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In this article, you will get updated information on the vehicle market, we will talk about how to download the DETRAN Goiás app.

The body responsible for serving drivers in the state of Goiás updated its application and thus greatly facilitated procedures linked to traffic rights and duties.

As we well know, technology is present in practically every area of ​​our lives. And applications play a fundamental role.

The DETRAN App Goiás can be downloaded by any vehicle driver in all categories linked to CNH – National Driving License.

Observations about the DETRAN Goiás App

The vehicle must have its documentation up to date and its driver’s license fully legalized under the traffic code.

Among so many advantages and benefits that the DETRAN DIGITAL Goiás application provides to its users, the quality, safety and speed of procedures stand out.

So if you live in a city in the state of Goiás and want to use this important tool, check out how to print CRLV or digital CRV

The DETRAN Goiás application has no cost. Users can install and use it for free.


A very modern digital tool that is fully capable of serving vehicle drivers in the state of Goiás. This is how we can define the DETRAN de Goiás application.

In addition, it guarantees all the necessary security for users who install it. The DETRAN de Goiás application is protected by a 4-digit personal access password.

However, users can access the Application through a biometric reading for mobile devices.

The authenticity of the DETRAN de Goiás application is guaranteed by the QR Code, which can identify any fraud or forgery when someone deceives a traffic inspection.

Another important factor is that the services are carried out 100% online, eliminating the need for the driver to be physically present at the State Department of Traffic.

CRLV Digital can be shared with another person who uses the same vehicle, as long as they have already installed the CDT application on their mobile device.


The application of the traffic authority, DETRAN Goiás, is available for download on different cell phones, having both Android and iOS as its server (only available for iPhone).

Installation, as many may already know, is something that can be done in just a few minutes, so check out the brief step-by-step guide.

Step 1: At first, you will need to access the application store that your cell phone has, which is AppStore, in the case of an IOS smartphone and Play Store for Android.

Step 2. When already accessed, go to the bar where you should search for applications. And then type “DETRAN Goiás”.

Step 3. You will soon be directed to the desired application, with its free installation. So what you should do now is installation.

  • To do this, simply click on “Get”, if your cell phone is an iPhone, or on “Install” if it is Android.

Step 4 – Enter your personal data that allows you to install the DETRAN Goiás application:

  • Full name.
  • Valid and updated email or Gmail address.
  • Contact phone number.
  • CPF – Registration of Individuals.
  • CNH – National Driving License.

Step 5. When pre-registration is complete, a link will be sent to the email address you entered previously (which is why it must be valid), in which you must access it so that registration continues.

Step 6. By accessing the link, you will be directed to the Denatran website, where you must enter your login (which in this case is your CPF-Individual Person Registration number) and your password (which was defined during previous registration).

After registering, users will have full access to the functions of the DETRAN Goiás application. Every time you access them, you will need to enter a login and password.

Services Available for Vehicles

  1. Issuing annual licensing
  2. Issue IPVA
  3. Vehicle consultation
  4. Consult IPVA
  5. No fine certificate
  6. See infringement appeal
  7. Detran document validation
  8. Issue a statement of fines from Detran
  9. Issue ownership certificate
  10. 2nd annual licensing List of Detran fees
  11. List of Detran fees

Called CRLV Digital, or CRLV-e, it has the same value as the printed document, so you can replace it when you leave home.

However, if you are interested, you can print the document available in digital form at home, on an A4 bond sheet, using only black ink from your printer.

The possibility of having such a document through this platform has been available since the beginning of 2020. The new version of the document is benefiting millions of drivers throughout the state of Goiás.

But in order to gain access, it is necessary to pay all debts related to the vehicle and also the licensing fee.

It will also be necessary to provide the Renavam number, an acronym used to refer to the National Registry of Motor Vehicles.

As stated, the CRLV is a document that must be issued every year. However, it is important to say that you can request it in a specific month of the year.


The DETRAN Goiás Application allows users to access vehicle licensing conditions. Furthermore, with it you can check when the document is due:

  • If the end of the plate is 1- issuance in April.
  • Final of plate 2- issuance in May.
  • For the end of plate 3- issue in June.
  • Final plate 4 – issued in July.
  • For the end of plate 5 or 6 – issued in August.
  • Final of plate 7 – issue in September.
  • For the end of plate 8 – issued in October.
  • Final of plate 9 – issue in November.
  • Final plate 0 – issued in December.
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