Chevrolet Equinox - Check Out the Pros and Cons of the Vehicle






Today we’re going to talk about the Equinox Chevrolet – Check out the Pros and Cons of the vehicle, this is because it is a car model that is still new in Brazilian territory.

Therefore, we need to inform vehicle drivers in the best possible way so that they can understand what it is like to become the owner of a vehicle.

So, we invite you to read this article in detail, which will show you how you can get a good deal when purchasing a Chevrolet Equinox, check out our tips!

Chevrolet Equinox – Check Out The Pros and Cons of the Vehicle

Like any other vehicle model, the Chevrolet has advantages and disadvantages that need to be known in detail by those who want to buy one.

Advantage Number 1: Design and beauty

Whenever we bring updated information about a vehicle model, we research the details of its composition. To give you an idea, it’s not enough for the car to be good, it also needs to be beautiful.

Because an ugly vehicle doesn’t attract the attention of new consumers, and ends up not being sold. However, the Equinox Chevrolet is one of the vehicles that most attracts the attention of Brazilian drivers.

This is because, since it arrived in our territory, it has become a sales success, its SUV model is beautiful and with each passing day it has become more sought after in Chevrolet stores. People even crane their necks when they see a Chevrolet Equinox pass by on the streets.

Advantage 2: Packed with Equipment

Another feature that makes a car present its advantages is the equipment that comes with its model. and that, the Equinox Chevrolet has in spades.

And this is one of the reasons it became a sales success in Brazil so quickly. We are talking here about a more than complete car and it comes with several items that put its competitors to shame, such as:

  • Panoramic Sunroof.
  • Lane Keeping Assistant.
  • Two-zone air conditioning.
  • Automatic parking system.
  • Full LED headlights.
  • 100 electric trunk lid.
  • Remote start.
  • BOSE sound system.
  • Induction charger. 8″MyLink Multimedia Center
  • Apple Carplay and Android Auto.

Making just one comparison, the Jeep Compass Limited car model, which led this segment for a long time, was surpassed by the T-Cross, which does not offer customers the same features as the Chevrolet Equinox.

Advantage 3: Comfort with More Internal Space

This is one of the big reasons why the Chevrolet Equinox is considered a success, its internal space guarantees great comfort for passengers and driver.

  • The SUV measures 4.65 meters in length and has a distance between – axles of 2.73 meters.

To give you an idea, the rear seat comes with a flat floor and air vents that work exclusively with USB sockets. Because it is a Car that was born in the USA – United States of America, Chevrolet’s SUV provides users with a lot of comfort.

And in terms of comfort that the Chevrolet Equinox presents, its trunk has a capacity of 468 liters and a space under the floor with a spare tire that guarantees even more safety for a family, for example.

And as it is a super modern car, the Equinox Chevrolet has a super acoustic sound, it inhibits the sound of motorbikes from entering the cabin and consequently generates more harmony for passengers in relation to the noises we usually see from others car models.

Advantage 4 – Balance and Security

Continuing our list of pros and cons of the Chevrolet Equinox, we have balance and safety as points worthy of praise.

In both the 2.0 and 1.5 versions, the SUV has a familiar and well-distributed profile, with a soft suspension combined with light steering.

The model has a linear behavior, especially when starting off and at higher speeds, without any kind of exaggeration.

And in a complementary way to this, we can (and should) add all the security and technology equipment that is present in the model.

It’s not absurd to say that the Equinox has a security system for every situation.

Among the main systems we can mention the frontal collision alert, the pedestrian detection alert, the autonomous braking at low speeds, the lane keeping assist system, the blind spot sensors and of course: the stability control. and traction.

Advantage 5: Super Modern Finish

In the Chevrolet Equinox the finish must be mentioned because above all it stands out from other vehicles in its category. The material used both on the exterior and interior of the vehicle is of extreme quality and fits perfectly with the car’s parts.

And among so many qualities that the vehicle has, the leather samples with hard plastic are among the best. They combine versatility and sophisticated functionality that meets the needs of drivers and passengers in general.

Advantage 6: Performance With Engine 2.0

Most of the time those who decide to buy an SUV car know that although it is a robust and powerful car in terms of space and comfort, the engines leave something to be desired. After all, we are talking about a car that weighs more than 1,600 kilos in total.

However, the Equinox Chevrolet 2.0 has surprised customers who have signed up, it is a car with an excellent engine that can reach 210 km per hour, and in addition, it reaches 100 km per hour in just 7 seconds .

The car performs well with a clean line. In other words, whoever drives the Equinox Chevrolet 2.0 confirms that the car is super powerful and that it is always under the control of whoever is driving it.

Advantage 7: The Values ​​of the Chevrolet Equinox

To conclude the vast list of advantages of the Equinox Chevrolet, we cannot fail to talk about the values ​​that the car has. Because they stand out in the vehicle market.

To give you an idea, an SUV from any other brand costs around R$200,000 in its most expensive versions. The Equinox has a ceiling value of R$170,000 thousand reais in its top line. In other words, you spend less and buy a super comfortable and modern car with extraordinary beauty.

Equinox Chevrolet – Check out the Pros and Cons of the Vehicle

As we know, there is not even one 100% vehicle in the world, that is, the Equinox has some negative characteristics that must be mentioned so that the public has detailed knowledge of the vehicle, check it out!

Disadvantage 1: Difficult Maneuvers

One of the disadvantages of the Euinox Chevrolet is that it has slightly more difficult maneuverability than other SUV vehicle models.

Even though it has electric steering and is much lighter, the SUV’s steering angles are considered extremely low, as it measures just 12.2 meters, which can be compared to the 11.3 of the Jeep Compass, which also presents this difficulty. maneuver.

In practice, drivers need to make more than one maneuver to enter and exit shopping malls and other establishments with more delicate parking, as cars have larger space.

Disadvantage 2: 1.5 Engine Performance

The Chevrolet Equinox also has a negative point, which is its 1.5 engine version. However, we need to understand in detail why we present it as a negative point.

It is less powerful for an SUV model car, and when compared to the 2.0 engine, it becomes loose in situations that require more demands on the vehicle, such as traveling for example.

And without the Star system – Stop, the urban consumption of the 1.5 SUV is very similar to the 2.0, that is, it is not worth it, but in highway consumption, it saves a lot.

So, if you are going to drive the vehicle in the city, for example, the 1.5 engine ends up bringing satisfaction. But if you put it on a highway, it will be clear that something is missing in the car’s power.

And because it comes with a 6-speed gearbox, the changes are slower and consequently the reductions are more frequent and with less vigor than in the 2.0 version, for example.


To conclude this article about the Chevrolet Equinox – Check out the Pros and Cons of the Vehicle, we want to confirm that the advantages are much greater than the disadvantages of the SUV

And in general, the SUV pleases those who most want to have a car that offers comfort and space to users, but consequently does not compromise on safety and above all beauty.

Therefore, so that the customer can avoid some negative points, simply choose version 2.0 of Equinox and they will have a high level of satisfaction. The 1.5 engine also brings users enormous comfort, as it does the trick, especially in everyday traffic.

So, if you liked the many qualities we presented about the Equinox Chevrolet, and want to do a simulation and consequently buy a model, visit the official website and see how to buy yours. Success to all!

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