4 Tips for Those Who Want to Financing a Vehicle






The 4 Tips for Those Who Want to Financing a Vehicle. In recent years, the Federal Government has been investing a lot in the automobile sector in our country.

We can observe this difference when we see the number of vehicles currently traded. Today the easiest way to purchase a new car is through financing.

We know that most Brazilian citizens over 18 years of age want to buy a car, as nowadays a vehicle makes people’s daily lives much easier.

However, few people are able to buy a car in cash. Therefore, financing appears as an option that conditions interested parties to buy a car instantly.

In this brief article, we will present 4 tips for those who want to finance a vehicle.

Our intention is to bring relevant information that can really help those interested in buying a car to make a deal that brings, above all, total satisfaction, it’s worth checking out.


Simulation is one of the most important points to be observed when financing vehicles.

Because through it the customer obtains all the information regarding the vehicle being traded. And with that, you already have in mind what you need to do to purchase the car.

To simulate the car being traded, the buyer can use the internet by accessing the official website of the bank that is issuing credit for the vehicle.

This way he will know the details of the financing he is taking out. When simulating financing, the buyer knows: The value of the car being negotiated, the amount of the down payment required by the financial institution, the interest rates that make up the financing.

Remember that the shorter the payment period, the lower the interest to be paid. Therefore, the first of 4 tips for those who want to finance a vehicle.

It is to inform the buyer about how much he will spend to buy his new car through a simulation survey. And with that, he prepares himself in the best possible way to buy his car.


The great desire of those who finance a car is to obtain a solution to everyday problems, in addition a vehicle can bring more comfort and practicality to those who purchased it.

However, for this to happen, the buyer must have a true understanding of the business they have entered into. Knowing that a financed car will have other expenses in addition to the installments.

Therefore, financing a vehicle cannot compromise the owner’s income too much. Because this way, what would be a solution ends up becoming a big problem over time.

It is worth remembering that the financed vehicle has regularization costs such as licensing, mandatory insurance, IPVA, car insurance, among others.

In the same way, the vehicle has expenses of mechanical origin, such as: changing tires, engine oil, brakes, expenses for hygienic cleaning of the vehicle, balancing and alignment of tires and shock absorbers.

That is why it is necessary to carry out detailed planning so that the financing does not compromise the owner’s earnings beyond the ceiling.

The second of the 4 tips for those who want to finance a vehicle is that the interested party must, above all, carry out an analysis of the true price that the car will cost.

Therefore, it is good to have knowledge of the taxes and duties that make up financing. After that, it’s a good idea to make detailed calculations of your monthly installment expenses.

Fuel and other needs, and then come to the conclusion whether the deal he is doing will be a solution or not.


The third of the 4 tips for those who want to finance a vehicle is to know where I am going to buy my car. The vehicle market has grown a lot in Brazil.

Because of this, it is very important for the buyer to know how to choose the bank and dealership that is negotiating the car.

What should be taken into consideration when negotiating financing is the credibility of whoever is selling the car.

A good dealership will present the buyer with banks that offer the best interest rates on the market. And in addition, the true condition of the vehicle being traded.

Therefore, it is up to the customer to do good research on the rates, values ​​and even whether they can get a discount on the installments of the financing they are about to take out. The Consultar Carros website brings relevant tips.


The fourth of the 4 tips for those who want to finance a vehicle. Currently the market has some plans that give options to those interested in financing a vehicle.

We know that all financing plans have their favorable points. Therefore, it is good to know what each of them offers and thus make your choice.

Financing in the Leasing plan: This plan highlights some interesting points, such as; it can be done without input.

In other words, the customer already leaves with the car and pays the installments to the bank monthly. However, the vehicle remains in the name of the Bank for the entire duration of the financing.

And the buyer transfers the car into his name when he pays off the car. In the leasing plan, the interest rates are lower than the others.

CDC Financing: Almost 80% of people who finance a vehicle opt for the CDC plan (Direct Consumer Credit).

Within this plan, the buyer is able to pay the installments in advance and thus obtain a discount on the interest on the financing.

He also obtains definitive vehicle documentation. CDC installments are slightly higher than Leasing. However, when paying off the financing, the owner does not need to pay for the transfer of the vehicle.

Direct financing with the automaker: This plan has been gaining ground in the market. Customers who choose to finance a car directly with their official manufacturer receive a discount of up to R$7,000 when purchasing the vehicle.

However, interested parties need to have good credibility with credit agencies. Because the criteria used to release this type of financing are stricter than the others.

Balloon effect financing: One of the plans that has grown the most in recent times. In it, the customer makes a down payment that can vary between 10 and 30% of the value of the car.

And at the end of the plan, a single payment that can vary between 30 and 50% of the vehicle’s value. This plan is generally made by those who want to constantly change cars, being from the same manufacturer.

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