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Car agencies that finance with dirty names are companies that offer special financing conditions for people who have their name listed in credit protection services.

Like SPC and Serasa, due to past debts. However, it is important to note that this type of financing may carry higher interest rates due to the high risk involved for the agency.

In São Paulo, there are several of these agencies that provide this type of service. The process generally involves the following steps:

1. Preliminary analysis:

The first thing the agency will do is a preliminary review of the client’s financial situation. This may involve looking at monthly income and any other existing debts.

If you have a bad name, with restrictions on your CPF, finding a car agency that will finance a vehicle can be challenging.

But, yes, there are companies in São Paulo that work with this type of situation. They will evaluate on a case-by-case basis, and each has its own rules and conditions.

Preliminary analysis basically works as follows:

1. Personal Information:The agency will collect your basic information, such as name, address, driver’s license and CPF.

2. Credit Check: The agency will carry out a thorough check of your credit situation. This includes checking for financial outstanding issues, restrictions and evaluating your credit history.

3. Income Verification:The agency will need to prove your ability to pay. To do this, you may request proof of income, pay stubs, bank statements or any other evidence of financial gain.

4. Asset Appraisal:If you are trying to finance a specific car, the agency will evaluate the value of that car and decide whether it is worth financing based on your financial situation.

5. Financing Terms and Rates: If you pass the first three steps, the agency will present your financing rates, payment terms and other terms related to car financing.

6. Contract:If you agree to the conditions, a contract will be formed between you and the agency.

This process may vary slightly depending on the agency. Some agencies may require a down payment and others may be more lenient with clients who have CPF restrictions.

It is important to note that this type of financing generally has higher interest rates due to the risk that the agency assumes when approving credit for someone with a dirty name.

It is always recommended to try to negotiate your debts and clear your name before looking for a car financing agency, as this will give you access to better and fairer financing conditions.

2. Vehicle selection:

After analysis, the customer can select the vehicle they wish to finance. Depending on the agency, there may be a limit to the value of the vehicle that can be financed.

Although there are car agencies that supposedly claim to finance cars for individuals with bad credit or a “bad name”, the reality is that in most cases this can be difficult.

This is because financing a car involves a financial institution, such as a bank or finance company, providing you with a loan.

These companies assess the risk of this business, so if the person has a history of default (dirty name) the risk is seen as greater.

As for vehicle selection, it works basically the same way regardless of your credit situation:

1. Vehicle Research: Start by researching the type of vehicle you want, considering things like type, make, model, year, condition (new or used), gas mileage, insurance and maintenance cost, etc.

2. Visit multiple agencies: Different dealers may offer different conditions, so it’s always a good idea to compare.

3. Test drive: Once you’ve found a car or cars you like, take it for a test drive to ensure it meets your needs and preferences.

4. Price AnalysisBe sure to carefully analyze the car’s sales price and any other associated fees. Remember that you will have to make an agreement that is viable for your financial situation.

5. Negotiation: Depending on the agency, there may be some room for negotiation. Make sure you are prepared for this step, research the values ​​of the vehicle in question to have solid arguments when negotiating.

6. Financing Agreement:This is the point where your credit will be evaluated. If approved, then you will close the deal, signing all necessary documents and agreeing to the financing payment terms.

Each agency may have a slightly different method, but this is the basic process of selecting and purchasing a vehicle.

3. Financing proposal:

Based on the financial analysis and the vehicle selected, the agency will prepare a financing proposal. This will include details such as the loan amount, interest rate and repayment term.

In Brazil it is very difficult to find a car agency or any financial institution that provides financing for people with a dirty name.

That is, people who have credit restrictions due to outstanding debts registered with credit protection bodies such as SPC and Serasa.

Normally, financial institutions see these people as a risk of default and, therefore, they end up not approving financing proposals.

However, there are alternatives on the market that can be explored, such as:

1. Direct negotiation with the car agency: some agencies may offer forms of internal financing that do not involve consultation with the SPC and Serasa.

2. The search for a finance company that accepts negative customers: this is more uncommon, but some finance companies offer this possibility.

In the vast majority of cases, interest rates will be higher precisely because of the risk of default.

In any case, all financing proposals work similarly:

1. The person chooses the vehicle they want to finance and makes a financing proposal with the car agency or financial institution.

2. The financial institution analyzes the proposal, evaluating factors such as the customer’s payment capacity, the presence of credit restrictions and the value of the vehicle to be financed.

3. If the proposal is approved, the client must pay a down payment and finance the remainder, which will be divided into installments to be paid over a predetermined period.

The number of installments, the value of each one and the interest rate are defined at this stage.

4. Financing installments are monthly and fixed. The customer must pay each payment until the end of the contract to become owner of the vehicle.

Even in situations like these, the ideal is to always try to renegotiate debts and clear your name before taking on more financial commitments.

Taking on a loan with a bad name can lead to even more debt and financial problems in the future.

Important: avoid carrying out any negotiations with “loan sharks”, who promise quick and easy money to negative people. These operations are illegal and extremely dangerous.

4. Closing the deal:

If the proposal is accepted, the financing contract will be signed and the vehicle can be delivered to the customer.

There are several car agencies in São Paulo that allow financing even for people with a bad name. The deal closing process generally works as follows:

1. Research:The first thing you should do is research the different car agencies that allow financing with a bad name.

Once you’ve chosen the agency that best suits your needs, visit them in person or contact them online to discuss your financing options.

2. Documentation: Be prepared to present some documents to prove your identity, residency, and some form of payment guarantee.

3. Car Selection: Once the agency accepts your financing application, you can then select the car you want to purchase.

4. Payment installments:You and the agency will agree on the amount of monthly installments to pay your car loan.

5. Signing the contract: After all the discussions and agreements, the last step is to sign the contract. Make sure you understand all clauses and terms of the contract before signing it.

Remember that each agency has its own terms and conditions, so it is important to fully understand the process before making a decision.

Although it is possible to obtain car financing with a bad name, the interest rate may be significantly higher due to the increased risk for the lender.

Therefore, always aspire to have good financial health and pay your debts on time to avoid a bad name at SERASA or SPC.

5. Payment of installments:

The customer must then start paying the installments as agreed in the contract.

Always remember, before committing to any type of financing, it is important to do your own research and ensure you fully understand all terms and conditions.

If possible, consult a financial advisor for advice. Also, try to improve your credit as much as possible to get the best rates and financing terms.

There are some car agencies in SP that can finance cars for people with a bad name, but the process can be a little more complicated and interest rates can be higher.

How payment of installments works:

1. A contract is signed between the buyer and the car agency. This contract explores all financing conditions, including details on payment of installments.

2. Normally, installments are paid monthly and the amount is fixed, that is, it does not vary from month to month.

3. Payment of financing installments is usually made through bank slips or direct debit to the buyer’s account.

4. In case of late payment, fines and interest may be charged, increasing the amount of the debt. If the delays are constant, the agency has the right to take the car back.

5. Each agency has its own financing policy and criteria, so it is important to carefully study and compare offers before making a decision.

Although it is possible to obtain financing with a bad name, it is highly recommended to regularize your financial situation before taking on more debt.

Maintaining a good credit history not only makes it easier to obtain future financing but also helps you obtain it at much lower interest rates.

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See the agencies that finance cars with a dirty name

Some car agencies may offer financing to people with a negative name, however it is important to note that this can often vary depending on each company’s policies and credit analysis.

Interest rates may also be higher for those in this situation. Some agencies that can offer this service are:

  • 1. BV Financeira
  • 2. Credits
  • 3. Pan Bank

Additional research is recommended to verify updated conditions for each agency. Furthermore, it is important to remember that having a “dirty name” indicates some past financial problem, therefore.

Before taking on a new debt such as a car loan, it is important to analyze your current financial situation to make sure that the debt can be paid.

Contacting a financial advisor or the bank itself to discuss your financial situation may be a good option.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that many companies that offer financing for negative people advertise the service as “without consultation with SPC/Serasa”, for example, but this does not mean that they accept any customer profile.


A credit analysis is still carried out, just not the traditional one.

IMPORTANT: Always search for up-to-date information and talk directly to the institutions for the best assistance. I hope this helped!

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