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Today we are going to talk about BV Financeira – Vehicle simulation. You are currently looking for the best way to purchase your dream car but you are still unsure about what exactly to do and the entire process included.

Well, this is very common among many people, as finding a great car at a good purchase price can sometimes be a difficult task.

And for this reason and other reasons, we will help you in this article on how to carry out the Vehicle simulation with BV Financeira, as well as some more information.

What is BV Financeira?

In BV vehicle financing, you have to provide a down payment and finance the rest of the vehicle you want, in fixed installments and with payment terms.

The vehicle will be sold to BV as collateral until the contract ends.

In addition, you can finance new and used vehicles in stores or directly with the owner.

The installments are fixed and defined in the simulation. You have more security and you will know exactly how much you will pay.

The term of your contract varies from 3 to 60 months, as it largely depends on the value of the down payment and the proposed installments.

You can also advance installments or pay off the financing whenever you want.

It is entirely possible to obtain more credit through a renegotiation of the contract. Just increase the number of installments and continue paying the same amount.

How to hire? 1- The financing request

You apply for financing at the BV partner store where you plan to purchase the vehicle.

However, if you plan to purchase directly from the owner, look for financing at or near the BV store.

We will help you understand the details of the new car: down payment, installment amount, interest rate and term.

2- Credit analysis

After presenting the proposal and documentation, we will analyze whether the financing meets your financial situation. Check the documents required to finance the owner’s store or vehicle.

3- The signature

If the conditions are approved, you sign the contract on the spot and contact the vehicle dealership or BV store directly.

4- Credit release

After completing all steps, credit will be issued to the seller, the vehicle will be delivered, and you will begin paying the installment.

What is the interest rate at BV Financeira?

TheMonthly interest rate is 1.5% p.m+ IPCA. The Annual CET rate: 19.70%. The simulation is valid for 90 days.

Before taking out any type of credit, you must check whether the installment amounts fit your budget.

What about fees for used vehicles?

BV bank is a leader in vehicle financing and one of the most famous credit solutions brands in Brazil.

The interest rate is one of the lowest on the market, at 1.31% per month, with 48 to 60 months to pay, depending on the type of financing or even Auto Equity.

Key benefits of BV financing

1 – You have the option to choose between new or used vehicles through resales, or directly with the owner.

2 – Financing terms are more flexible, ranging from 3 to 60 months. This period will depend on the entry value and also the value of the installments.

3 – You can pay off the financing in advance or also advance some installments without any bureaucracy.

4 – All installments are fixed, what is informed in the simulation will be what you will actually pay and how long this payment will last. This will make you more organized and have greater security when purchasing.

5 – Another advantage is that it is possible to renegotiate financing. If things get tight, it is possible to contact BV and increase the number of installments or even more credit.

How to simulate financing with the financial BV simulator?

For those who want to buy a car but need to check the payment conditions first, the BV vehicle simulator is exactly what you are looking for.

Want financing. They include: type (car, motorcycle or truck), make, model, year, value of the vehicle, deposit and the number of installments you wish to pay (12, 24, 36, 48 or 60).

It is also necessary to enter personal data, such as: social security fund, telephone number, full name, email, date of birth, zip code, address, number, city, state, occupation and approximate income.

Then just click on the yellow “Send” option. BV Financeira will then carry out a credit analysis and contact you via the email provided during registration.

After this process, you are the one who decides what will be best for you and your budget, so always stay alert and do a lot of research.

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