The importance of taking out vehicle insurance






The importance of taking out vehicle insurance is as important as buying a car. However, many people who buy a vehicle end up not taking out insurance and are left hostage to the events of our daily traffic.

We say this because in our daily traffic, many things happen that cause losses and end up being expensive. For example, accidents, collisions, injuries and even vehicle theft.

Therefore, Vehicle Insurance protects those involved in possible cases of traffic accidents by up to 100%.

With this in mind, we posted this article with the aim of helping vehicle buyers understand the importance and even find the best insurance plans on the vehicle market. Therefore, we recommend reading this article and find out about the importance of taking out vehicle insurance.


The first step to taking out a good Vehicle Insurance plan is to obtain concrete and updated information about this market. Therefore, a good simulation is necessary to find a plan that will give you total security. It’s very easy to find people who are completely confused about how the importance of taking out vehicle insurance works.

Because sometimes the insurance broker himself does not provide detailed information about the plans, and as a result, policyholders become confused. From now on we will see the most crucial and important points of a good policy and the importance of taking out Vehicle Insurance.


Let’s think very consciously: When buying a car, you will certainly have a lot of responsibilities when driving it.

One of them is carrying people you love, such as your family. However, you and the passengers traveling with you run different risks in traffic. The importance of taking out vehicle insurance.

Such as accidents, with victims, who will require assistance, accidents without victims, but with need for vehicle assistance.

In the same way, accidents involving other vehicles can occur, resulting in victims and damages. And therefore, they will need assistance of all types, such as repairing the car of the owner of the other vehicle, and assistance to the victims involved.

Not to mention that unfortunately the number of stolen cars has increased a lot. With all this in mind, the question arises: Which of these losses will you be able to cover in the event of an eventual event like the ones just mentioned above?


Above all, it is good to remember that vehicle insurance has several plans to take out. He will charge more for a plan where the risk of accident or theft is greater.

Similarly, if the risks of accidents or theft are lower, policyholders will pay less for the plan. An important detail in vehicle insurance plans is that seniors and women pay less, while young people aged 18 to 24 pay more.

This information is provided by the insurance companies themselves. The most important points of a vehicle insurance plan are. Year and model of the car, the route it will be driven on, the driver’s history, how much it will be used, among other details on the importance of taking out vehicle insurance.

The insurer will have an idea of ​​how much to charge for an insurance plan, when evaluating your profile and comparing it with other profiles.

In other words, there is no way to know the value of insurance in detail, as the price can vary depending on the region. As a result, insurance rates can reach up to 5% of the vehicle’s value. These are some tips on the importance of taking out vehicle insurance.


A vehicle is used for different moments of everyday life. We take our children to school, we go to work, we have leisure time and we even travel.

One thing is certain, every time we drive our cars we are exposed to accidents, robberies and collisions. Therefore, vehicle insurance aims to protect us in every way from these events that can unfortunately be part of our daily lives.

Basic insurance coverage consists of covering the most vulnerable damages exposed to a vehicle. For example, fires and theft. This coverage also covers the most complete collisions that a vehicle may suffer. These are some points about the importance of taking out vehicle insurance.

Drivers and Passengers: If passengers are included in the passenger personal accident insurance plan (APP) they will also receive coverage, similarly with compensation in this case.

Insurance plans also give the option of contracting for death, disability and medical expenses, as long as they are the result of traffic accidents.


Coverage for third parties: If the insured has to pay compensation due to an accident, the amount will be covered up to the contracted TeTo, including legal expenses.

However, any assets under your responsibility, employees and family dependents in cases of emergencies are not considered as third parties.

Therefore, insurance coverage for third parties under RCF-V (Optional Civil Liability – Vehicle) is obliged to cover any damage, moral, bodily, or material, that is truly caused to Third Parties or their property.



Additional coverage: The insured party can include additional services in their plan, such as: Spare car: If the insurance is activated, the backup car can be used for a limited or unlimited time, this will depend on the type of plan contracted.

Equipment and accessories: This additional package even includes a gas kit and devices that can help people with physical disabilities. 24-hour assistance: This plan includes a tow truck, tire changer, and key fob.


This point is important because up until now we have dealt in detail with the issues covered by an insurance plan. But now we will see what will not receive vehicle insurance coverage:

1) When someone tries to defraud their rights to assistance, with false information, or when someone drives a vehicle without a license, with late documents, that person automatically loses their rights to insurance coverage. Thus losing your rights.

2) Overcrowding, towing without appropriation, escapes, competitions, outside traffic laws will be recognized as excluded risks. These are some of the points why it is important to take out vehicle insurance


With the advancement of the Internet, anyone interested in taking out a vehicle insurance plan can use it from the comfort of their home.

Through a computer or even a cell phone he can do this. However, he will need to make a very detailed quote before closing the deal. See the importance of taking out vehicle insurance.

1) The first step to take is to contact a good insurance broker. You have every right to know more about the broker who will do business with you.

So look for information about this broker, whether he has a good character, whether he does good work, whether he has a high professional level. The importance of taking out vehicle insurance.

A good broker will explain in detail each point that vehicle insurance presents. He will not be in a rush to close a deal with you, but first he will represent you with the insurance company he provides services to. Don’t forget the importance of taking out vehicle insurance.

During the quote, the buyer will already have in mind the best insurance plan for them, not to mention that they will also have the best prices with them.

It is important to be as transparent as possible when quoting insurance. Therefore, do not pass fraudulent information to the insurance company. All these tips are part of the importance of taking out vehicle insurance.

Because one way or another she finds out and as a result she may not compensate you, alleging bad faith on her part. Another important factor is knowing in detail what your broker put in the contract.

So read the clauses and make sure what was contracted is really what you need. They all emphasize the importance of taking out vehicle insurance.


When a buyer defines the details of the plan they wish to take out, they receive a proposal from the insurance broker.

It specifies all the details of the plan presented to you. Owner, vehicle model, drivers, beginning and end of the current contract, etc….

Until the policy is issued, the proposal is the business guarantee. That’s why it’s a good idea to read in detail what was agreed there and also keep a copy of it.

The insurer will always request an inspection of the vehicle while the proposal is made and signed. This way, the insurer knows what the vehicle’s situation is, and whether the information is in accordance with the (CRLV) documents. The importance of taking out vehicle insurance.


The insurer has up to 15 days to respond to the proposal made by the person interested in insurance. During this period, she will assess whether the documentation is correct, whether the inspection was carried out and whether the payment of the first installment, or the (cash) payment, was made.

After that, she will send the Policy to the buyer. It contains all the details of the contract, all the coverage, in short, all the rights and duties of both the insurer and the insurance buyer.

Within the Policy, the insured has the right to make an endorsement for any changes that are necessary by the owner.

However, this endorsement must be made within a period stipulated by the insurance company, in the case of a change of address or change of drivers. If the insured does not meet the endorsement deadlines, the insurer may deny compensation, or even a claim. These are points that are part of the importance of taking out vehicle insurance.


The most important thing is to pay your insurance installments on time. The insurer has the right to cancel the policy due to non-payment.

The insured party can also cancel the vehicle insurance at any time. In this case, the insurer calculates in detail what has already been paid and returns part of the amount to the insured.

Don’t forget the importance of taking out vehicle insurance.


A policy is renewed one year after the first contract. The insured must bear in mind that their needs may change after this period.

Therefore, before signing a new contract, he must analyze what type of insurance he will need from now on.

The next step is to analyze whether you will continue with the same insurance company or form a new link with another agency.

However, if in the last year the insurance was not activated, if no claim was made. The insured person receives a discount as a bonus, which will be valid from this new contract into effect.

All of these points are part of the importance of taking out vehicle insurance.


An insured person must use the claim in cases of emergencies, such as accidents, collisions and theft. In these cases, he should contact his broker or insurer as soon as possible.

After that, it is necessary to make a police report at a police station. The importance of taking out vehicle insurance.

In addition, have the details of witnesses or any other type of person involved on hand. In the event of a vehicle collision, insurers will offer a list of accredited repair shops that will carry out the necessary repairs to the vehicle.

In the event of a collision, the insured party pays the deductible amount and sends the vehicle to have the necessary repairs carried out. Remembering that damage cannot exceed 75% of the vehicle’s value.

If the damage exceeds 75% of the car’s value, it will be considered a total loss (PT). Likewise, vehicles stolen without being found will be considered a total loss (PT).


It is important to insure vehicles only with the items that are really needed. That’s why it’s important to check the list of options that the insurance company offers.

The interested party can obtain information on the official website of the insurance company for which he is negotiating insurance.

The insured person who does not have a bad driving record can take out a plan paying a lower deductible.

In other words, insurance is cheaper in this case. If the car doesn’t have many options, the ideal is a plan with a compensation percentage below the FIPE table.

In conclusion, it is worth having a plan that fits your budget, that meets the needs of the insured and that, above all, will bring you peace of mind in case of unforeseen events. Here we leave details on the importance of taking out vehicle insurance.

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