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The Application DETRAN for Androidis a digital tool that is part of the Brazilian Executive Branch. Its main objective is to monitor the traffic of land vehicles in all states of Brazil, and consequently increase the quality and safety of drivers.

Each Brazilian state has a DETRAN – State Department of Traffic, and involves vehicles of all categories, such as cars, buses, trucks, among others. There is not just one DETRAN Application, but rather a series of state subdivisions of the agency that provide digital services.

One of the main functions of theDETRAN Applicationis the execution of the skills test for new drivers and the preparation of the CNH, the national driver’s license.

In other words, it also works to train new drivers. The Application DETRAN for Android also makes it possible to schedule important services such as vehicle registration and their respective regulations for traveling along the streets and highways where the vehicle is registered.

With the Application DETRAN it is also possible to pay taxes on vehicles, the main one being IPVA – ; Motor Vehicle Ownership Tax. IPVA is mandatory and failure to pay it can result in various punishments for drivers.

How to Install the DETRAN Application for Android

For this procedure, we have prepared a step-by-step guide that will help you install the DETRAN App on your cell phone, check it out:

Step 1 – Access your application store on your mobile device. For Androids it is configured as Google Play.

Step 2 – Request the installation of the DETRAN Application for Android on your cell phone. It is essential to know the cell phone’s operating system to request it.

Step 3When ordering the DETRAN App, download it correctly for installation. To do this, you must provide your personal data as requested by the system:

  • Full name.
  • CPF – Registration of Individuals.
  • CNH number – National Driving License.
  • Documents of the vehicle registered in your name.
  • Location of the state where you reside.
  • Municipality of residence.
  • Contact phone number.
  • Valid and updated email or Gmail address.

Step 4 – When downloading correctly, create a login with a personal username and password to access your Application.

With this procedure, you will be able to access yourApplication every time you need any information involving your vehicle, your driver’s license, and any type of score queries, fines and documentation for your vehicle.

Main services offered by DETRAN App

The Application DETRANoffers several relevant services to the population. However, the most popular of them, without a doubt, is the service of issuing new licenses to drivers who have recently passed the necessary tests and exams.

In addition, the DETRAN Application also provides documents that confirm the regularization of ownership of a vehicle by its owner, whether the vehicle is new or used, everyone can make use of this great digital service.


In the case of a used vehicle, it is very important that the new owner registers the change of ownership with the agency. For example, you can download the DETRAN Licensing Appor the Print Licensing App

This procedure can also be done with the DETRAN Application for Android. To avoid possible headaches and fines if you are caught during inspection.

With the Application it is also possible to request a duplicate of the license; renew your driver’s license with the DETRAN CNH Application and take exams to add your license category.

With theDETRAN Appit is also possible to carry out other important services that concern the regulation of your vehicle. Such as, for example, scheduling inspections and requesting duplicate documents.

Among the important services provided by the DETRAN Application,include the regularization of foreign driver’s licenses and the application of refresher courses.

In addition to updating drivers, one of the most important refresher courses offered by the State Department of Traffic is defensive driving, which can also be scheduled through the Application.

Its main function is to help reduce the number of traffic accidents and deaths on the streets and highways of the state where the vehicle is registered, and completely free of charge, at no cost, all drivers have this App at their disposal.


Regardless of where you are located and in which state your vehicle is registered, theDETRAN Application is available to be installed and used in your daily life as a vehicle driver.


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