphones such as Androi and iOS, for example, and even respond to messages via WhatsApp.

9 – Rear camera

In the new Onix 2021, the driver can use a modern reversing camera when engaging gear. Through Mylink that will help you avoid objects that could hinder your execution.

10 – Easy park system

To park the new Onxi, the driver has Easy Park at his disposal; A system with sensors that identify both horizontal and perpendicular vacancies. Furthermore, they control the movement of the steering wheel, meaning the car parks itself.

11 – High levels of security

In addition to being considered the most connected car in Brazil, the Chevrolet Onix Plus 2021 is also one of the safest cars in Brazil!

As many people know, the model recently achieved maximum safety ratings in the Latin NCAP test with five stars for adults and children.

Now we’re going to show you everything that led the model to this achievement.

12 – the new onix plus 2021 comes with 6 airbags

This is one of the most striking features of Onix Plus 2021. Whether for everyday use or for traveling, it brings more safety and consequently more confidence to drivers and passengers. There are 6 airbags available to everyone.

In addition to the air pockets, the model has standard Isofix and Top Tether couplings, which allow for better attachment with car seats and greater grip, making its use even safer.

which allow the attachment of car seats with greater grip, making use safer.

13 – Blind spot alert

As many know, driving in the city is a real challenge. To help the driver, the new Onix Plus has sensors in the rear corners of the car that warn, through light signals in the rear view mirror, if there is a vehicle in the blind spot.

14 – ABS system with EBD brake distribution

The new Onix has a system with proportional braking forces that are applied to each wheel of the car. This way, braking becomes more efficient and the vehicle is safer for everyone, being able to be stopped at a short distance.

15 – Hill start assistant

The hill start system has become popular and is quite useful.

While the driver moves their foot from the brake to the accelerator, the feature holds the brakes for a short period of time, which prevents the car from rolling back on hills.

16 – Electronic traction and stability control

Now we will see another safety feature that the vehicle brings, in addition, it also brings greater performance.

The car has all-electronic stability traction control that applies appropriate brake pressure to the wheels. In this way, it limits the engine power that is needed, thus preventing the vehicle from skidding.

17 – Daytime running lights

This is one of the new functions of the Onix Plus 2021, it comes with LED lights in its headlights and with lanterns that have a 100% automatic lighting function using twilight sensors.

And to complete the efficiency of this service, as soon as there is a decrease in natural light, the automatic light is activated, ensuring greater safety and visibility.

18 – OnStar System

To conclude the safety issue that Onix Plus 2021 brings, we cannot fail to talk about the OnStar system.

This is because with it it is possible to have help in cases of emergencies such as theft and robbery, for example. In addition, the car has 24-hour assistance with exclusive services.

New engine and fuel consumption

The Chevrolet Onix Plus 2021 comes with an engine system that attracts attention. Its performance and consumption stand out in the market, let’s see!


Consumers will have two types of engines at their disposal in the Onix Plus 2021.

1 – The 1.0 engine with three aspirated cylinders in its entry-level version. It comes with an 83 horsepower engine and reaches 10.6 kgmf in ethanol.

After filling with gasoline, the engine power can reach 78 horsepower with torque. Therefore, this engine option comes with a manual transmission and 6 gears.

2 – The second 1.0 turbo engine option also comes with 3 cylinders. However, this option has a power of 116 horsepower and can be fueled with ethanol and gasoline.

Regarding its torque there is a small difference, this is because it comes with 16.8 Kgmf with ethanol and 16.3 Kgmf with gasoline. For this type of engine, the manual transmission comes with 6 gears and can be found in manual or automatic versions.

What is the fuel consumption of the Chevrolet Onix Plus 2021

Onix Plus 2021 has the same strength as its “brother” in the Hatch model, both are known for their excellent fuel consumption levels.

In the Onix Plus you will find a manual transmission that covers around 14.5 km in the city with just 1 liter of gasoline, and around 10.1 km with 1 liter of ethanol. On the roads, it is possible to travel up to 17.7 km and 12.5 km respectively.

In the version with a turbo engine, the Onix Plus also has good averages of around 12 km per liter in the city and 8.6 km per liter with ethanol. On the road, performance is 15 km per liter of gasoline and 10.9 with ethanol.

With the manual transmission, urban use covers around 13.6 km per liter of gasoline and around 9.6 km per liter of ethanol. On the roads, it does around 17 km per liter on gasoline and around 12 km on ethane respectively.

Chevrolet Onix Plus 2021 prices and versions

Like other GM vehicle models, the Onix Plus 2021 features several models and versions with different prices and values, check them out:

Chevrolet Onix Plus 1.0 LT MT: R$ 64,190

Chevrolet Onix Plus 1.0 Turbo AT: R$ 68,390

The Chevrolet Onix Plus 1.0 Turbo LT MT: R$ 69,890

Chevrolet Onix Plus 1.0 Turbo LT AT: R$ 75,290

Chevrolet Onix Plus 1.0 Turbo LTZ MT: R$ 73,090

The Chevrolet Onix Plus 1.0 Turbo LTZ AT: R$ 78,690

Chevrolet Onix Plus 1.0 Turbo Midnight AT 2021: R$ 81,390

Chevrolet Onix Plus 1.0 Turbo Premier AT 2021: R$ 82,390

The Chevrolet Onix Plus 1.0 Turbo Premier II AT 2021: R$ 85,490


As it is a high quality vehicle, the Onix Plus won several awards in all its versions in 2020 and for 2021 the expectation is that it will surpass these awards.

  • Best Buy 2020 in the Cars category up to R$65,000 in its 1.0 AT version and in the Cars category up to R$75,000 in its LT Turbo AT version.

In addition, the Onix was the best-selling vehicle in its category in 2020. It is the third best-selling vehicle in Brazil.

Therefore, we won’t be surprised if in 2021 the Onix Plus continues to be among the best-selling cars in the competitive vehicle market in Brazil.

We are sure that after everything you saw here in this text about the Chevrolet Onix Plus 2021, an interest in having a car like this was sparked.

However, that thought comes “How can this be possible”? How does he behave on a daily basis?

We are talking here about the third best-selling vehicle model in Brazil in 2020, and in 2021 expectations are even greater. But the website Consultar Carroswill now show the advantages and disadvantages of the Chevrolet Onix Plus 2021.

So, if you are interested in buying an automotive market leader in Brazil, continue reading this article! It will show details that will be part of your new car.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Chevrolet Onix Plus 2021

To make your knowledge about the new Onix Plus 2021 easier, we’ve put together a list of very up-to-date pros and cons, check it out!

Advantage 1 – Design and beauty

The design and beauty of a car are certainly taken into consideration when analyzing the advantages it offers to consumers.

In this regard, the Onix Plus is to be congratulated, it is a beautiful car, super modern and full of new features.

Especially in Brazil, drivers first evaluate whether the car is beautiful, and then whether it is good. That phrase applies here: Ugly cars don’t sell.

That’s why Onix Plus 2021 has beauty to spare. Therefore, it is worth signing up for a car whether it is a Hatch or Sedan.

Advantage 2 – Connectivity

Another of the main advantages present in the Chevrolet Onix Plus 2021 is its connection to internet services. In other words, the car has a high quality service to be able to navigate while inside the car.

But it’s worth remembering that the car’s Wi-Fi service is valid for 3 months. After this period, you must contract a plan linked to Claro with a chip already embedded in the vehicle.

The big advantage of this internet service on Onxi Plus 2021 is that it comes with an external antenna capable of receiving more signals than a cell phone, for example. In other words, it’s worth hiring.

In addition, the car comes with a series of electronic and connective gadgets that actually please even the most technology-addicted, such as:

MyLink multimedia center, rear USB outlets, digital air conditioning, multifunctional steering wheel and wireless charger.

Advantage 3 – Ergonomics and handling

Here we have two very positive and pleasant points present in Onix Plus.

Both the ergonomics and drivability of the model come from the package as a whole.

The new GEM platform, combined with the structure with a high content of higher strength steel, control and traction systems and engine well balanced with the gearbox, guarantees the model a high level of pleasure when driving.

The model has smooth exits, handles mishaps on streets, avenues and highways with smoothness and dexterity and also has excellent fuel consumption, both with gasoline and ethanol.

Advantage 4 – High Performance

In both 1.0 liter engine models with just 3 cylinders, they have very good fuel consumption performance. That’s why it’s important to explain it clearly, before hasty conclusions are drawn.

To give you more experience, just forget about the 1.0 engine and focus on the famous Weight x Power ratio that can reach up to 9.6 kg- hp.

You can see that this number is much better than a famous car from a well-known brand with outstanding performance like the Vectra 2.0, or the recent Cruze 1.8 model

Advantage 5 – Low maintenance cost

One of the great advantages of Onix Plus 2021 is that it has a low maintenance cost.

However, it is important that you look to the near future because a comparison must be made with today’s cars. With Onix Plus, for example, it is possible to carry out good vehicle maintenance at a super affordable price.

But if you think in the long term, it is super important to know that the vehicle manufacturer went against the competition by making the direct injection option differentiating itself from the direct injection used by competitors with more modern engines.

But one thing we can say with certainty is that no Onix Plus owner will have to spend a lot of money to maintain their car.

Especially without its complex direct injection system that uses high pressure injection nozzles that do not accept poor quality fuels.

Another important issue regarding the low maintenance cost of the Onix Plus 2021 is that even though its braking and suspension systems are not the most modern, they have an affordable price and guarantee high quality in your daily life.


Advantage 6 – greater internal space

The Onix Plus 2021 is almost 4.5 meters long and has a distance of 2.6 meters between its axes. This model is reminiscent of Sedans from the 2000s.

This way, the car comes with comfortable space for all occupants, which is more than enough. This way, even if its volume decreases, the trunk has the capacity to hold a larger amount of luggage.

Advantage 7 – lots of security

If you are looking for a vehicle that provides you with security, the Onix Plus 2021 fits your profile. To put it simply, the car received top marks in the safety assessment for both adults and children in the Latin NCAP test.

All Onix versions leave the factory with a complete safety package that includes 6 airbags – front, side and curtain.

In addition, the model has turn signal repeaters on the sides, stability and traction controls, seat belts and headrests for all occupants and Isofix anchorages for child seats in the rear seat.

Disadvantage 1 – a lot of plastic in the car’s composition

This is a negative point that must be taken into consideration, the Chevrolet Onix Plus 2021 has several places with excess plastic, which can cause a certain distrust.

Disadvantage 2 – value of onix plus 2021

This is the last disadvantage that shows a negative point in the Onix 2021. The car has a high price, costing around R$64 thousand reais and reaching R$85 thousand reais in its top of the line model.


In other words, if a customer is looking for value for money when purchasing a vehicle, they can find pre-owned and much more sophisticated cars for around R$80,000, for example, such as a Corolla, a Honda Civic, or even a Hilux.


To close this article, we emphasize that there has never been, nor will there ever be, a vehicle in the world that achieves 100% acceptance in the market and among consumers.

It’s common to see someone complaining about something missing or even left in the car. However, the Onix 2021 is highlighted by vehicle market experts as a great car model, especially the Sedan.

Therefore, you can draw your own conclusions by checking the list of pros and cons of the Chevrolet Onix Plus 2021. That way, you will decide whether it is worth buying one or not.

We wish everyone interested in purchasing a Chevrolet Onix Plus 2021, be successful and above all, be completely satisfied with your new car! A hug to everyone!!

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