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It is very common nowadays for people to use a car sales app when selling or buying a new car. This is because these apps in question are a great way to reduce the time and distance between sellers and buyers.

So you need to know which app is the best for selling cars so that the user doesn’t waste so much time. Therefore, we recommend reading this article, which will show you in detail some vehicle application options, check it out!

Application for selling cars

Furthermore, an app to sell your car will avoid a lot of bureaucracy, taking away time spent searching. Therefore, due to impatience, some buyers end up giving up or even not choosing the best option.

In other words, these applications will help the user to analyze more calmly and choose other alternatives, having a better chance of finding the ideal car. However, this semi-new car market is increasingly growing in Brazil.

In addition to the increase in the price of new cars, an application for selling cars will help with the issue of safety. Because there are frequent fraudsters who use the subterfuge of negotiating a car to try to scam those who want to buy.

Car Sales Application — Automotive Application.

If you’ve ever thought about changing your car or even buying a semi-new car, you’ve certainly stopped to think about the time you’re going to spend finding the best option.

So nowadays it is very possible to find an application that does this task of selling cars for you to reduce your searching time. A great option for this segment is the car sales application “App do Automóvel”.

The application in question is available for Google Play cell phones with Android systems and also for Apple Store for users who have IOS.

Being very simple to use, the application does not charge any fees for this, in addition to offering a very simple and interesting system to help the user when selling or purchasing a car.

So the platform works as a kind of dating app. But don’t worry, we’ll explain. The buyer and seller must be compatible for a negotiation to be possible.

In this sense, the process becomes even safer as the user chooses who they want to negotiate with. A difference within the application is the possibility of sharing offers with your family so that you can get an outside opinion about the car in question.

Clube Repasse is instaCarro.

Another very popular application when it comes to buying and selling cars is the repass club. Where it is available for cell phones on Google Play with the Android system and also on the Apple Store with the iOS system.

With this application, we propose to make a connection with dealerships, people and even retailers. However, one of the biggest statuses within the application is the promise that only vehicles with the lowest price in the Fipe list are shown.

Where the ads are free, which makes the application much better for those who want to sell their car. Following the same segment, the Insta car app stands out for quickly evaluating the car and even putting it up for auction.

As such, it is one of the best apps for those who want to sell their vehicle faster. What’s more, it’s a great opportunity to even buy a car a little cheaper.

Carflix to Volanty.

With all its practicality, the application for selling cars is popular with many people. One such example is Cartflix. Where it works as a social network for those who want to buy or sell their car.

In this way, the platform stands out for its practicality and transparency for those who want to do their business. In this sense, the website offers some options, such as viewing the documentation of the vehicle you found very easily.

In addition, carry out an inspection with more than 133 inside the vehicle that is offered for sale. It also offers a one-year warranty on the inspected item, which certainly makes a big difference when buying a semi-new vehicle.

The other Volanty website. It has monitoring that carries out physical inspections of vehicles to be sold. Therefore, the company sends mechanics to the location to carry out a much more practical inspection and also photograph the vehicle.

However, the service is carried out quickly in less than an hour. But only me offered in Rio de Janeiro in the Botafogo and Barra da Tijuca neighborhoods.


In conclusion, by having a car sales app, you reduce the time spent traveling from one place to another much more and save money.

So it’s worth checking out these apps to help you find your dream car.

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