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The vehicle market in Brazil is heating up again, and this is a great sign for anyone waiting for an opportunity to buy a car or motorcycle.

However, there is a new transaction and negotiation model that makes customers’ lives even easier. We talk aboutcar apps that help anyone who is buying or selling a vehicle.

In other words, it is possible to practically complete a negotiation with just a few clicks on the platforms available on the market. In addition, obtain the best information about the vehicles we want to buy, such as the conditions of a vehicle’s documentation.

If you are thinking about making a negotiation involving a vehicle, check out this article for car app options that are solving this issue in the lives of thousands of people.

1. Car Application – InstaCarro

InstaCarro is a Car App known on the market as the most “different” of platform options that work with vehicle negotiations in Brazil.

This is because he has a peculiar and exclusive style. With InstaCarro, customers act as if they were participating in a vehicle auction.

Users interested in doing business on InstaCarro must place their vehicle on the platform and the car app will have the job of making the sale in stores linked to the car app.

However. Before negotiating, InstaCarro employees come to you to assess the condition of the car. It is worth remembering that all vehicle transfer and documentation is done by InstaCarro.

After completing a trade, the value of the vehicle is deposited into your bank account directly. InstaCarro is available for Android and iOS.

2. Fipe Table

FIPE means: Fundação Instituto de Pesquisa Econômica, it is responsible for gathering specific information on vehicle values ​​and pricing in all its categories, for example;

  • cars,
  • motorcycles,
  • trucks
  • and utilities.

Therefore, with this official car App, the customer can research in detail the value of a vehicle determined by FIPE, based on the year, model, type and brand of the car.

The features of the Tabel FIPE car app attract many new users, because it has simple functionality and facilitates the use of services linked to the platform.

  • Complete searches for a vehicle can be carried out with just a few clicks.

Regarding its performance in the market, the Car App Table FIPE is considered one of the best because it negotiates fair prices and values ​​for a vehicle. The Fipe Table app is available for Android and iOS.

3. Car Application – Webengines

For many people involved in the vehicle market, Webmotors is the Car App responsible for the revolution that took place on vehicle platforms in Brazil.

Webmotors brings together in its configuration everything we need to carry out negotiations involving vehicles of all categories, quickly and safely

In the car app Webmotors, the user will find a great database, where it is possible to see all types of vehicles, separated by brands, versions and FIPE table values updated according to the market, with official data linked to dealerships.

Another distinctive feature is a robust vehicle market notification system. Users receive the latest news on their cell phones.

In addition to a proprietary tool that simulates a financing plan linked to Banco Santader, a Webmotos partner. Webmotors is available for Android and iOS.

4. iCarros – Car App

A vehicle purchase and sale application linked to Itaú bank. Therefore, the client who is interested in making a negotiation can count on the services of one of the largest financial institutions in Brazil.

The highlight of the iCarros car app is its interface, where it is possible to carry out research on the vehicle market on used, pre-owned and even brand new cars in an easy way, everything is part of its configuration.

In the Car App iCarros, the user can advertise their vehicle seeking negotiations that can be concluded according to the FIPE list price values. Therefore, iCarros presents details that are part of the car:

  • Technical sheet
  • Vehicle data.
  • Documentation conditions.
  • Current value of the car.

All this information helps a lot when closing a negotiation. iCarros also provides a portal that shows the reality of the vehicle market in Brazil. iCarros is available for Android and iOS.

Final Thoughts on Car Apps

Finally, we hope you download the best Car App option on your cell phone, and above all, be able to make a great negotiation, both when buying and selling a vehicle.

We warn you, however, that you can browse the platforms safely, so we are concerned with showing you applications that can really serve you with quality and security.

This way, it becomes much easier to find the car of your dreams. Good luck everyone!

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